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Some People Are Doing It

Allen, why hasn’t anyone since Jesus demonstrated their Christ nature as he did?

This Is How It Appears

Let’s first rephrase the question to include what’s missing: Judging by appearances, why hasn’t anyone since Jesus demonstrated their Christ nature as he did? I had to do this because any answer to this question has to be based on the appearance that people aren’t demonstrating the fullness of their Christ nature. Let’s dive into the answer.

Just Enough God To Make It Through The Week

Following a church service, a married couple had a rare discussion concerning spiritual matters. The wife poured out her heart’s desire to know and experience God as the reality of her Identity. Dead silence followed. The husband then replied, “I’m not interested in God to that degree.”

That is the chief reason why people are not demonstrating the fullness of their Christ Identity. They are “not interested in God to that degree.” It seems enough that their diseases are healed, their wallets are filled and their human goals are attained. It seems enough that they have more good days than bad, more smiles than tears.

The Consecrated LIfe

As a boy, Jesus announced, “I must be about my Father’s business.” His heart was fixed on knowing God. Knowing God was the focus of his life. Today millions worship, pray, and talk about God, but how many have made it their life’s focus to know God – to be God taught? Not many. Where the husband said, “I’m not interested in God to that degree,” Christ Jesus’ life implied, all I am interested in is knowing God.

Great Expectations

Christian Science practitioner, author and lecturer, Dorothy Rieke, was often asked why so many Christian Scientists are passing on. Her quick reply was, “Too many are planning on passing on.” In short, no one expects to live forever.

Similarly, most are not showing forth the fullness of their Christ nature, as did Jesus, because no one expects to. It seems to be enough to know that we have a Christ nature, and to talk about it. It seems to be enough to muse about the possibilities of healing sick family members, turning tap water into fine wine, and multiplying seafood suppers to feed unexpected guests, but few expect to do it.

There you have it! – the two main reasons people are not demonstrating the fullness of their Christ nature like Christ Jesus.

  • No one is interested
  • No one expects to

Be Counted In This Group

I can’t let it rest here. There is something you must know. People today are instantly healing the sick. These same people are doing additional things indicating an even fuller demonstration of their Christ nature. Just like Christ Jesus, they have been called upon to raise the clinically dead.

Like Christ Jesus, they are defying the seeming limitations of so-called material laws. Proving the omnipresence of the I AM, they have verified accounts of bi-localization. And they have instantly traveled thousands of miles to other states or countries. These people are able to see through and move through solid objects – just like Christ Jesus. None of this is for ego-driven public display.

Hiding — Maybe In Plain Sight

Where are these people? They may be in your very midst. Or most likely, they’ve made a gradual retreat from society. Here’s why.

These people have seen, heard, and experienced many things that, to most people, are unbelievable – even fantastical. Rather than endure ridicule, they keep silent and retreat.

The one thing all these people have in common is that the realization of God is all that is important to them – JUST LIKE CHRIST JESUS.

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