Where Is My Healing?

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Rev. Allen many times you’ve said that revelation equals manifestation. One time you even called it the “Fulfillment Formula.” For years, I’ve been dealing with a particular chronic disease. I followed your advice. I prayed, but my prayer was not for a healing. My prayer was simply, “God reveal Thyself.” Isn’t this what you said? Well, sure enough , I experienced that special peace that you talk about…but I wasn’t healed. Today, months later, I’m still dealing with the same issue. Maybe there’s a flaw in the “Formula.” Where do I go from here?

It’s time to address this issue as I have run out of fingers, toes, and limbs counting the times I’ve heard someone suggest that the “Formula” doesn’t work, and that revelation doesn’t always equal manifestation. But this is a science and it always works.

When you make a mistake in the science of math, don’t you go back to check every calculation? Similarly, when things don’t seem to come out right in Spiritual Science, you have to go back and check your “work.” Below are a few “Formula” essentials.

The Revelation

When people tell me that they were not healed, my first question is, “Specifically what revelation were you expecting to see evidenced?” [long pause] “Um…Well, I didn’t really experience a revelation.” That’s the typical response. You see the formula does work: No revelation = no manifestation.

In my many experiences of being healed through prayer alone, I always “heard” a Truth that I could articulate. Because Truth cannot be fully expressed in words, sometimes I sputtered and stuttered trying to explain my revelation. The important thing is that something was revealed.

Relying solely on a feeling of deep peace and a sense that all is well does not always show forth as a so-called healing. True, in some instances it does happen but when it doesn’t, more revelation is required. That’s when I ask Consciousness, “What else is it that I need to perceive here?”

The Big Shift

When Myrtle Fillmore (co-founder of the Unity movement) realized “I am a child of God, I can’t be sick,” her reality shifted from a woman wasting away from tuberculosis to a woman forever whole and perfect. No, the healing was not immediate, but the shift in awareness and reality was.

Once Truth is revealed, there is a shift. The reality is no longer what it seemed to be. The revealed Truth is Reality. When this reality-shift occurs, there are no more concerns and no more questions about the appearance.

If you are still asking, “Where is my healing?” the appearance is still your seeming reality. If this is the case, it’s back to the “Chamber of Silence” asking, “What more do I need to perceive here?”


This is easy. If you’ve had the reality-shift, you will stick to revealed Truth like superglue! Truth-be-told, you aren’t so much sticking to Truth as if Truth is something separate from you. You realize that you are the Truth that has been revealed.

In all that’s been written, reader, do know that you can never be healed. Truth does not heal. Truth reveals that you have never been sick. What appears as a healing is the conscious experience of Truth evidenced.

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