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Art Of Spiritual Healing (Top-Ten List)

Joel Goldsmith’s The Art of Spiritual Healing is the go-to book on spiritual healing. It is a classic. Below are excerpts from this dynamic text.


Complete total spiritual healing is the non-recognition of the reality of the condition; it is a state of your consciousness or mine, or the practitioner’s consciousness, in which God is so real and the works of God–the word of God, the universe of God, and the man of God–are so real that it is fantastic to believe that such a thing as disease of any kind could exist in God’s universe.


The most powerful word in the vocabulary of prayer is the verb “is;” Harmony is; God is; joy is; peace is; abundance is; Omnipresence is. In the presence of Omnipresence, is there anything to be healed, changed, reformed, overcome, or destroyed? You look at every appearance, but you do not permit yourself to become disturbed by any one of them. Your eyes may bear witness to somebody’s illness, poverty, or sinfulness, but Spirit tells you, “No, this is God made manifest. This is the very incarnation of God; therefore harmony is true, regardless of what my eyes see or my ears hear.”


(my favorite)

When you see what looks like deformity, insanity, or an accident, go within; realize that this which you are witnessing is an illusion; feel the divine peace of God’s presence. Every specific claim that presents itself to you has to be met in your consciousness–not only when people ask you for help, but whenever you observe a need. If you walk along the street and see an intoxicated person, that is a claim impinging on your consciousness, and it is in your consciousness that it must be met. If you see a crippled person or if you see a beggar, do not ignore him, do not pass him by…Do not let him lie there–physically, you may pass him by, but spiritually lift him right up to the truth of being.

Stop Denying The Perfect Evidence (Top-Ten Books)


“I must confess, of my two published books (God Is All, and Sounds Of The Trumpet), Sounds is my favorite. It is, by far, a more practical book. Below are some excerpts from Sound Of The Trumpet.

When you say GOD IS ALL, you must realize that you are saying GOD–CHANGELESS PERFECTION–IS THE ONLY EVIDENCE. Stop denying the evidence of God’s Allness by hoping and waiting for it. Does some other evidence exist? God being all, where would such false evidence come from? Going all the way you realize THERE IS NO PHYSICAL WORLD, AND THERE ARE NO PHYSICAL SENSES TO REPORT A PHYSICAL WORLD. GOD IS ALL. GOD IS THE ONLY PERCEIVER, AND IS THAT WHICH IS PERCEIVED…

You probably have heard of many cases where someone reports, while in prayer, that they had a grand and heavenly Revelation. Yet they often appear to be in a personal hell. This will not, and cannot, even seem to happen to you if you Identify yourself as the very Truth that is revealed. Identifying yourself as the Truth revealed is Being the Revelation.

Only when our parents and loved ones no longer even appear to be weak, decrepit, and aged has the “proper” care been given. To this end, there must be a knowing, not merely a wishing or hoping that GOD IS ALL.

A Reader Writes A Riveting Testimony

handwritten letter

A reader from our blog-family sent this inspiring letter.

I am in the process of putting together a journal of a beautiful experience my wife and I have gone through recently. I am referencing scientific and spiritual material to the actual experience. My wife was diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer in early July and was basically told her time is up. As of the middle of November the cancer was no longer present on the physician’s diagnostic test –CAT and PET SCANS. The Doctors in every department that treated her (Cardiology, Oncology, and Pulmonology) just shook their heads, starting 2 weeks after her diagnosis, at the miraculous recovery and would even comment they have never seen anything like this.Just to give you an idea of physical diagnostic opinions of the physicians. She was asked to go to the ER for an emergency CAT scan after a chest X-Ray the day before showed abnormalities. The Doctors reported their opinion. She had a collapsed lung, the lung cavity had filled with fluid and her heart had moved over to the left side of her chest. Three days later they diagnosed her with inoperable advanced stage Lung cancer and the tumor was blocking the air to that lung by 100%. We both agreed this was just their opinions and were not going to buy into their opinions.

As hectic as all this sounds, from the very beginning we never got upset, angry, or resentful. We lived in a state of non-resistance, peace and gratitude. She remained in the Hospital for 2 weeks the first visit and I experienced the power of grateful heart. She started to cry only once – I told her it’s okay to let things out – She said she is not crying because of any pain, the doctors opinion, or anything that’s related to her health – she was crying because she was so grateful for all the people helping and caring for her.

When asked about her condition from friends and family I never mentioned or discussed the diagnosis or the perception from the Doctors made it my mission to remind people of the Tracy we know – a joyful, caring, grateful, person who radiates love to everyone. I kept the vision of her on her truth as perfection, love and joy.

This entire journey has been a amazing experience. Throughout the treatments we maintained that nothing was there and the Doctors would soon discover the same thing. We constantly reminded and claimed that their comments were just their opinions and were not going to buy into their opinions.

We both study and regularly discuss your books and Marie Watts’ “The Ultimate”. I thank you and Marie for the books you have published and am grateful. We have also are grateful to Rev David Howard, who is our spiritual leader.

Other than you the references you provide on your blog is there other material that you might suggest to study?

In Spirit,
Stephen W.

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Getting The Most Out Of A Truth Statement (Top-Ten)


From Paul Gorman’s The Miracle Self: (starting with page 196)

Step 1. Take a single statement of truth, or no more than three or four, related to your favorite or most pertinent need or desire. For instance, if your need has to do with a health issue select one, two, three or four statements that talk of the One life, the One power, the One form, One presence.


When you’ve selected your one to four statements, use them like this: Take the one which today holds the most meaning or wonder for you.  Live with that one Truth statement all day, every hour, every minute. Rehearse and rehearse it in your mind all day and evening. Never for a moment let it go from your awareness. Keep it glowing in the background of your mind as you go about your work or family duties…

But here’s the secret: after every repetition of the statement in your mind, stop and allow it to percolate in your being; to gently sink in of its own accord and flow through the depths of your being by stopping your thinking for a few minutes.


Additional to the constant rehearsing-then-moment-of-silence…have at least three or four periods throughout the day of ten to twenty minutes in the Silence, in meditation, where you stop all thoughts and stop all words and just gently relax, surrender…

Tomorrow, you can work with a different one of your statements, or stick with the same one for days or weeks. It is often best to work with just one statement for weeks upon weeks because it takes just one, sufficiently realised as being the Truth of being, to open the floodgates of the infinite in your life; just one.

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The Questions That Must Be Answered (Top-Ten Books)


I am going to preface the excerpts by first acknowledging that the opinions of reviewers and readers alike differ from what my thinking is. God Is All was a successful book that went through several print runs. Reviewers and readers oohed and aahed over the Lord’s Prayer chapter. That was not my favorite.


It would be wise  now to make a list of those questions on which you seek light.  You might title it, “Things I Always Wanted To Know But Didn’t Know Who To Ask.”  Some of your questions might be:

  • Who is God?
  • What is God?
  • Is God (really) all there is?
  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose of existence?
  • What is God’s purpose?
  • etc.

Again, it may seem as though God is revealing Himself to someone separate from His very own omnipresent being.  This is not the case at all.  Someone has described it as God revealing Himself to Himself.  If there be any revelation, this must be true… At the very point or revelation, the Mind of God, the only Mind, makes Itself known.  The sense of personal mind with its limitations is dissolved and not even known or experienced.


What is glorious about Divine Revelation is the manifestation that accompanies what is revealed.  There is always some corroboration in one’s experience of that which is revealed.  Why is this? …The consciousness that is aware is the substance of that which  it is aware.

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