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Ya Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Allen, I read your last post Why Die? and I mostly agree with you, but what about people who are ready to move on because they’ve seen and done it all?

What To Do When You’ve Done It All: Not This

As soon as I read this question I thought about a guy I met many years ago. Death of a loved one left him with more money than he knew what to do with. He started living large: expensive clothes, exotic trips, etc. One day, as it was told to me, he called a close friend and told him, “I’ve seen and done it all. I’m ready to see what the next life offers.” He hung up, pulled the trigger, and shot himself in the head.


Think about what you just read, and you must agree that no one could ever see or do it all. For that to happen God would have to be finite.

These Words Are Packed With Meaning

“I am come that they might have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” These are the words Christ Jesus spoke to the living – to people who thought they already had life. Some who heard these words may have thought, “Not only do I have life, but, I’ve seen and done it all.” Yet Christ spoke those words, and they were packed with meaning.

I’ve met so many people who have made millions of dollars. They live in palatial homes and drive pricy cars. They travel frequently to foreign countries and stay in costly hotels. Moreover, they enjoy loving relationships with friends and family. All this they do while in the pink of health. These are the very same people who sometimes think, “I’ve seen and done it all.” But have they?

Have You Seen Everything In Your Living Room?

The scenario depicted in the next paragraph has been the experience of many. It reminds me of a passage from Lao-tzu: Without going outside, you may know the whole world. Living in the same room, without ever going outside, you can see and experience more than you ever thought possible.

Imagine this. You’re sitting in the same chair that you always sit in to read and meditate. This time it’s different. Without warning, the room lights up. The furniture is still there; so are the plants and bric-a-brac. But now it’s all Light.

What just happened? After decades of sitting in that room, you finally saw the room as it is – Spiritual Substance. Just when you were ready to throw in the towel because you’ve seen and done it all, you realize that you haven’t seen anything yet.

Now you have a renewed interest in living. Why? Because you realize how little of the world you’ve ever actually seen.

Seeing It Or Seeing It As It Really Is

Perhaps you’ve read the books or heard the CDs of Marie Watts. In them, she shares her first experience of seeing the Grand Canyon in Illumination. It looked nothing like the canyon she’d seen so many times before. So many visits to the Grand Canyon and yet in only one visit did she actually see the Grand Canyon. [In subsequent visits she always saw the real canyon.]

Another time Ms. Watts tells of seeing a fruit tree in Illumination. By time-based material standard, it was out of season and fruitless. In Illumination (actual seeing), she saw the fruit, roots and all. She shares other experiences corroborating the fact there is a life more abundant to experience and enjoy.

There Simply Is No Excuse

The Infinity of God makes it impossible for any person living the so-called typical human lifespan to see and experience one percent of this universe. Ennui is no excuse for dying.