Having A Hard Time With Silent Prayer?

Allen, you write so much about silent prayer, but I find it difficult. Every time I give it a try all kinds of thoughts pop up. One time my prom date popped up, and I hadn’t seen or heard from him in thirty years. Can you give me some suggestions to help with these thoughts?

Like other Truth “teachers,” I speak and write about the importance of silent prayer. Because I believe it is an essential practice, I hammer away at the nail of silent prayer like a crazed carpenter. Silent prayer is important, but it’s not the end goal. Silent prayer is a means to an end, and that end is Revelation. And nothing facilitates Divine Revelation like silent prayer.

But, as the questioner points out, silent prayer has its challenges. The main challenge is handling those random, unrelated thoughts that buzz around in your mind while you’re trying to listen to the “still small voice.” Here’s how most have handled it: They stopped doing it. That’s not a wise choice. Without the practice of silent prayer, you can believe God is All, you can affirm God’s Allness, but you can never know that God is All. That truth must be revealed, and silent prayer expedites that Revelation.

In past writings, I’ve suggested many ways to deal with these busy-bee thoughts. In one post, I urged you to stop trying to still your mind. That is a game you cannot win. In this post, I’m sharing what I’ve found to be the least frustrating and the most effective practice to deal with those pesky, unwanted thoughts.

When your silent session begins, know that thoughts will come up. Let them. That’s right. Don’t fight them. Don’t try to mentally swat them away. Just let them come. However, at the outset know this: THOUGHTS HAVE NO POWER TO OBSTRUCT, HINDER OR DELAY MY REALIZATION OF GOD.

Isn’t that comforting? Because those irksome thoughts have no power to obstruct Revelation, you don’t have to fight them. They are no longer your enemy. They are powerless. You may have to refocus your attention many times, but the fighting is over.

Have you ever watched the sun peek through the clouds? That’s how Revelation emerges through a cloud of unwanted thoughts. It’s a beautiful experience, but you will only know it once you’ve tried it.

Don’t give up on silent prayer. Try this approach for a few weeks and see for yourself how effective it is.

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A Clarence Steves Post

A few weeks ago, I had a joyful conversation with one of our readers from Sweden (or was it Switzerland). Although it was our first conversation, it was like talking to an old friend. The conversation jumped all over the place, but we landed on a mutual love and admiration for Clarence Steves. Mr. Steves was a well-respected Christian Science Practitioner and Teacher and the author of one book, Selected Addresses of Clarence Steves. It’s available at Amazon.com. Below are excerpts from that book.

Never Come Into The Problem

In any problem, immediately see the impossibility of it from the standpoint of the allness and oneness of the divine Principle, Love. If possible, never come into the problem, but see the truth so vividly that the aggressive mental suggestion as the problem is dissolved.

All You Have To Do Is Let Go

A lecturer recently told of a group of hunters, hunting for live monkeys. They found that monkeys like wild rice. They obtained some coconuts, cut small holes in them and filled them with rice. In the morning, they found a group of forlorn looking monkeys, each with a tightly closed hand full of rice inside the coconut, unable to get them out.

They had only to let go of the handful of rice, and would have had instantaneous liberation, or what our movement calls healing. Are we hanging on to the handful of rice in our own little coconut? Does material existence mean more to us than spiritual existence? How are we identifying ourselves?

Your Senses Are God’s Senses

Make the declaration, “My senses cannot be perverted and see persons, places and things, for my senses are God’s senses and see only as God sees.”

Don’t Talk Christ, Live Christ!

Live the ascension. It’s so simple. It simply means the acknowledgement that Mind, God, is present, expressing itself; it simply means that there’s one Life present, identifying itself. That’s all there is to the ascension. You don’t have to die to get there. Paul said, “I die daily.” So if we would live this Christ, we would never have discordant things that seem to happen in our lives. Live it, but don’t talk it.

Don’t Forget To Shut The Door

Prayer is shutting the door on the possibility of the problem. Become so conscious of the oneness, the allness of divine Love that the problem, the patient, the practitioner, all disappear, and leave only the Love of God experiencing its own loveliness.

What Kind Of Body Will Knowing Give You?

