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You Are Not An Illusion Or Deluded

God Is All Allen White

The excerpt below is by Marie Watts.  You can order her books from Mystics Of The World

What’s Really Important To You

Actually, we do arrive at the point where there is nothing in the world of appearance that is important. This does not mean that we do not experience the evidence of Perfection, Abundance, Harmony, and Joy. Indeed, we do experience this evidence.

But the evidence, in the suppositious, world of appearance, is completely unimportant. What is important is the Complete indivisible, glorious Oneness which we know our Self to be. In other words, the only thing that is important, is what we are consciously “seeing”, what we are consciously “being”. We are unconcerned about the so-called signs following. We know that the evidence has to be apparent because what we are perceiving is what we are being. And this is the very evidence itself.

When The Evidence Is Missing Check For This

So long as we seem to attach so much important to any “evidence” in the fallacious world of appearance, we are not going all the way in our conscious perception. It is this same fallacious clinging to the seeming human scene that appears to blind us to the very evidence which already is, right here and now.

Always look for the spurious sense of separation and dualism when any specific evidence of complete harmony, success, health, abundance, seems to be delayed in our experience.

All Is Inseparably One

You see, duality would have us believe that health is one aspect of our Existence, but that it is separate from wealth, peace, joy, etc. Until we have completely transcended duality, we seem to be challenged by one aspect, or what we call another aspect of inharmony or incompleteness. There can be no such thing as one aspect of the All Being, being more important than is another, because the All is inseparably One. There is no way to divide health from wealth, peace, joy, perfect harmony, and completeness.

You Are Not Deluded

It is only in the mass illusion of the apparent world of duality, that any false sense of separation seems to be evident. But this is only an illusion, evidencing its own illusory substance and activity. YOU ARE NOT AN ILLUSION, AND YOU ARE NOT DELUDED. YOUR SUBSTANCE DOES NOT CONSIST OF ILLUSION, AND YOUR ACTIVITY IS NOT AN ILLUSORY SUBSTANCE IN ACTION.

You May Need To Flip It — Here’s How


Do You Begin Your Contemplations Like Dorinda?

Every morning, and most evenings, Dorinda picks a book from the “spiritual” section of her bookcase. She opens the book to a random page and starts reading. She reads until she reaches a passage that stirs something in her. Dorinda reads this passage over and over, savoring every idea in it. Then, she closes her eyes and contemplates.

Dorinda says that the reading inspires her prayers and contemplations. She says the books anchor her prayers in spiritual principle, and keeps her mind from wandering aimlessly through a maze of insane thoughts. “But,” Dorinda says, “I don’t always reach for a book. Sometimes I listen to a tape or some audio file stored on my computer.”

You Are Already As Enlightened As Christ Jesus

This is how many people begin their contemplations, and I will not criticize. For many years I did the same thing. Reader, if you begin your contemplations like Dorinda, do you ever ask yourself, “When am I going to be as enlightened as the authors I am reading?” Do you feel like you are creeping closer to enlightenment, but never getting there?

The Truth is you are already as enlightened as any author you have ever read – even as enlightened as Christ Jesus. But, to experience this Fact, I am suggesting one simple and powerful act: Flip It. (I’ll explain later.)

Your Consciousness Is Enough

Stop thinking that you have to reach outside of yourself for inspiration to start your contemplations. Your Consciousness is enough. No, you don’t have a personal Consciousness separate from the One Infinite Consciousness, but the Consciousness you have and ARE is enough. Trust it to be.

Reader, you don’t need to pick up a book from the night stand or turn on a tape to jumpstart Consciousness. Your Consciousness is not a car battery. It is Infinite, Constant Awareness. Start relying on your Self completely. Prove to your Self that It is ALL SUPPLYING FULFILLMENT. Prove to your Self that It is the inspiration you seem to need. Prove to your Self that your Consciousness is all the motivation you seem to need.

