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Did You Miss These?

This is the first post of the new year, and it’s more or less a review post. I’m asking you to take another read – a careful read – of what I consider to be the best posts of the past year. I crawled through the 22 posts of 2022 and selected the ones that will give you the most bang for your buck. It’s only five posts.

Then, there is another list. After my first crawl, I started at the beginning (2012) and took a quick stroll through the archives of Absolutely Yours. While strolling, I asked myself, “If a reader did not read every post, which ones would I recommend?” It was a hard call, but I found three that deserve your attention – again.

Before I reveal the two lists, take a look at this email I received from one of our readers in the UK. People are experiencing Revelation, and this is the proof.

I have been questioning What is the body? for a while as I have tried so hard to fix, heal this diseased body for so long. And revelations have been pouring through as realization. The revelations are that what human concept calls/names body is actually God being. The human mind (which is just conceptual) is naming it body or car or tree but it is not.

God the infinite is that God is ‘everything’ of my experience. This realisation has brought immense peace love rest but also joyous tears that overflows. What I believe was my body is actually not mine at all, as God does not belong to anyone as there is no one else but God.

Only I AM and that I AM is the whole of my being; not a iota of me is other than God. So I lack no thing, what God is I am, I am peace I am Love I am joy.

The illness that I believe to have could only appear in ignorance of my Only Self so I understand now that there is nothing to do about it. If I did try to do anything about it, it would speak of acknowledging it as reality. I neither ignore it nor acknowledge it. I only acknowledge God here now.

I am walking in complete joyous peace and revelations are still pouring. I find it tricky to explain the revelation in words which are, so I hope it makes sense.

I will keep in touch.



Ya Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Allen, I read your last post Why Die? and I mostly agree with you, but what about people who are ready to move on because they’ve seen and done it all?

What To Do When You’ve Done It All: Not This

As soon as I read this question I thought about a guy I met many years ago. Death of a loved one left him with more money than he knew what to do with. He started living large: expensive clothes, exotic trips, etc. One day, as it was told to me, he called a close friend and told him, “I’ve seen and done it all. I’m ready to see what the next life offers.” He hung up, pulled the trigger, and shot himself in the head.


Think about what you just read, and you must agree that no one could ever see or do it all. For that to happen God would have to be finite.

These Words Are Packed With Meaning

“I am come that they might have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” These are the words Christ Jesus spoke to the living – to people who thought they already had life. Some who heard these words may have thought, “Not only do I have life, but, I’ve seen and done it all.” Yet Christ spoke those words, and they were packed with meaning.

I’ve met so many people who have made millions of dollars. They live in palatial homes and drive pricy cars. They travel frequently to foreign countries and stay in costly hotels. Moreover, they enjoy loving relationships with friends and family. All this they do while in the pink of health. These are the very same people who sometimes think, “I’ve seen and done it all.” But have they?

Have You Seen Everything In Your Living Room?

The scenario depicted in the next paragraph has been the experience of many. It reminds me of a passage from Lao-tzu: Without going outside, you may know the whole world. Living in the same room, without ever going outside, you can see and experience more than you ever thought possible.

Imagine this. You’re sitting in the same chair that you always sit in to read and meditate. This time it’s different. Without warning, the room lights up. The furniture is still there; so are the plants and bric-a-brac. But now it’s all Light.

What just happened? After decades of sitting in that room, you finally saw the room as it is – Spiritual Substance. Just when you were ready to throw in the towel because you’ve seen and done it all, you realize that you haven’t seen anything yet.

Now you have a renewed interest in living. Why? Because you realize how little of the world you’ve ever actually seen.

Seeing It Or Seeing It As It Really Is

Perhaps you’ve read the books or heard the CDs of Marie Watts. In them, she shares her first experience of seeing the Grand Canyon in Illumination. It looked nothing like the canyon she’d seen so many times before. So many visits to the Grand Canyon and yet in only one visit did she actually see the Grand Canyon. [In subsequent visits she always saw the real canyon.]

Another time Ms. Watts tells of seeing a fruit tree in Illumination. By time-based material standard, it was out of season and fruitless. In Illumination (actual seeing), she saw the fruit, roots and all. She shares other experiences corroborating the fact there is a life more abundant to experience and enjoy.