“Take no thought for your life,” because Jesus permitted the Christ to be so real, so tangible, that he had no temptation to believe in a personal body with a finite, temporal sense of life. Has he not said, “I am come that ye might have life, and have it more abundantly”? Not simply a hundred years; but life eternal — life that has nothing to do with birth, forever untouched by death. If eating is supposed to give forth body, then stop and see what kind of body we must have from our knowing? Knowing constructs the only body there is. Body is not a human fabrication. Body is not material. There is no material body to be sick or to grow old. There is a belief that body is material, that it needs to be healed. If you believe that matter is substance, and holds within itself the ability to give life or take it, then you are in a hopeless situation. It becomes a tyrant, a dictator; it says it is thirsty, give me a drink; hungry, give me some food. It says give me glasses so I can see better; give me a car to haul me around; give me money so I can do what I want. Have you such a tyrant hanging around, calling itself you?

If It’s Real, It’s Love

Divine Mind is All-in-all, and we must make every experience, every situation, every happening declare for God, divine Love. When we look it straight in the face, we can say to any happening, “If you are real, if you are true, then you have the magnificence of Love; if you have any action, then it is Love-action; if you have any life, then it is Love-Life.” In other words, make every experience declare God, Love — divine Principle!


Someone once wrote, “Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that catch your heart.” Did any of the above citations catch your heart? Consider prayerfully “pursuing” them. Pick the line or phrase that caught your heart and spend time with it. Contemplate the many ideas contained in it. Sit in silence and let new insights flood your Consciousness. They will.

Is It Okay To Want To Die? [Part 2]

Wonderful Things Are Happening - Don't Worry

Help Me To Die

When I answered the phone, a frazzled voice said, “I’m so tired of living. I wish the Lord would just come and take me away. Allen, would you pray for the Lord to come and get me?” As we talked, she explained that all of her friends had passed on. “My hearing is shot, and I can barely see. My balance is so bad, I’m afraid to go out. And now,” her voice whispered, “I’m totally dependent on others for my care. There’s no reason for me to live. I don’t know why the Lord is keeping me here.”

I shared this conversation with a friend who later asked, “Allen, in a case like this, is it okay to want to die?” I am going to answer this question, but the answer is skewed toward the readers of this blog who profess to believe that God Is All – the only Presence and Power.

What’s Driving The Urge To Die?

The woman on the phone seems to be living in a prison of loss – loss of sight, hearing, companionship and independence. Many have been there, and many seem to be there now. And they all want out by the only way they know: death.

What’s driving this death wish? An easy answer suggests unbearable losses. Is that the reason, or is it the belief that there is no living way out of their situation? I ask this because there seems to be a pattern. I’ve noticed that after the losses reach a certain threshold, people stop praying. Why? Because they think it won’t help.

Making Goulash? Add A Bit Of Spiritual Reasoning

Still, the question hangs in the air: “In a case like this, is it okay to want to die?” If you’ve imagined yourself in a similar situation, you probably think the answer is an easy “Yes.” And I bet you’ve cooked up some spiritual goulash to justify your answer. Hold your horses! First, take a moment to answer these questions:

  • Is it okay to believe that a loving God authorizes pain, suffering and loss?
  • If pain, suffering and loss are not authorized by God, are they real powers?
  • Is it okay to believe God, Who is the Substance of the Body, is prone to time or disease-based deterioration?
  • Is it okay to believe that so-called human problems are irreversible – that God’s Omnipresent Perfection cannot be discerned and experienced despite the nature of the difficulty?
  • Is it okay to believe that a hopeless situation exists in Omnipresent Perfection?
  • Is it okay to say I and God is One and believe that you are in a hopeless situation?

Did you answer “no” to the questions above? Good. Swing back (keeping your answers in mind) and answer the original question: Is it ever okay to want to die?

“But Allen,” you say, “I’m not talking about me. I know someone in a similar situation who wants to die. What about them?” Here is the short answer: THERE’S NONE BUT THE ONE.

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I Want To Die. Is That Okay?

Whose Life Is It?

A friend recently asked this question: “Is it ever okay to want to die?” I am going to answer that question in the next post. For now, let’s dig below the surface of this question and get to the real issue: LIFE.

Have you ever said or thought, “It’s my life, and I’ll do with it what I want?” This very statement gets to the root of life’s seeming problems. People think they have a personal life, and they spend a lifetime trying to steer this personal life toward a far-off shore of fulfillment. Along the journey, there are many ups and downs. Most unsettling is that the hoped-for shore is never reached.

