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The Evidence Of Truth Is Right Where It Should Be


The Neglected Omni

Of all the omnis, you’ve probably read, said, and heard these two the most: omnipresence and omnipotence. One woman looked at me with pleading eyes and said, “Allen, you’ve got to come up with a new way of getting these ideas across. I can’t listen to one more omni-anything.” It’s a fact that when spiritual writers start writing about God, we bang away at these two omnis. So let’s move on to the most ignored, and perhaps the most important of all the omnis: OMNIEVIDENCE.

This word excites me! Say it to yourself a few times. By the end of this article, just a mental glance at the word Omnievidence will be more satisfying than a slice of mile-high apple pie topped with honey-bourbon caramel swirls.

Omnievidence Breakdown

Years ago, I noticed something interesting in a book by Emma Curtis Hopkins. (You have no idea how many letters I have in a box from people trying to convince me that I am the reincarnation of E.C. Hopkins.) In this book, Ms. Hopkins etymologically deconstructs the word omnipresence. To illustrate the breakdown, I am going to use the word Omnievidence.
Om = all
Ni (nil) = nothing
Evidence = evidence

Look at “Ni.” It sits securely and comfortably—almost smugly—between Om and Evidence. Did you figure out the breakdown? Here it is: THERE IS NOTHING (NO THING) BETWEEN THE ALLNESS AND THE EVIDENCE OF GOD’S PRESENCE.

God’s Evidence Is The Only Evidence

Reader. Haven’t you heard someone say, “Yes, I know all of that, but I just don’t see the evidence of it?” Don’t believe it! There is no person, place, condition or thing between God’s allness and God’s evidence.

Between God’s allness and God’s evidence there is no dream, no dreamer, no appearance, and no human struggling to perceive this Truth. All that is evident is the allness of God. Take a moment and say to yourself, “There is nothing between me (God-I AM) and God’s Evidence.” Thus:

There is only One Presence.
There is only One Power.
There is only One Evidence.

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Allen White Sounds Of The Trumpet

This excerpt is from Marie Watts’book You Are The Splendor. The Chapter is The Perfect Answer.

It may be that an appearance of lack seems to be present. This is not evil. Rather, it should be considered as merely the signal signifying the presence of infinite, omnipresent Supply. You will not approach this aspect of existence from the standpoint of the specific. Instead, you will immediately contemplate the universal fact which is omnipresent Supply.

Actually, incompleteness, or lack, would seem to prevail in any illusion of trouble, disorder, or inharmony. It might appear as a lack of heath, a lack of strength, a lack of joy or peace, or a lack of supply in the aspect called money. In any event, realization of the presence of that which appears to be absent is necessary if you are to experience the evidence of complete supply. Thus it is apparent why the word “completeness” is of such vital importance.

Completeness is a universal fact. Thus Supply is a universal fact. It is present everywhere, and it is present eternally. There are no vacuums in this universal fact, and there is no interruption of its Presence. It is indivisible. It is that Principle which is omnipresent and inseparable from the specific Identity, which is God identified as you. It is within your Consciousness because it is constituted of your Consciousness. If you will realize that Supply—in any aspect—is as omnipresent as is Love, you will perceive the true nature of Supply. If you will “keep your mind stayed” on the presence of Supply—God—you will surely be aware of the evidence of this Presence right here and now.

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Live Like Truth Is Already True (Part 2)

God Is All
Live like Truth already is.” That’s exactly how the words came. Inquiring minds are asking, “But how?”

When you live like Truth already is, you don’t perform one single action in hope that it will improve your life. Why? Life is God and therefore is already perfect. Better than that: Life is Perfection itself. This means You! Living like Truth already is means that every move you make is to explore and enjoy the Perfection that is your life.

Your Financial Affairs

Take a look at your financial affairs. Living like Truth already is, what do you have to do to prosper yourself? Nothing! All that the Father has is yours – NOW. Isn’t God the source and substance of your prosperity? Aren’t you and God one? What, then, is necessary to prosper yourself? Nothing! You are already prospered beyond belief. You ARE prosperity.

Stop And Ask

The Absolutely Yours blog is meant to be lived. So let’s live this post. It’s simpler than you think.

First, reader, answer these questions:

  • Do you believe that God (or whatever term you use) is the only Presence and Power?
  • Do you believe that the nature of God is Perfection?

This is enough to work with. Start your day with a contemplation of the Isness of Truth. Follow that with a period of silent “listening”. This will reveal more clearly the Isness of Perfection, Love, Peace and Abundance. Do not skip this step.

Throughout the day you will do many things. Occasionally (trust me, you will know when) ask yourself, “Why am I doing this? Is it to change an appearance?” If the answer is “yes,” you can put the brakes on and confidently say to yourself, “Wait a minute. I don’t need to do this. Perfect Life, Activity and Experience are already the All.”

Joy Stepping

Your next step will be a joy step. You will move with a smile in your heart, joyfully basking in the awareness of Perfection’s ever-present Isness. Don’t be surprised to discover that the thing you thought you needed to do has already been done.

This is living like Truth already is. This is truly living.

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Live Like Truth Is Already True (Part 1)

dove in sky
One night in contemplation, these words flashed in my consciousness: LIVE LIKE TRUTH ALREADY IS. Think about it. You and I will never be more of the Christ (or God Presence) than we already are right now. We will never be any more enlightened than we are right now. Things will not get any better than they are right now. GOD IS ALL, NOW.

If you are not careful, you will find yourself contemplating and praying with the idea that, “If I keep this up, by next year, I will be so much more enlightened and things will be so much better than they are right now.” It’s a lie. When you contemplate Truth, it is not to make spiritual progress or any other kind of progress. God does not progress toward Itself. Are you another?

Contemplation is the natural act of Consciousness considering Itself. Yes, it’s true, we start out with words (a dualistic framework), but at some point the words are not necessary.

Let’s go back to those words LIVE LIKE TRUTH IS ALREADY TRUE. Beloved, you are already in the kingdom of heaven, as the kingdom of heaven. Right in your bedroom, it is heaven.

Are you acknowledging this fact?
Have you considered what it means?

Right in your bedroom changeless Perfection is already the only Evidence. Birthless, deathless, timeless, ageless Life is right there as the only Life and is the totality of that room. Before you roll out of bed, more Love than the human heart can stand is there. If you were human, it would be problematic.

Face the fact, LIFE (the entirety of it) being God, is not going to get any better. Understanding this, no improvement is desired or required.