Spiritual Help After The Medical Exam

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No Guilt Allowed

You’ve read the “medical exam” post, and that ol’ devil guilt showed up. Perhaps you said to yourself, “Maybe I’m not as spiritual as I thought. After all, I turned to the doctor (medical viewpoint) instead of relying solely on Truth (spiritual viewpoint).” Or did you think some other insane idea like, “I wish I could have faith like Joan Jenkins and rely only on God for my health concerns.” Enough is enough. What good can come out of this train of thought? Does it lead to the awareness of God’s allness? No, so just STOP.

Health Is Who You Are

Reader, if you have already allowed your body to be probed, monitored, and x-rayed, take comfort in the fact that you did what you felt was the best thing to do at that time. Realize that your visit to the doctor’s office was prompted by a desire to experience an aspect of your spiritual identity: HEALTH.

You are guilty of nothing. Your Identity as God-Identified is still intact. Nothing has changed. If you are harboring feelings of guilt, forgive yourself. To forgive yourself is simply recognizing your Self as the pure and perfect One – regardless.

Moving Onward After The Exam

So you’ve had the exam, and the results left you in a funk. All day long, you’ve been beating up on yourself thinking about what you could’ve and should’ve done. Get off of that merry-go-nowhere and let’s move forward. In many blogs, sermons and classes, I’ve made this recommendation: Get a second opinion from the Maker. It’s the most powerful next step you can take.

Your prayer might look something like this: “It appears that I have been diagnosed with _________. My body feels (or looks) ______________. My only desire is to know what is true here. What is the absolute truth concerning this body?”

This, of course, is followed by silent listening for the answer. Daily, you keep asking and listening until Truth is revealed. You will have to be both persistent and consistent.

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