The question to be asked and answered is: Whose life is it? Take this question into prayer and you will discover that God is Life. God does not give Life. God is Life. There is no Life but God. Troubles abound (or seem to) when God-Life is mis-perceived as a personal life. Once life is personalized it appears limited in every way.

Since God is Life, Life is as eternal as God. As there is no beginning to God, there is no beginning (birth) to Life. “What,” you ask, “is the life that is born?” It is a mistaken perception of Eternal Life. Here’s a question for you: Can you see a beginning or an end of God? How about Life? Don’t answer hastily. Your answer reveals whether you see Life and God as one or two.

Alive As The Life Of God

You know that your Body is alive. God being the only Life there is, with what Life is your Body alive? This is not a rhetorical question. Answer it. Will you acknowledge that God is the Life of your Body? This will do more for your health than green smoothies and hours on the treadmill.

God is Life, therefore Life is as Omnipresent as God. As God is All, Life is All. You, no doubt, have heard the saying, “There is no spot where God is not.” It’s true. But couldn’t you just as well say, “There is no spot where Life is not?” This statement is equally true. LIFE IS EVERYWHERE.

Life Depends On No Thing

As God is Infinite, Eternal, Indivisible and Omnipresent, so is Life. This post asks you many questions, and here is another: Upon what is God dependent in order to exist? Absolutely nothing! What, then, is Life dependent upon in order to be Life? I discovered the answer to this question when I seemed to be confronted with the appearance of a life-threatening situation.

Life is not dependent on a heart, brain, cell or fluid in order to be Life. Life is not dependent upon organ functions or chemical combinations in order to be Life. Don’t believe this statement because I wrote it. Take it into your silent prayer and ask your Self if this is true. The revealed answer will change your perception of Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some practical questions that are asked about Life:

How do I extend my life?

Life is Eternal; therefore it cannot and does not need to be extended. What you can do is realize that you have no Life other than God-Life. This must be an inner realization. Merely reading words about Life is not enough.

This is fine as theory, but how do I make it practical?

There’s only one way to move what you’ve read from fine-spun theory to a living reality. You must have a radical reboot of your concept of Life. That reboot must conform with God’s Allness. In other words, what you know about Life must match what you know about God being All.

Now it would be easy to tell you to stop doing certain things and replace them with other activities, but that’s putting the cart before the horse. Once your understanding of Life is rebooted, your actions will automatically conform.

There’s only one sure way to reboot your understanding of Life, and that’s the inner way. Be God taught. James 1:5 of the Holy Bible says, “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God.” It’s simple. Ask God (the God that is your Being).

Allen, do you believe that someone will live forever, without seeming to die?

Yes. And I believe once someone is known to do this, it will be like Roger Bannister’s 4-minute mile. (You can google it.) Soon everyone will be doing it.

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Did You Miss These?

This is the first post of the new year, and it’s more or less a review post. I’m asking you to take another read – a careful read – of what I consider to be the best posts of the past year. I crawled through the 22 posts of 2022 and selected the ones that will give you the most bang for your buck. It’s only five posts.

Then, there is another list. After my first crawl, I started at the beginning (2012) and took a quick stroll through the archives of Absolutely Yours. While strolling, I asked myself, “If a reader did not read every post, which ones would I recommend?” It was a hard call, but I found three that deserve your attention – again.

Before I reveal the two lists, take a look at this email I received from one of our readers in the UK. People are experiencing Revelation, and this is the proof.

I have been questioning What is the body? for a while as I have tried so hard to fix, heal this diseased body for so long. And revelations have been pouring through as realization. The revelations are that what human concept calls/names body is actually God being. The human mind (which is just conceptual) is naming it body or car or tree but it is not.

God the infinite is that God is ‘everything’ of my experience. This realisation has brought immense peace love rest but also joyous tears that overflows. What I believe was my body is actually not mine at all, as God does not belong to anyone as there is no one else but God.

Only I AM and that I AM is the whole of my being; not a iota of me is other than God. So I lack no thing, what God is I am, I am peace I am Love I am joy.

The illness that I believe to have could only appear in ignorance of my Only Self so I understand now that there is nothing to do about it. If I did try to do anything about it, it would speak of acknowledging it as reality. I neither ignore it nor acknowledge it. I only acknowledge God here now.

I am walking in complete joyous peace and revelations are still pouring. I find it tricky to explain the revelation in words which are, so I hope it makes sense.