There Simply Is No Excuse

The Infinity of God makes it impossible for any person living the so-called typical human lifespan to see and experience one percent of this universe. Ennui is no excuse for dying.

God Knows Nothing About It

This post is to clear up any confusion about the previous post (Virus and Vaccines).

You Are Wanted And Needed


Your Participation Is Requested

I can’t remember the last time Absolutely Yours sent out an All-Hands-On-Deck post, urgent posts asking you to join our prayer-response to a seeming emergency. These apparent times dictate the need for one. Yes, this pandemic and its devastating consequences seem real, but God is still All.

Reader, you know God is All. But let’s take that knowledge to its ultimate conclusion – knowing God’s Allness so clearly that It shows forth as the only Evidence.

The Contemplation


Thanks For Joining In

This is not a fix-it formula. You don’t have to use these exact words, but please keep to the idea behind the words. Remember, you are not trying to make these statements become true. Rather, you are acknowledging these statements are already true – already the current state of affairs. Thank you for joining me. If you want to know more about the value of group prayer, read Is Group Prayer Really Effective?

There will be no posts for the month of July. I look forward to being with you again in August.

Coronavirus Questions (Just Two)


This post addresses two of the questions that have come up regarding the coronavirus. Each answer rests upon the foundation of God’s absolute Allness.

Allen, are you wearing a respiratory mask, and do you think we should?

No, I’m not wearing a mask. When I leave home, I leave knowing that I move, live and have my being in, and as, Omnipresent Love and Perfection.

It seems a lifetime ago when I read this passage by Joel Goldsmith, but I remember it like it was an hour ago.

“We will never be satisfied until we have come into the full consciousness of God as our health, which means that even if they throw atomic bombs at us, they cannot affect our health, our body, our life, our being.

Reader, did you ever experience a seeming threat to your health before this pandemic? A cold? A headache? Heart problems? Diabetes?

The appearance of a threat to health will continue until “we have come into the full consciousness of God as our health.” Then, we will never entertain the idea that anything can be a threat to our health and well-being.

As far as what you should do, ask yourself, “Do I believe that God is All?” and act accordingly.

When Will It End?

People all over the world are asking, “When will this end?” Folk, weary of concocting little projects to whittle the time away, are craving a return to normalcy.

In response to this question, a well-respected Christian Science practitioner wrote these words: “If you stopped being curious about how this epidemic was going to end, it would end tomorrow. The absence of curiosity in this regard would mean that you were putting your trust in God. The presence of curiosity just demonstrates a lack of trust.”

His response, though timely, doesn’t go deep enough. The question to ask is not When will this end, but rather, In the Allness of God, did it ever begin?


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It’s Not Supernatural (Part 1)


When I Read This, I Wanted To Jump Up And Shout

“It is not supernatural for us to prove our omnipresent Principle, just as Jesus proved His divinity right here on earth.” Doesn’t that sentence make you want to jump up and shout Hallelujah? That’s the effect it had on me, and I’m still feeling a little jumpy.

Jesus lived Truth. He didn’t merely trek around the Holy Land giving philosophical Truth talks about God’s Allness and man’s divinity. He lived his teaching. He “proved” His divinity right here on so-called earth. And we can do the same. Read John 14:12 in the Holy Bible. (See the image above.)

Now, I’m shifting the focus to you. Ask and answer this question of yourself: Do I think it is supernatural to know that I and God are one? Finally, ask yourself this question: Do I think it is supernatural to show (evidence) that I and God are one in my daily living?

Did you answer “No” to both questions? Let’s proceed. God is All. All is God. This is the platform upon which we stand! I trust that you are daily contemplating the Truth of God’s Allness. Then you can understand why I say that anyone daily contemplating God as their Identity will find it strange and unnatural not to experience the full Truth in their daily living.

To Christ, raising the dead was not a supernatural event. The One Consciousness, knowing God to be the only Life there is, expected to see Lazarus walk out of his grave. (I could go deeper into this, but not now.)

To Christ, his fast-food feat in the wilderness – feeding thousands a quick fish fillet meal was not supernatural. This, too, was the expected result of the Consciousness knowing that Infinite Substance is everywhere present.

Let’s take one more. To Christ, “healing” the man of congenital blindness was nothing out of the ordinary. This was the expected event of the Consciousness knowing that Vision is the unimpaired action of God perceiving Itself.

