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Why Am I Not Healed?

This is an excerpt by Alfred Aiken

The Big Question

Repeatedly the following is asked, “Why am I not healed? Why does the problem continue, even though I declare every Truth written in these books on Reality? I accept the statement that only Truth is true; accept it without reservation, but the difficulty lingers or seems to grow worse. What is wrong with what I am doing, or is it that Spirit does not deem it best for me to be well, happy and prosperous?”

These questions never stem from Truth. They never stem from Infinite Intelligence. Such arguments have nothing in common with Reality, Spirit, Love, Purity, Singleness, your I AM Identity.

The Answer

Any statement of Truth is sufficient to end any trouble, anywhere, regardless of how long it has appeared to be around, or how difficult it may seem to have become. Any statement concerning the ALLNESS OF ALL, THE SINGLENESS OF LOVE, THE PURITY OF BEING, THE OMNIPOTENCE OF WISDOM is true, because ALL precludes otherness, leaves nothing to heal, change, be corrected, cast out, or treated. But the one who merely declares these words meanwhile holding heartily to the problem, the condition, the error is wasting effort. His words are meaningless, his God is afar off, his Omnipotence is but a breath issuing from his lips, his Purity is only a degree of corruption, his Omniaction is a form of paralysis, his I-identity ignored in confusion.

Should you ever discover that you are trying to “become” well, whole, complete, honest, happy, harmonious, rest assured you are playing prodigal to your I AM Self … so stop it.

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Your Good Can Never Be Depleted


Last week I received a short handwritten note asking me to please share more of Gertrude Gephart’s writings on the blog. Below are carefully selected quotes from Ms. Gephart.

Everything is perfect even in our apparently material world, for this very world we walk in is our view of reality. It is the reflection of reality. It is our interpretation of God, of Truth which is all. To perceive this makes our good permanent. This understanding makes us quiet down and seek God and cease to look for demonstrations and miracles. In Him, all fulness of every kind of good dwells.

This world, if judged as it appears, is the world of action, of doing, of getting. We have to find the Sabbath’s day rest, the rest, the peace, of being rather than the strife of doing and getting. Perception of being takes care of doing and getting.

A certain student told her teacher, at various times, of her demonstrations over accidents, and at last he said, “This is all very well, but you should not continually have accidents to demonstrate over and out of. You are the Truth, and you cannot see evil or accidents. You cannot see a near-accident, for a near-accident is a unreal as an actual accident.”

Really when you spend money, you do not take it our of your pocket book or your bank account, though you may seem to. It comes forth from the absolute good. It comes from the body of the Christ, and that store of good can never be depleted, for it is infinite, it is limitless, it is omnipresent. Actually it is your food and clothing; it is beauty and life itself. It is the raw material of everything and it is the finished product.

We say, I bought shoes, so I cannot have a new dress or a trip out of town.” But really the shoes and the new dress and the trip out of town all come froth from the invisible absolute good, and this good can never be depleted. The shoes do not infringe upon the dress, nor the dress does not subtract from the trip.

You yourself are the only thing there is. You can’t and don’t gain anything. You can’t and don’t lose anything. Loss is hypnosis. Knowing the Truth does not add anything to your being. You are the All whether you know it or not, but as much as you perceive of this, you bring into your practical experience. The Truth we know works like yeast; it is alive. In fact Jesus called it leaven. We do not have to know how it works, or even to know that it works. If is life and it brings forth after its kind.

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Pills, Reiki, God And Healing


The Question

Question: “Allen, since God Is All, isn’t God medicine, surgery, Reiki, etc.?”

A Quick Contemplation

At least the questioner starts on a firm foundation: God Is All. Let’s go one step further. What God Is, is all that there is. God Is Perfection; therefore, Perfection Is All there is. Reader, just take a moment to contemplate the Allness of Perfection.

Don’t judge by appearances. Do just what the questioner did. Start your “reasoning” from the Allness of God – but stay there. Have you concluded that Perfection is equally present and everywhere present? Do you see that nothing else exists but Omnipresent Perfection?

What Do You Believe?

Pills, potions, surgery, Reiki and all the other healing modalities — aren’t they based on the premise that there are pockets of imperfection in God’s Allness? Aren’t they based on the assumption (and appearance) that Omnipresent Perfection has lapsed into imperfection? Reader, don’t merely read these questions, answer them. Then answer this question: Do you believe that Omnipresent Perfection (God) can become imperfect?

