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One More One — Don’t Forget This One


The Holy Trio Of Ones

Most readers of this blog agree on two facts (and they are facts): (1) There is only One Presence (2) There is only One Power. Is this always enough? Haven’t there been times when you’ve said one or both of these statements and the problem still seemed to cling like a barnacle?

One Presence and One Power are just two of the “Holy Trio of Ones.” The most important One is often the most forgotten One, and that One is THERE IS ONLY ONE EVIDENCE. Think about it. What’s the point in saying, “There’s only One Presence and Power” if you admit that something other than the One can be evidenced?

Never Discredit What You Know

It’s right here that most people think, “How can I say that there is One Evidence when my eyes clearly see something that cannot possibly be God evidenced?” Let’s you and I reason together. In your heart, you know God is All. Never, for any reason, discredit this knowing. Christ said it this way, “And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out” (Matthew 18:9). Here is the spiritual significance of this line. IF YOUR EYES REPORT THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON OTHER THAN GOD, DON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES. BELIEVE GOD IS ALL.

Every Open Eye Is Not A Seeing Eye

The following is a story told in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. At sunrise Elisha’s servant jumped out of bed, dressed and stepped outside to enjoy the morning air. Looking up he saw an army of chariots and men on horses. He ran to Elisha, pulled him outside and cried out, “What shall we do?” Elisha, cool as a breeze, said, “Do not fear ….” Then he prayed.

Elisha’s prayer was a simple prayer: “Open his eyes, Lord, that he may see.” In one sense, this is a strange prayer as his servant’s eyes were already open. But, he was not seeing. Open eyes are not always seeing eyes. Open eyes are only seeing eyes when they are seeing God’s Presence.

What Am I Seeing When I Seem To See Imperfection?

If open eyes are not seeing God’s Infinite Goodness (Godness), what are they seeing? What they are seeing is nothing to be afraid of. Why? Because they are seeing NOTHING. They are seeing what is neither a presence nor a power.

It’s A Good Idea To Contemplate

It all boils down to this. Because God is the only Evidence, there’s nothing to see but God (Life, Light, Love, and Perfection) evidenced. Reader, contemplate this sentence. For a while, it would be good to remind yourself that there is One Evidence and that you are seeing that Evidence all the time.

CAUTION: Don’t do this hoping to change an undesirable appearance. That’s starting from nothing. Do this because in your heart you know that the “Holy Trio of Ones” is the ever-present Truth.

If you feel that you don’t know that God is the only Evidence, daily contemplate the “Holy Trio of Ones,” and you will know it with an unwavering certainty.