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Makes You Think About What You’re Doing – Doesn’t It?

This is my “Quote Month.” It’s been awhile since I’ve quoted Alfred Aiken, so I will devote this entry to some of my favorite Aiken quotes.

“A question has been raised as to business–advertising and salesmanship. No greater evidence of the value of advertising can be found than in the thriving “business” of evil. Anyone “believing” in evil, operates as its salesman. His commission and salary are generally high. The instant one goes to work for error, he begins to collect commissions which double and double again. There is never a “fall” in the market, a recession–it is always a “bull” market.” [Note the double entendre]

“When I am “working,” in Truth, and I say “dry,” I mean dry. I don’t mean wet! When I say “Omnipresence,” I don’t mean omniabsence. When I say “All Is,” I don’t mean that All isn’t! When I say “Totatlity-Is,” it’s because It is. I didn’t make it so!”

“If your eyes seem to trouble you, and you “begin” with “troubled eyes,” trying to heal them, you’ll never succeed. But, if you “start” with Infinite Intelligence as All, the Alone One-I-Presence, it may suddenly appear as though your eyes see better than they ever did before. This holds good in every other way. Never deal with, or in problems, but”begin” with All as all, the only, and there will be no place, no identity for a “problem.”

(just reapeating)”Words will get you nowhere! Take any statement of Truth that you make, or read, and discover what it means, discover if you admit that the Truth you declare as being here and now is actual Truth! If what you declare is Truth, then it must follow that whatever is contradictory, opposite, unlike the Truth of your statement, must here and now be false, a lie, invalid, hence powerless, a fiction, nonsense! How then can it harm or be troublesome, and to whom, or to what?”


One Day The Voice Spoke Clearly

I prayed and prayed unceasingly
To The Unknown God in the sky;
But only the silence answered me
And gave no heed to my cry.

I pleaded with such earnestness,
And never wondered why
No message came to comfort me
Or tell me ‘Who Am I?’

Then one day the Voice spoke clearly,
“I AM God, not man, It said
Eagerly my heart responded,
All thought left me, reason fled,
I Am God, not man, I said.
(by Lillian DeWaters)

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When You Feel Like Giving Up, Don’t!

A Revelation So Powerful

Most often – in 95% of cases – Revelation and Manifestation are like conjoined twins in that one never shows up without the other. And there are occasions when Truth reveals itself so powerfully that it seems to shake the rafters of your Consciousness. That should be the end of the seeming problem – so you would think.

Stand Firm and Don’t Give Up

Like a tick on a dog’s belly, instead of disappearing, the problem clings more stubbornly. What do you do? You stand firm! This is not the time to get weak in the knees and collapse. Hold fast to your Revelation.Take every opportunity you can to sit and contemplate the Truth that’s been revealed.

Manifestation Is

I’ve been asked many times if I have ever experienced Revelation without its twin (Manifestation). Of course I have. The first time a revelation came forth without manifestation, I think I went into a coma. When I came to I thought, “This can’t be.” Now, on the rare occasion when it happens, I almost rejoice because I know that the manifestation IS (despite its seeming absence), and all I have to do is stay with the ISNESS of the Revelation. Reader, that is all you have to do. STAY WITH THE ISNESS OF THE REVELATION.

“And let us not be weary in well doing, for in due
season we shall reap if we faint not.”
(Gal. 6:9)

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