Spiritual Healing Is Different Because Of The Starting Point

The Book of Habakkuk (Holy Bible) states that God’s eyes are too pure to see evil. Paraphrase: God doesn’t know anything about disease and therefore doesn’t know anything about healing disease. Yet, you and I know that people have appeared to be healed by spiritual means only. I personally know of cases where people have been healed of:

  • blindness
  • cancer
  • AIDS
  • broken bones
  • hearing loss
  • hair loss
  • mental retardation
  • etc.

Yet these so-called healings weren’t like the healings (or patch jobs) that result from surgery, pill popping, Reiki and other healing modalities. Here’s the difference. Surgery, Reiki, and you name the pill start with the disease as a reality and then attempt to eliminate it. In cases of so-called incurable diseases, it’s often an uphill, losing battle.

In so-called “spiritual healing”, the person (or Practitioner) starts with God’s Allness as the reality and sickness as the lie. The person then sets her attention on getting a clearer awareness of God’s Allness. When God reveals Itself to be all there is of the Body, the Perfection that God Is shows forth as what many would call “a healing”.

Importantly, the person knows the so-called healing to be God’s Perfection revealed and evidenced.

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So This Is Why I Wasn’t Healed

God Is All allen white

This excerpt is by Alfred Aiken from The Unchallenged Self

I Declared Truth Until I Was Blue In The Face — Where’s My Healing?

Recently, one steeped in metaphysics asked for a clearer explanation of God. As the ALLNESS of God was pointed out, the seeker said, ”Oh yes, I know, but that is too absolute for me. Talk so I can understand you. The doctors at my place of business tell me I have tuberculosis and I am unable to work. I can’t pay my bills. I’ve declared Truth till I’m blue in the face but it doesn’t seem to do a bit of good. Why doesn’t God heal me? I’ve asked Him in all sincerity. I know He’s all powerful – that He’s Love Itself, so why doesn’t He heal me?”

I tried to point out the ONENESS of God, but with each statement of Truth, my visitor countered with a metaphysical quotation, assuring me this was the very same Truth he had been declaring for months on end. To break through this glib parroting, he was then asked for an original definition of what Truth is – not words or pretty, quotable sentences, but what is the Truth Itself; not the truth about Truth, but Truth’s very essence – what the I of this I-PRESENT is. This question caught his attention and he was still – he listened to the sole Self for a change, rather than to the chatter of no-Self, not-Self, not-One, not-I!

Fight Evil Appearances And They Will Appear To Get Worse

Until now, all his efforts had been expended against evil, against a condition. However, as always in the field of theology, the more evil or sin is fought, the larger it becomes – the further from the Allness of God the theologian travels. Evil is not to be wiped out, dealt with, handled, cast aside or overcome.


Because God is ALL, and this leaves nothing beside. Sickness, like aught else evil, is not something to be met, destroyed or healed, because PRESENT PERFECTION leaves no evil – leaves none sick, ailing or in distress. Surely no one would go about trying to heal God!

God’s Allness Is All That’s Going On

My visitor was asked is he had ever felt GOD was in need of prayer – had he ever “worked” for GOD, tried to set GOD free of disease, deadly germs, infection? The answer was an immediate NO! Did time ever affect GOD? NO! Is God all, right NOW? Yes! Is there more than ALL? There was a pause, then a slow acknowledgment that there is ONLY GOD. Who then is ill? NO ONE, FOR GOD IS ALL!

Suddenly, he saw this. “This is Truth!” he declared. It was clear to him that until this moment he had merely been attempting to know about Truth – about himself, about disease, but he had now know TRUTH ITSELF. Truth revealed Truth to be TRUE RIGHT NOW, WHOLE, AWARE OF BEING THE I THAT I AM – THIS I RIGHT HERE.

Some three days late, because of employment insurance regulations, the young man had to report to the doctors for another X-ray. When the X-ray was taken it showed but a slight congestion which the doctors said was possibly fatigue. When they compared the new pictures with the old ones, they were at a complete loss to explain how the old set showed such an advanced stage of the disease and the new ones did not. To be doubly sure, however, they later called for another set which showed no trace of discord, and within a matter of days the yound man was back at work.

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What To Do About That Diagnosis

God is All

“Allen, the other day I went to the doctor’s office to get my test results. It wasn’t good. Should I just ignore the doctor’s diagnosis and focus on God’s Allness?” This question raises its head too many times to ignore; so let’s dive into the answer.