You know, like I know, that one day we have to stop reaching outside of ourselves for any kind of “help”. Why wait for that day? The help you seem to need is in you as ever-present fulfillment.

Here’s How To Flip It

Earlier, I suggested that you Flip It. Here’s how. You simply contemplate first, and read last – if you still feel the need to read. At first this may seem awkward. You close your eyes and it feels like you’re watching a blank screen waiting for a movie that never starts. You wait, and wait. Nothing happens. A thought may flash across your mind like, “Allen is crazy.” Then you reach for the nearest book. STOP! Put the book down. Give your Self a chance!

Close your eyes again (if closing eyes is what you do) and reason this way, “Since there is only one Mind, one Consciousness, one Awareness, then the Awareness of the author and my Awareness IS one. The Truth that’s in the book is already present as my Awareness.”

Now settle back into your contemplation and watch how Truth effortlessly flows like a gurgling brook. Try this for two weeks. Even if you seem to have a rough start, most likely you’ll never go back to reading first. And you will see that “your” Consciousness is more than enough.

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This May Be Better Than God


When She Asked The Question My Tongue Froze

Nearing the end of the conversation, I hoped that something connected – that the right words were spoken to communicate the Truth of God’s Allness. (Believe me, words are really not the ideal tool for this.) I also hoped that something I said inspired and motivated her. Just before I thought we were done, I heard a lilt in her voice. It’s that familiar sound that says “Allen, I get it. God really is All.”

Then she asked a simple question that sealed my lips and glued my tongue to the top of my mouth. Mentally, I stuttered. My thoughts wouldn’t come together to make a sensible sentence. It was a difficult question to answer. No doubt, I was making it harder than it actually was. The question she asked was, “Allen, what is another name for God?” Simple question, isn’t it?

Finally, I Had To Confess

I could’ve listed the so-called attributes of God and said, “Love, Power, Light, Spirit, Perfection, etc.”, but my mind was stuck on the word GOD. Finally, after what seemed like hours, I said, “Doris, I have to confess that I rarely use the word God. Unless I am writing, or talking to someone, I seldom use the word. In my alone time (which is a lot of time) I use I AM.” Dead silence.

“Doris, often the word God implies a presence and power separate from, and other than, my presence, and I know no such presence exists. However, when I say I AM, I know that I mean All. I know I mean one infinite, inseparable presence and that I Am that I AM.” Doris understood immediately.

Is Allen Trying To Turn Dung To Diamonds?

Reader, understand that when I say I AM, I am not trying to turn dung into diamonds. I am not reaching down into the muddy swamp of dualism to lift up a human sense of identity. When I say I AM, it is clear for me to see the nothingness of a so-called born, human identity. And from that view it’s easier to see the nothingness of a sick, limited, weak, and impoverished identity.

Have you noticed that when people talk about God (even in so-called enlightened circles), it is as if they are talking about a presence and power separate and apart from themselves – some other Being? Nothing in their conversation indicates that this God they are talking about is their very being. Do you think it would be possible for them to talk, or even think separation if they substituted I AM (with understanding) for the word God? Of course not. Such a simple substitution would force the speaker to confront exactly how All their God is. It would force them to reconsider their identity in many wonderful ways.

It’s Like Japanese Chocolates (Royce Nama)

Reader, sometimes I find myself slowly saying the words I AM. I savor them like a fine piece of imported Japanese chocolate. They are the most uplifting words I’ve ever said. Many times I’ve been lifted out of the fog of dualism just by saying the words I AM – and knowing what I am saying.

Before you e-mail me with a rebuttal, I know that words only have the meaning you give to them. I know that someone can say the word God and it means just what I AM means to me. If the word “God” works for you, hold onto it, but try this.

When you have a quiet moment, slowly say the words I AM. Savor each syllable. Then, be still and listen to “your” Consciousness. Try it for a few days, and see if the words I AM are more meaningful for you.