Live Like Truth Is Already True (Part 1)

dove in sky
One night in contemplation, these words flashed in my consciousness: LIVE LIKE TRUTH ALREADY IS. Think about it. You and I will never be more of the Christ (or God Presence) than we already are right now. We will never be any more enlightened than we are right now. Things will not get any better than they are right now. GOD IS ALL, NOW.

If you are not careful, you will find yourself contemplating and praying with the idea that, “If I keep this up, by next year, I will be so much more enlightened and things will be so much better than they are right now.” It’s a lie. When you contemplate Truth, it is not to make spiritual progress or any other kind of progress. God does not progress toward Itself. Are you another?

Contemplation is the natural act of Consciousness considering Itself. Yes, it’s true, we start out with words (a dualistic framework), but at some point the words are not necessary.

Let’s go back to those words LIVE LIKE TRUTH IS ALREADY TRUE. Beloved, you are already in the kingdom of heaven, as the kingdom of heaven. Right in your bedroom, it is heaven.

Are you acknowledging this fact?
Have you considered what it means?

Right in your bedroom changeless Perfection is already the only Evidence. Birthless, deathless, timeless, ageless Life is right there as the only Life and is the totality of that room. Before you roll out of bed, more Love than the human heart can stand is there. If you were human, it would be problematic.

Face the fact, LIFE (the entirety of it) being God, is not going to get any better. Understanding this, no improvement is desired or required.

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