First Handle The Fear

The first order of business is to face the fear and snuff it out. Here is what worked for me. Faced with what looked like a severe health crisis, I slumped on the bed trembling (never a good sign). Fear gripped so tightly that worst case scenarios flashed across my mind. I had to do something … and quick. My next thought was, “Allen, is God All?” I answered “Yes.”

Starting from God’s Allness, I prayed asking this one question, “What mind is experiencing this fear?” The answer was not immediate. Again, I asked and listened. That night the answer revealed itself: “There is no mind aware of anything to fear.” Immediately the fear left. The situation did not change, but it was no longer in charge.

In my lectures, I often say that so-called disease is like a stray cat. Instead of milk, it feeds on fear. If there’s no fear around, it slinks away. With the fear gone, the (seeming) problem goes.

Discovering The Diagnosis Isn’t Real

Now that you have handled the fear, it’s time to handle the diagnosis. This has to be by way of Revelation. Reader, I know you’ve heard stories of people facing life-threatening diseases who picked up a book and were healed after reading a few paragraphs. I heard a story of someone who laid my book God Is All on an ailing body part and was healed. These stories don’t impress me. Revelation is the best way, and below are suggestions to prime the pump of Revelation.

In silent prayer ask:

(1) Is this diagnosis of __________ true or not?
(2) Right here where _________ seems to be, what is here?

That’s my way, but Marie Watts suggests another line of questioning that restored her sight and “cured” her cancer.

(1) God, do you know anything about _____________?
(2) Then, do I know anything about ______________?
(3) Does any mind know anything about ___________?

Do not reason out your answers. There is no power in a reasoned answer. Wait, and let the Voice of Revelation speak. This is the Voice of your God Consciousness. When It speaks, “the earth melts”. Simply put, all seeming material conditions are revealed and EXPERIENCED as nothing – no thing at all.

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It’s Never Too Late (Healing Testimony Part 2)

Most of you have read the first healing testimony of the Womacks. It was the foundation for my sermon, There Is No Incurable Disease. This is the second part of the story that emphasizes the fact that since disease is not a presence or power, it’s never too late to know what is true.


There is another part to the story of my wife I would like to share with you. About 15 years ago she was diagnosed with COPD/emphysema. At that time she bought into the diagnosis completely. Of course her mother had COPD and her identical twin sister had COPD. She has commented several times if she only knew then what she knows today.

She knows all the COPD medicine ads on TV and Doctors continually reminding everyone that COPD is irreversible are just opinions.After her journey with the diagnosed cancer she has commented that it is time to be free of the COPD idea.

She knows and constantly affirms her Soul, Spirit, and Body are not different elements. They are one, and that One is God. She is perfect, whole, and complete.Last week she had chest X-rays and the Doctor compared those X-Rays to the ones taken in August. The Doctor told us what he saw. “Her lungs show a marked improvement from the August X-Ray. Her comment was – “they see what she already knows”.

We have realized – No matter if it’s a perceived condition or idea you have been carrying for a long period time, or something that is sprung on you in an emergency room, knowing “God is All” and “I Am the God that is All” reveals the Truth – We are perfect, whole and complete.

Thank you again for all you do and all you have done for Tracy and me.

From Love

Stephen M. Womack

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Want To Be A Better Practitioner — Results Guaranteed

spiritual healing

Practitioners Are Not Healing And What To Do About It

On a Christian Science website, I read a comment complaining that Practitioners of today are no good because they don’t heal. The writer suggested that the higher-ups in the Christian Science movement should get busy and find an effective way to separate the Practitioners who actually “heal” from the Practitioners who merely want to “heal.”

Could the complainer be right? When I was just a puppy in Truth, I called Marie Watts for healing and before an hour passed I was “healed.” I remember calling Eileen Bowden for prayer help and immediately I sprang out of bed, dressed myself, and dashed off to a concert. The healing was instantaneous. There was no waiting days and weeks for a healing.

It seems that today’s Practitioners are better reference librarians than “healers.” Most of them can quote entire books of Joel Goldsmith, Mary Baker Eddy or Marie Watts, and most ask their callers to read related passages from some inspirational book. But, there is no healing.

If you are a Practitioner, or someone who would like to pray more effectively for so-called others, I offer a simple suggestion that is guaranteed to increase the effectiveness of your prayers.

The Simple Suggestion

Practitioner, if you seem to have a longstanding trouble(s), clear it up. Take a look at the list of dis-eases below:
• Financial
• Emotional
• Body
• Social (not sexual)
• Etc.

