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Practitioners Are Not Healing And What To Do About It

On a Christian Science website, I read a comment complaining that Practitioners of today are no good because they don’t heal. The writer suggested that the higher-ups in the Christian Science movement should get busy and find an effective way to separate the Practitioners who actually “heal” from the Practitioners who merely want to “heal.”

Could the complainer be right? When I was just a puppy in Truth, I called Marie Watts for healing and before an hour passed I was “healed.” I remember calling Eileen Bowden for prayer help and immediately I sprang out of bed, dressed myself, and dashed off to a concert. The healing was instantaneous. There was no waiting days and weeks for a healing.

It seems that today’s Practitioners are better reference librarians than “healers.” Most of them can quote entire books of Joel Goldsmith, Mary Baker Eddy or Marie Watts, and most ask their callers to read related passages from some inspirational book. But, there is no healing.

If you are a Practitioner, or someone who would like to pray more effectively for so-called others, I offer a simple suggestion that is guaranteed to increase the effectiveness of your prayers.

The Simple Suggestion

Practitioner, if you seem to have a longstanding trouble(s), clear it up. Take a look at the list of dis-eases below:
• Financial
• Emotional
• Body
• Social (not sexual)
• Etc.

Rather than continue to endure the dis-ease, clear it up through spiritual discernment. Practitioner, don’t hide under the cloak of denial thinking, “After all, nobody knows that I am suffering from this, so I can just go on ignoring it.” Stop this insanity!

Reader, I guarantee that once you prayerfully address this thing that you have tolerated for all these years – once you get down to prayerful business discerning God’s allness more clearly (clear enough to completely realize the nothingness of your seeming dis-ease) – the effectiveness of your prayers will soar to astounding heights.

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