The Expected Event

I used the phrase three times. Reader, what is your expected result? To the one realizing that God is All, every Truth that is read or heard is the “new normal” – the expected thing.

You know that God is All; therefore you understand the why of this short list of natural experiences.

  • Omnipresent Wholeness (Health) is a natural experience.
  • Omnipresent, irrepressible, unconditional Love is a natural experience.
  • Infinite Substance evidenced as Omnipresent Abundance is a natural experience.
  • Ageless Life is a natural experience.

I could go on, but let’s stop it here. These experiences are the ever-present Reality – as is God’s Allness. When they are recognized as the real, the true and the normal, they can be experienced.

You Can Start By Doing This

Today, make a shift. You know that God is Omnipresent Perfection, so let Perfection be the likely experience for this day. Don’t put off the constant experience of Perfection to another life that you know nothing about. Be like Christ and “prove” it in this lifetime – the only one you are sure of. You are probably asking, “How do I do that, Allen?” And I say that a good start is simply to begin thinking of Perfection, Wholeness, and Abundance as natural and normal experiences.

What’s Happening With Spiritual Healing?


The other day I picked up The Understanding Series by Lillian DeWaters, and in it she succinctly explains why healing seems to be delayed.

Healing seems to be failing people everywhere. It is very disturbing to them because they cannot understand how this could be. Many say, “Years ago, healing was simple and certain. Now I read and study and am more faithful than ever, yet without perfect results.” Yes, it seems so. Others say, “I accept this great Truth that I am the Self, yet the trouble, expense, or limitation continues.”

The reason for this is that greater understanding is now demanded of us – not to heal diseases, loss, grief, and so on, but to see their utter impossibility to be or seem (appear) to be; to exist or seem (appear) to exist. It is necessary that we abolish any and every discord with and by the awareness and knowledge of its nonexistence.

Reader, note that DeWaters not only says to see the impossibility of trouble, but to also perceive the impossibility of the appearance of trouble. True perception is where both the trouble and the appearance of the trouble are perceived to be non-existent. What’s left? God.


This Is Better Than A New Years Resolution


The desire to have, do, and be more in the new year is the engine that drives New Years resolutions. Did you make any? Are you thinking about making some? Put down the pen! Today, Absolutely Yours is offering you an anxiety-free and more fulfilling alternative to making New Years resolutions. Here it is. CELEBRATE YOUR SPIRITUAL MILESTONES.

Believe me. You do have some to celebrate, and once you acknowledge these milestones and deem them worthy of some sort of celebration, there will be plenty more. That’s a promise.

Right now, you are probably wondering what constitutes a spiritual milestone. To jump-start your own thinking, here is a list of possible “milestones.”

  • Facing down a fear knowing God is All.
  • The moment you realized that people, places, conditions and things have no power over your success, happiness, health and well-being.
  • Any spiritual insight that has changed your outlook and behavior in such a way that it is more consistent with God being the only Presence and Power.
  • Finally starting a consistent practice of God-focused silent prayer.
  • Forgiving someone, or coming to that place where you are willing to forgive.
  • Realizing your Body is included in the Allness of God as a spiritual presence.
  • Finally understanding that time and so-called years have no power over your health and Body.
  • The day you stopped comparing yourself to others because you realized there are no others.
  • Your first experience of illumination (or the most recent one).
  • The day you realized because Joy is your nature, you can let go of grief and depression.
  • The day you finally gave up the fear of calling a Practitioner to help you see the nothingness of that seeming problem.
  • That victorious moment when you made a decision to take a spiritual, rather than human, approach to a seeming difficulty.
  • The so-called healing that resulted in perceiving the Truth that God is all.

This is not an exhaustive list. I’m sure you can think of many more to add.

After you have taken some time to list your Spiritual Milestones (this is not something you can rush through), the next step is to celebrate them.

Whether you list one or one hundred, your Spiritual Milestone(s) deserves to be celebrated. I am urging you to take some time to think about a way, or ways, you can celebrate them. I know you are not planning a wedding, but your milestone is important. It doesn’t have to include others, but it does have to be honored and celebrated.

You know how most New Years resolutions made in January never live to see February? Spiritual Milestones, celebrated, have a life-long effect. Try it and see. I’m leaving you alone now to make your list.