Exams, Operations and God

cartoon of medical examination

Many years ago, I laid down to pray.  Mind you, my prayer was simply “Reveal Thyself.”  As soon as I closed my eyes, I heard a voice and it said: “Never let a doctor examine your Body. The body they are examining is not real.” I immediately understood the full meaning of those words. Other than an eye-exam, I’ve been faithful to this. Below, is an excerpt from Marie Watts’ “The Word.” As you will see, we are on the same page.

Marie Watts and the Medical Exam

It is always surprising to discover how many of us examine this deceptive appearance of darkness in order to find out how well, or how ill, we may be. Not only do we make our own examinations of merely an appearance, but we subject this appearance to various other tests, such as x-ray and other medical tests. Please do not misunderstand this statement. I certainly do not advise anyone against having these tests; neither do I advise anyone to have them. Each one of us makes his own decision in these matters. I merely point out the various ways in which we give credence to that which is only an appearance. Any kind of test of that which is only an appearance, must, of necessity, merely reveal some condition of an appearance. No test, not examination, can ever be made of the Light. Neither can any test or examination reveal anything at all about the Substance which is Light.

Your Body Is Light

No operation can be performed upon the Light. Nothing can be removed from, or added to the Substance which is Light. No drug can change the quality or the activity of the Light Substance. As stated before, the Light is completely immune to any deceptive appearance about it, and therefore, there is nothing that can stimulate or depress the activity of the Substance which is Light. This Light Substance is impenetrable by any appearance of darkness. And this glorious Substance is that which remains forever, regardless of any tests, operations, or whatever may be performed.

Judge Rightly

You will remember Jesus said, “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” John 7:24. We do not base our understanding of that which is here upon any deceptive appearance. We judge rightly. We do not deny there does seem to be an appearance of darkness, but we do not mistake that appearance for that which is genuine. When we are consciously illumined, or enlightened, we know nothing at all of any appearance of darkness.

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