I will keep in touch.



Revelation Made Simple


I’ve been accused of hammering away at one idea: Revelation is important. But not too long ago someone said to me,“Allen, I haven’t experienced Revelation. What do I do in the meantime – while I’m waiting?” The question had me hunting down the hallways of my memory to find out what I did in the meantime. This post is dedicated to anyone waiting in the meantime.

Because it reveals God’s Presence, Revelation is important. When you’re in the flaming fire of a hard time, God seems to be missing in action. Revelation pulls back the curtain of this illusion and exposes the glory of God’s Perfect Presence and Activity. That’s the power of Revelation. Furthermore, if you want a good God education, Revelation is the best way.

Still, the question remains: What do I do in the meantime? Below are some ideas to consider.

Revelation Is A Natural And Normal Experience

Would you be surprised to find fish in the ocean? Why not? Because water is their natural habitat. Think about this. God is the only Mind there is, and there is no other. This Mind is always in a state of Self-Awareness, and it is your Mind. It is the Mind of everyone. Your Mind is constantly aware of God being All. For this reason, Revelation is a natural and normal experience. Just as you expect to find fish in the ocean, expect Revelation to be a natural experience.

Stop thinking of Revelation as a supernatural experience granted to a chosen few. It’s a self-defeating and Revelation-delaying lie.

What about the human mind? Think of the human (mortal) mind just as you do the crescent moon. The crescent moon is an incomplete view of the full moon. The human mind is an incomplete experience of the One Mind. When someone reports they had a Revelation, they simply had a fleeting experience of their full Mind – their only Mind. Catch a glimpse of this fact, and Revelations last longer and happen more frequently.

You Are The Revelation

The common belief is that Revelation comes to you from a faraway God. But you know better than that. You know God is the essence of your Being.

Revelation does not come to you. Since Revelation exists as your Mind, you are the Revelation. Think about what this means.

  • You don’t have to wait a lifetime to experience Revelation.
  • You don’t have to deserve the experience.
  • You can experience Revelation anytime and anywhere.
  • You are the Revelation of every Truth that is revealed.

Give Up The Guilt

You’ve tried to experience Revelation. For years you have been hoping for it, and now it seems hopeless. Why do you think you haven’t experienced Revelation? What reasons can you come up with? Do you believe God is withholding Revelation because of that “bad” thing you did in the past? Or do you have other reasons?

Whatever reason you can come up with, it’s nonsense. Nothing can separate you from the “Voice of Revelation.” Why? Because it’s “your” Consciousness that is the Revelation.

Take a moment to make a mental list of all the reasons you think Revelation has been delayed. Next, mentally chuck that list into an imaginary trash can and be done with it.

Sink Into Revelation

Revelation and tension are like light and dark. You’ll never find them in the same place at the same time. Yet so many so-called Truth students’ prayers are riddled with tension.

Their prayer starts off well. Ideas of Truth are contemplated. All is well. When their contemplation ends, and silent listening begins, there’s an effortful reaching out for the Light of Revelation. It’s as if Revelation is something outside of their Being that must be grabbed and held. It’s not.

Revelation is the essence of “your” Consciousness. There’s no need to reach out. Sink into the experience like you would an overstuffed chair.

In The Meantime

There was a time when I hoped, prayed and waited for Revelation. I did everything I’ve advised you not to do. Yet, one day it happened. Truth was revealed. It was the best experience I have ever had. True, there have been many Revelations since then, but the first time always seems the best time.

Here’s what I did – in the “meantime.” Every day I contemplated the one Truth that spoke to me: God is All. As I contemplated this statement, I had no agenda to use it for personal benefit. I followed each contemplation with a period of silent listening. I asked God to Reveal Itself to me in a clear and unmistakable way. And that’s what happened.

I once read this statement: “If you keep on making statements of Truth, it will gradually lead to realization.” All day long I thought about God being All. No effort was involved. Many have found that keeping a Truth statement percolating throughout the day leads to Revelation. But be careful.

This is not like using affirmations to improve your situation. You’ll spin your wheels and go nowhere. It’s better to choose a statement of Truth you would like to understand more clearly. Let it percolate throughout the day. Just be sure to take your statement into silent prayer. If you follow these suggestions (all of them), Revelation is inevitable.

