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God Is All

God Is All Allen White
That’s the title of my first book. And it’s true. God really is all. Reader, I’m warning you: there’s a lot of is-ing in this post.

Slowly repeat the words “God Is All,” but linger a little on the word “is”. Effortlessly, you will drift into contemplating the here and now of God. Don’t censor your contemplation. Let it go on to consider the fact that all that God is, is going on right now – right where you are.

It’s clear as a well washed window why Christ Jesus’ miracles were instantaneous. Behind every so-called miracle was the awareness of the here and now of God’s allness.

God’s allness never evolves into being. It already is. Just thinking about this may cause you to shiver with joy. It should, because the everpresent allness of God means:

    • Right now, God is all that there is of your Identity
    • Right now, God is all that there is of your Body
    • Right now, God is all that there is of your Environment

In short, the kingdom of heaven is already here.

Reader, don’t be duped believing that God won’t be all until you experience a revelation. God’s absolute allness is first. Revelation is second. God’s allness can only be revealed because it is already true.

So, don’t wait. Start right now acknowledging that God, and what God is (Love and Perfection) is all that there is. Look around you and claim God is all that there is. Look at the people where you are and claim God is all that there is here. Do troubles come to mind? Know that right where the trouble seems to be GOD IS ALL.

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Human Nonsense

let there be light allen white

This excerpt is taken from LIGHT by Lillian DeWaters

Spirit is our only Self, I or ME — boundless, immeasurable, timeless, spaceless, incorporeal. There is no mortal, human or material being, mind, self or body. There is but “ME” — IAM the One who is Real and Present.

When this new Revelation is seen and accepted, there will be no more sickness, sorrow, disease, pain or death. As the belief and teaching that we are mortals, humans or mankind is done away with, there will be no misbelief, misconception, erring teaching or wrong thinking.

Seeing that the One Self, “I” or “ME” reigns alone, and that there can be no other identity — whether as mind, consciousness or body — each one should reject and discard the beliefs and teachings which identify oneself as man, humanity or mankind; for within this very identification lies the subjection to suffering, disease and limitation.

Our deliverance, therefore, is not from suffering, worry, fear or old age, but that one ceases to believe or accept that he is a mortal or human being, and that his body is material or physical.

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Make A Vow…Take A Bath

allen white God Is All

I am biased. I think that “Absolutely Yours” is a great blog. Do you realize that these blog posts are meant to be lived and not merely read? How To Take A Spiritual Bath (previous post) is good reading, but it’s better as a living practice. Live it and see for yourself!

Read, or re-read the previous post, and then make a vow to take a spiritual bath for seven consecutive days. To get the best “cleansing” effect, DO NOT USE THE “BATH” TO FIX OR HEAL YOUR BODY. BATHE FOR PLEASURE OF HONORING GOD AS YOUR BODY.

After you’ve bathed for seven consecutive days, share your story with me and our blog family. You know you can always contact me at

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