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It’s Not Supernatural (Part 1)


When I Read This, I Wanted To Jump Up And Shout

“It is not supernatural for us to prove our omnipresent Principle, just as Jesus proved His divinity right here on earth.” Doesn’t that sentence make you want to jump up and shout Hallelujah? That’s the effect it had on me, and I’m still feeling a little jumpy.

Jesus lived Truth. He didn’t merely trek around the Holy Land giving philosophical Truth talks about God’s Allness and man’s divinity. He lived his teaching. He “proved” His divinity right here on so-called earth. And we can do the same. Read John 14:12 in the Holy Bible. (See the image above.)

Now, I’m shifting the focus to you. Ask and answer this question of yourself: Do I think it is supernatural to know that I and God are one? Finally, ask yourself this question: Do I think it is supernatural to show (evidence) that I and God are one in my daily living?

Did you answer “No” to both questions? Let’s proceed. God is All. All is God. This is the platform upon which we stand! I trust that you are daily contemplating the Truth of God’s Allness. Then you can understand why I say that anyone daily contemplating God as their Identity will find it strange and unnatural not to experience the full Truth in their daily living.

To Christ, raising the dead was not a supernatural event. The One Consciousness, knowing God to be the only Life there is, expected to see Lazarus walk out of his grave. (I could go deeper into this, but not now.)

To Christ, his fast-food feat in the wilderness – feeding thousands a quick fish fillet meal was not supernatural. This, too, was the expected result of the Consciousness knowing that Infinite Substance is everywhere present.

Let’s take one more. To Christ, “healing” the man of congenital blindness was nothing out of the ordinary. This was the expected event of the Consciousness knowing that Vision is the unimpaired action of God perceiving Itself.

The Expected Event

I used the phrase three times. Reader, what is your expected result? To the one realizing that God is All, every Truth that is read or heard is the “new normal” – the expected thing.

You know that God is All; therefore you understand the why of this short list of natural experiences.

  • Omnipresent Wholeness (Health) is a natural experience.
  • Omnipresent, irrepressible, unconditional Love is a natural experience.
  • Infinite Substance evidenced as Omnipresent Abundance is a natural experience.
  • Ageless Life is a natural experience.

I could go on, but let’s stop it here. These experiences are the ever-present Reality – as is God’s Allness. When they are recognized as the real, the true and the normal, they can be experienced.

You Can Start By Doing This

Today, make a shift. You know that God is Omnipresent Perfection, so let Perfection be the likely experience for this day. Don’t put off the constant experience of Perfection to another life that you know nothing about. Be like Christ and “prove” it in this lifetime – the only one you are sure of. You are probably asking, “How do I do that, Allen?” And I say that a good start is simply to begin thinking of Perfection, Wholeness, and Abundance as natural and normal experiences.