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I Simply Held On To Truth And Was Healed

The Question

Allen, I’ve read many stories of people in the so-called metaphysical community who were healed just by merely holding fast to the idea that “I am well,” despite being seriously ill. Yet, there are many others who tried the same approach, and they didn’t fare as well. Why?

The Whole Story Wasn’t Told

Many people have read or heard such stories. After being uplifted and inspired they thought, “If he can do it, I can do it too.” There were many painful days, but they held on. Results of medical examinations gave no hope, but they held on. Day in and day out they kept repeating, “I am well,” but things did not turn out well for them.

In each instance of success, all that was shared and reported was “I simply held onto the fact that I am well.” This was the publicly known version of the story. The part that was never spoken or printed holds the answer to their success. I’m going to share a story with you.

God, Please Let Me Die

It was not a fatal disease, but according to Thomas, from morning to night, his body screamed out in pain. Weeks went by and Thomas was completely healed. When he shared his testimony, Thomas said, “Despite the pain and limited mobility, I simply maintained that I am well.” To the hearers it seemed a simple but effective approach. However, those in his spiritual circle knew the entire story.

One night feeling hopeless and frustrated, Thomas sat up in his bed and cried, “God, please make me well or just let me die.” A voice replied, “Because I am well, Thomas, you are well.” Thomas caught the vision. Despite his aches and pains, Thomas knew that he was well. He didn’t hold onto a Revelation. The Revelation held onto him. Soon, his body was free of all aches and pains.

Don’t Judge By Appearances!

When holding onto a spiritual idea doesn’t work, it’s because there was no Revelation supporting it. In these instances, “holding on” demands monstrous mental effort. And that approach is not sustainable.

For a moment, I’m switching to a different subject: appearances. After a paragraph or two, you will see why.

“Judge not according to appearances,” said Jesus. That was good advice. Things are not always what they appear to be. The sun isn’t really sitting on top of the Redwood tree, and the train tracks do not come together in the distance. Yet both appear to be so.

The Other Appearances

Keep those facts in mind and broaden Jesus’ counsel to mean judge not according to sensory testimony. As well as seeing, it includes hearing, tasting, feeling and smelling. How often have you heard a baby crying in the alley, only to discover it was a just a cat in heat?

The so-called human senses can be deceived. They can all report the presence of something that isn’t there. All of these deceptions can be lumped in the category of appearances. An appearance is something that seems to be but is not. The last two words are the most important – is not.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, it’s because you sense or even know that God is All – the only Presence and Power. Think about what this means. It means that you know, despite any appearance, that ALL IS WELL. Answer this question with one word. Why, in the midst of your seeming difficulty, is it so hard for you to say “I am well?” Here’s your honest answer: APPEARANCES.

You can appear to be so sick, pained, or infirmed, that it seems impossible for you to say, “I am well.” However, consciously knowing that the appearance (like the flat earth) is not present, empowers you to say it with conviction. Consciously knowing what is true is the ability to, as the questioner wrote, hold fast to an idea and be healed. Of course, the healing is nothing more than the Revelation of God’s Presence.

In the last paragraph, consciously knowing is italicized because it is the key to remaining steadfast despite the appearances. Consciously knowing Truth, despite appearances, is the result of Revelation. When Thomas cried out, “God please make me well,” Revelation kicked in and revealed, “Because I am well, Thomas, you are well.”

What I Thought Was Real, Isn’t

At that moment, Thomas’ perception of his reality changed. Revelation does that. Before that sublime moment, he perceived himself as a sick man, and a host of appearances supported that perception. After his experience, Thomas perceived himself as a well man – regardless of appearances.

Are you asking, “Allen, if the appearances continue to hang around such that you still have to hold on to Truth, what good is the Revelation?” The answer is simple. Once you know (via Revelation) that appearances have no genuine presence (or power), their days are numbered if the healing is not instantaneous.

The Bottom Line — God Is All

All that you have just read boils down to this: When Revelations changes your perception of reality, you don’t hold fast to Truth, you simply know the Truth. GOD IS ALL.

The Essential Missing Piece

The Question

“I’ve heard Marie Watts and Joel Goldsmith say that they don’t like healing testimonies. Being that they were once Christian Scientists, I find that strange. Healing testimonies are what keep me in Christian Science. Why do you think they disliked them?”

