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What Are You Saying That You Are Seeing?

I could hear that his heart was in every word when he said, “Allen, I’m sick and tired of seeing sickness and death. I just don’t know what to do.” If you were listening in, you would have rolled on the floor laughing at my feeble attempts to answer him. I was having a hard time because I was trying to be sensitive to his seeming plight, and at the same time share a word of Truth. No one says what I was trying to say better than Lillian DeWaters in her book “The Time Is At Hand.” Below is the excerpt – a long excerpt.

When, apparently, one sees injury and hears discord are his senses reporting correctly and truly or are they reporting otherwise? Does the reader feel capable of answering this question readily, accurately and understandingly?

Some say, “My physical senses are reporting inharmony but my spiritual senses are recognizing Reality.” Now those who speak of the Senses as being physical are in need of deeper insight and a scientific mode of expression.

Another may answer, “My senses are spiritual, but they are reporting untruly, for they are seeing an accident.” Here one is deciding inconsistently, for how could perfect Senses report imperfectly?

The facts are these: The spiritual Senses (and there are no others), are always reporting correctly and truly, for Perfection is forever manifesting and registering Perfection.

Someone asks, “When I see an accident are not my eyes telling me so? Are they not witnessing the injury?” No. Your Eyes, being spiritual and perfect, are seeing no accident whatsoever.

If while walking in the twilight, one mistakes a post for a tramp are his eyes reporting the post or the tramp? Pictured on the eyes is the post, for this is what is present. The eyes are not reporting a tramp, for the simple reason that none is present.

Likewise, when one reports that the coiled shape on the floor is a serpent his eyes are not deceived. His eyes are seeing the rope but his mind is falsifying the evidence.

Turn again to the original question which was this: When, apparently, one sees injury and hears discord are his senses reporting correctly and truly or are they reporting otherwise? Now clearly discern its correct answer which is: “My Senses are reporting truly and correctly, and they are seeing and hearing the Glory and Harmony of the perfect Universe.

It is erring mind, or human sense, (not Senses), which weaves the illusion, just as when the picture of a tramp appears instead of the actual outline of the post. Since it(human sense) believes in accidents, in injuries and disasters the mind declares that it seems them, but it is practicing a deception upon itself, and is thus a victim to its own illusions.

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Stop Trying To Fix Yourself–There’s Nothing Wrong!

Stop trying to fix yourself! Just stop it! There’s nothing wrong with you. Nothing! Pull all of those self-help books off of the shelf and save them for fire-starters at your next cookout. If you are taking mental inventory trying to figure out why this awful thing is happening to you, STOP.

Reader, you do agree with me that there is nothing wrong with God? Let’s take the next step: Is there anything, or anyone other than God? No! You exist, don’t you? What is the substance of your existence? The answer is God. Therefore, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.

Prayer, meditation, contemplation, etc. are not fix-and-repair tools to reconstruct a broken life, or a broken you. No, they are activities to revel in the Glorious You, the Perfect You, the Infinite You, and the Boundless You.

Right now, take a deep breath and acknowledge that GOD IS ALL THERE IS.

  • Does not this ALLNESS include your Body?
  • Does not this ALLNESS include your Mind?
  • Does not this ALLNESS include your Life?

Isn’t everything that you call “yours” actually God being All? Then, the only conclusion you can come to is


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If You Start Right You End Right

God Is All


Do you remember that time when you were blind-sided by a beast of a problem, how you went into the silence anxiously reaching up and out for some healing Truth? This was supposed to be a time of peaceful receptivity to experience the knowingness of your Mind, but instead it was a strained struggle to get some Truth from an outer cosmic storehouse of Infinite Enlightenment.


It should be no surprise that the Truth you were hoping for was never realized. How could it be? The premise was flawed from the very start.

This inner reaching out to “get” Truth presupposes two minds – one that knows Truth and one that anxiously yearns to know Truth. This desperate reaching out assumes your mind is the mind that doesn’t know Truth right now, but, with enough reaching and anxious waiting, will possibly know Truth at some later time.


There is only ONE MIND. YOU ARE THIS MIND RIGHT NOW. You don’t have this Mind. YOU ARE IT. You are already completely and fully illumined right this very moment. You are the Presence and Power of Illumined Consciousness.


So, what’s all this silent prayer about, and why bother? Have you ever relaxed on the beach of a tropical island and basked in the golden rays of sunlight? The sun was no more present on that beach than it was while you were shopping in the open-air market. Yet, you chose to take an hour or so to relax, bask and enjoy the sunlight.

Your ILLUMINED CONSCIOUSNESS is just as illumined while you are going about your daily business of working, parenting, spousing, and playing as it is when you are sitting still in silent prayer. Silent prayer is just a choice to enjoy the experience of your Infinite Awareness being Infinitely Aware.


  • Instead of reaching out for Truth, relax into the Truth you seem to need to know.
  • Accept and acknowledge that you ARE living, loving Truth in action.
  • Know that you are just as enlightened when you are busy as when you are silently praying.

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