Stop Reaching For Enlightenment

Nature’s Lesson On Enlightened Living

“Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not…” These are the words of Christ Jesus from his legendary Sermon on the Mount. What could the disciples possibly learn from gazing at lilies? A simple lesson in living: Life should be effortless. I think you sense this. And I think you have already surmised that the key to effortless living is a conscious awareness that God Is All of All — as All.

No Toiling Necessary

Reader, I believe that the conscious awareness of God As All ranks high on your priority list. You are sincere about it, but do consider the lilies: they neither toil nor spin. Your conscious awareness of God should be effortless! Toiling and spinning for spiritual enlightenment is no more commendable than toiling and spinning for daily supply. And here’s why.

You Are The Light Of The World

You are already a completely illumined being. You already know all the Truth you ever will know. Your Consciousness (God being Conscious) is vibrantly aglow with the Light of Truth — as the Light of Truth. Prayer is not a struggle for more Light. In the clearest way I can express it, prayer is the Self gazing at Itself.

In my past life (before the ministry), I used to hang out with a woman who was double-head-turning beautiful. And she knew it. Every time she passed her reflection she side-glanced and gave herself an approving smile. She wasn’t trying to become more beautiful. She was simply — perhaps egotistically — admiring and acknowledging her beauty.

Sunrise Praying

When you pray a simple prayer like, “God, reveal Thyself,” that prayer is a mirror giving you an opportunity, through Silence, to acknowledge and behold the Light that you are. Yes, there are times that you make new discoveries in prayer. But they are discoveries and not creations. Those marvels have always been there.

Beloved, don’t struggle for enlightenment as if you must get it from some outside or separate source. Let prayer be an effortless letting rather than an effortful getting. It does no more good to reach within than to reach without. Stop reaching. Be still, and let Revelation be as easy and quiet as the rising sun. The Light you seem to seek is the LIGHT YOU ARE.

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