The Root Of Healing Testimonies In The Metaphysical Church

Both Marie Watts and Joel Goldsmith were class-taught Christian Scientists and therefore well-acquainted with the Wednesday testimony meeting. Yet they both professed to dislike testimonies. On occasion, however, they did share a testimony or two. The public testimony of spiritual healing has its roots in the Christian Science Wednesday testimony meeting. If you have ever been to one of these services, you can understand why Marie and Joel frowned on them.

I Was Blown Away When He Shared His Story

If it appears that you are troubled and beset by a problem, these Wednesday night services can comfort, inspire and give you hope to stay the course. I have enjoyed them. I remember a particularly lively service (sometimes they can be dead as a doornail) where healing testimonies followed in rapid succession. But one stood out. A tall, well-groomed and suited man stood up and grabbed the microphone. He shared that one night he had a heart attack, and without medical intervention, was quickly healed. The next day he won the gold medal in a Senior Olympic race.

At that moment I was impressed with this so-called quick healing. Later, I mentally flogged myself for being so impressed. Something was missing, and that’s why Watts and Goldsmith slowly backed away from testimonies. Just take a moment to think of God as the only Presence, and you’ll discover what the missing element is.

Only God Exists — An Eternal Truth

Only God exists. Only God has ever, or will ever exist. There is no other presence to usurp the Presence of God. Never has been. Where, then, has dis-ease ever been present? Nowhere! When has dis-ease ever been present? Never! When has a healing ever happened? Never!

When I heard the story of the Senior Olympian’s healing of a heart attack, I marveled. Later, I asked myself why. Temporarily, I took in the “lie” that this man actually had a heart attack – an impossibility considering God’s Allness. For a moment I, to my surprise, believed this man was healed of something that never could have occurred. [I am aware that something did appear to happen.]

The Missing Element

Let’s get to that missing element in most healing testimonies. If you’ve been to one of these services, you know that in every testimony the attestant tells the story of the difficulty and how, through some spiritual practice, they experienced a healing.

They all tell their testimony as if something really happened – as if they overcame an actual condition. Only once did someone conclude the story with the realization that IT NEVER HAPPENED. THE DISEASED CONDITION NEVER HAPPENED. IT WAS NEVER PRESENT. This realization is the missing element in most testimonies.

Marie Watts and Joel Goldsmith, like every other Practitioner, base their practice on this one fact: ONLY GOD IS HAPPENING. I believe they would be more inclined to hear testimonies if the attestant would conclude with words similar to this: “And then I realized that I was not sick. I never was sick, and I could never be sick, for God is always ALL.”

I am not suggesting that people should never attend a Christian Science Testimony service. What I am suggesting is that you attend with a discerning heart and ear. When the attestant shares the difficulty, know that it never happened. Maintain God’s Allness in your awareness. Don’t get caught up in the difficulty. However, I think it’s right to delight in their freedom from an illusion.

What This Means For You

This post is no help unless it offers something of practical value for you. It would be great if a problem never popped up in your life from this day forward. However, if it should, what are you going to do about it?

Rather than try to heal it, or get rid of it, focus your prayerful attention on the truth that the “it” is neither a presence nor power – it is not present. Focus your prayerful attention on knowing (not reciting) only God, and what God Is, is Present. If that seems too difficult, then ask “your” Consciousness this one question: What is really present here? This will lead to a true testimony, the realization of God’s Allness.

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A More Expansive View Of Christ

The Christ Identity

The last two posts have been about the Christ. Today’s post is a sibling of those posts. It, too, is about the Christ. However, this post is a more expansive view of the Christ – a view you may have already taken.

Remember, God being the totality and the reality of man is the Christ. God being the all of You is your Christ Identity – your only Identity.

Christ Jesus knew this to be true of His Identity. He astonished those around him when he proclaimed, “All that the Father has is mine.” I imagine Philip’s head spinning in disbelief when Christ said to him, “He who sees me sees the Father that hath sent me.”

A Broader View Of Christ

Take a few days to contemplate the Christ. You’ll discover a treasure chest of unimaginable Revelations. You will see Christ in an extraordinary way. The definition of Christ, mentioned earlier, will no longer satisfy. You’ll see that Christ has been erroneously confined and constrained to the identity called man. At that moment you will rewrite the definition of Christ in this insightful way: God being the reality and totality of Identity – all Identity – is the Christ.

Yes, it’s true. Every Identity has a Christ reality. I call it the gold standard of Identity. God is the reality and totality of dogs, cats, bees, birds, trees, plants and fish. They all have a Christ reality, and when that Christ reality is recognized, a Plant is no longer a plant and a Dog is no longer just a dog.