Rather than continue to endure the dis-ease, clear it up through spiritual discernment. Practitioner, don’t hide under the cloak of denial thinking, “After all, nobody knows that I am suffering from this, so I can just go on ignoring it.” Stop this insanity!

Reader, I guarantee that once you prayerfully address this thing that you have tolerated for all these years – once you get down to prayerful business discerning God’s allness more clearly (clear enough to completely realize the nothingness of your seeming dis-ease) – the effectiveness of your prayers will soar to astounding heights.

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Playing Footsies With Nonsense (Top Ten List-Aiken)

Below is an excerpt from the “Top-Ten List.” Alfred Aiken can knee-slapping funny. Most of his humor comes out in the letters he writes to folk seeking his help. In the back of most of Aiken’s books are letters he wrote. The following excerpts are sample letters from Bachelor God.

Dear _________,

Your letter just reached me. Maybell, you are either trying to heal God, or something beside God. To try to heal God is folly, for God IS Truth, Omnipresent, All. To try to heal something beside God is a denial of Omnipresent-Truth-that-is-All-Alone, hence you have no Truth to work with. Only an assumed mind that is arrogant, conceited, inane would presume such nonsense.

I never say, “error, disease, trouble is nothing.” I always being with the Fact that ALL is ALL. Truth precludes another sense, state, mind or condition. I do not start out by robbing God, Omnipresence, Pure Perfection, of Its Allness, for such would be dis-honest and leave me with no Truth.

Dear _____________,

I beg you , stop playing “footsies” with nonsense. It is not a disease, not a diagnosis, nor a prognosis you contend with; it is not the doctor’s opinion, not a body, not smallpox, not a disorder, but merely that you accept the suggestion that TRUTH IS FALSE–that Truth is NOT THE SOLE, THE ONLY MIND.

To assume that your husband “isn’t ready” for Truth, or that he has a mind with which to have an opinion either good or bad, is to accept all that goes with duality, impurity! There is ONLY ONE MIND…

Dear ______________,

So long as you “tolerate” a Jones-mind, you’ll have all that goes with this absurdity. So long as you insist or “claim” you have “another mind,” you’ll have “another” pain, lack, or whatever (“poverty” and “arthritis” are both of the same so-called, mind duality!)–you’ll be playing prodigal, and all of your “crying out to a Lord God” will avail you nothing!

To start with Truth ONLY, is to BE free. You don’t need to, and can’t “heal” Mind, Truth, Omnipresent Awareness–and there is no other. Why try to heal or help that which is NOT TRUTH.

[Alfred Aiken’s books can be purchased at http://www.hillierpress.com and http://www.mysticsoftheworld.com ]

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I Hurt So Bad I Can’t Get Still — Don’t Believe It

asking a question

If I took inventory of the most frequently asked questions, this one tops the list:

“Allen, what about the times when it hurts so bad
that you can’t quiet your mind to hear the still small voice?”

I will answer this question with two real-life scenarios.


Roland lunges to catch the football and lands on his ankle (the one he broke last year). He lies motionless on the field until help arrives – approximately 3 minutes. By this time, his ankle is the size of a grapefruit. “Just get me home. I’ll be alright.”

At home, Roland tries to pray, but every time he closes his eyes, the pain flashes them open to see if the ankle is any bigger. Never mind. Roland knows that in a few minutes his parents will rush him to the Emergency Room where he will be medicated and tranquilized.

Now Roland can comfortably settle down to listen for the voice of Revelation.


Sonia rushes out of the house to catch her cat, slips on the welcome mat and lands on her right knee. She lies there for a moment. Sonia tries to pray, but the pain won’t let her.

Turning solely to prayer has always worked for Sonia, so she reasons to herself, “This is tough, but I’ve got to settle down. For me, there’s no other option but to realize God’s presence. Let me see if I can get still for just ten seconds. That should be easy.”

It’s not…so Sonia reasons again, “Let me try just five seconds of listening.” That works. After a few of these five-second prayers, Sonia senses that all is well. But the pain lingers. In prayer, Sonia asks, “What more do I need to know?” Later she hears the words, “I am all; I cannot fall. I am Spirit; I cannot be broken. I am all.” Before the sun goes down, Sonia is walking and working as if nothing ever happened.


If the only way to get to the other side of the river is to go through the water, you go through the water!

Roland could’ve made the same decision and experienced the same results that Sonia did, but in Roland’s mind, he had an option to get a little help from the “medicine man”.

Sonia, however, could quiet down and experience a quick healing because it was her only acceptable way.

BOTTOM LINE: No matter how bad it seems, you are the power to be still and know.

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