Let’s focus attention on the dog. A dog, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is “a highly variable domestic animal closely related to the common wolf.” Many people think they have a dog when, in fact, they have a Dog.

A Dog, as defined by God’s Allness, is a living Form constituted of Infinite Intelligence, Eternal Life, Light, Love and Spiritual Substance. In the Allness of God, this is the only Dog that exists.

If you are a pet owner or a plant lover, have you ever considered that your pet or houseplant is the Living Christ? “Blasphemy,” you say. But is it? Since God is the only Presence, God must be the Presence (totality and reality) of your Boxer or snake plant. This is the Christ – the gold standard of Identity.

A New Approach To Plants And Animals

Instead of leash-walking your pup of limited canine intelligence, try walking a living form of Infinite Intelligence. Praise the God-nature of your dog. Be consistent. I’ve heard of miraculous things happening when you do. Who knows. The dog may wash his paws in the morning and prepare a breakfast of blueberry pancakes drizzled with Vermont maple syrup – syrup he ordered on Amazon.com. The possibilities are boundless.

Turn your attention to plants. You know them to be the result of seed, sun and water. But a Plant is an Eternal Form of Eternal Life. It neither comes into being nor goes out of being.

One day I purchased a healthy-looking ZZ plant. This is supposed to be a low-maintenance plant. But in a matter of days, most of the leaves lay lifeless on the living room floor. My first thought was to dump it in the trash. But I couldn’t. Instead, I exchanged my plant for a Plant. Every day I praised that plant as the Eternal Life and Infinite Intelligence of God. I watered it, but only when I was compelled to. After a few weeks, the color of the three or four leaves changed to a healthy green. More leaves appeared. Today, it looks like the plant I brought home from the garden center.

A New Way Of Seeing

After reading this post, you probably will never again see any life form as it appears to be. I believe that you will say to yourself, “There is a Christ reality here. All that God is, is all that this form is. This form is the Living Christ.”

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Living It Is Better Than Reading It

Let’s Live The Post

Most likely you’ve already read the last blog post, How To Read A Truth Book. Did you merely read it, or did you read it well? Are you living it? After re-reading that post, I invite you to choose a start date and live it for 30 days.

Let’s make beholding the Christ (or God Identity) a lifestyle. We say that we believe (even know) God is the only Presence. God, therefore, must be the only Presence of every Identity in this wonderful “heaven” we call Earth. Let us, then, look at what appears to be human identities and perceive only God Identities.

Know What You Mean When You Say It

Before you start on this project, let’s clarify what you’re doing. It’s not enough to just say, “I behold the Christ as you.” You must know what you mean when you say it. The list below gives you a hint:

  • You are exactly what God is as you.
  • You are the Presence of Eternal Life.
  • You are Immortal.
  • You are Living Perfection.
  • You are Illumination in living action.
  • You are Light, Love and All-Knowing Intelligence.

That’s enough to get you started. During your 30-Day Exercise, other ideas will percolate and pop into Consciousness. When that happens, you will not miss a Christ-beholding opportunity.

Below I answer a few questions you may have before starting this project.

Do I include myself?

Yes. Every morning you see your reflection in the mirror. Don’t pass up this Christ-beholding opportunity. It’s a great way to start your day.

Am I to try doing this for everyone I see during the day?

No. That would induce unnecessary stress. It’s better to randomly select people throughout the day. Pick the driver in the car next to you, or someone in a crowd crossing the street. Throughout the day, you could choose a different co-worker. You get the point.

Because of health complications, I am housebound. Can I still do this exercise?

Of course you can. Do you watch television? You can choose any actor on the screen. Do you talk to friends and family on the phone, or on facetime? That’s another perfect opportunity – even as you are talking.

Once, you get started, you’ll discover plenty of opportunities to behold the Christ.

What if I’m resistant to beholding the Christ of a family member?

To get the most out of this 30-day exercise, I’d start with that particular family member. With this family member, all you need is a simple willingness to let go of the resistance.

Take this family member into your contemplation and start by saying, “I am willing to let go of my resistance to beholding God as the reality of your being.” Then, be still. Listen. Let the revealing Word come forth in Consciousness. It will.

There will not be another post until September. However, I would like to hear about your experience with this exercise.

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