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Stop Trying To Fix Yourself–There’s Nothing Wrong!

Stop trying to fix yourself! Just stop it! There’s nothing wrong with you. Nothing! Pull all of those self-help books off of the shelf and save them for fire-starters at your next cookout. If you are taking mental inventory trying to figure out why this awful thing is happening to you, STOP.

Reader, you do agree with me that there is nothing wrong with God? Let’s take the next step: Is there anything, or anyone other than God? No! You exist, don’t you? What is the substance of your existence? The answer is God. Therefore, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.

Prayer, meditation, contemplation, etc. are not fix-and-repair tools to reconstruct a broken life, or a broken you. No, they are activities to revel in the Glorious You, the Perfect You, the Infinite You, and the Boundless You.

Right now, take a deep breath and acknowledge that GOD IS ALL THERE IS.

  • Does not this ALLNESS include your Body?
  • Does not this ALLNESS include your Mind?
  • Does not this ALLNESS include your Life?

Isn’t everything that you call “yours” actually God being All? Then, the only conclusion you can come to is


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There’s Nothing Wrong With You

Why Does God Need So Much Help To Be God?

A lion is a lion. She doesn’t need to sit in silence for hours – even minutes – in order to roar. She doesn’t need to meditate and contemplate in order to claw her prey. A lion needs no assistance whatsoever in order to be a lion. And what of the lily and the lampstand? Neither do they have to do a single thing to be what they are.

Why does the game seem to change when it comes to God? God seems to need a lot of help to be God. God is supposedly the only presence, but this God seems to need a lot of prayer, meditation and contemplation in order to show up. Like a crooked picture hanging in the hallway, something is off kilter here. I’m merely blogging the same ideas that you’ve thought at least a dozen times. You probably said it like this: “If God is all, why do I have to pray?”

Stop Helping God

God (or whatever term you use) is the only Presence. Better still, God is Presence itself. And God does not need special help in order to BE Presence. God doesn’t need one single soul to sit in silent prayer for a single second in order to “show up.” God is the show.

God doesn’t need special contemplations, group meditations, chants or mantras in order to be Presence. God, by virtue of being All, is all that is present.

“But,” you say, “I ache so bad, and my life is in shambles. I’ve lost my reason and will to live. It seems that if I don’t pray, I don’t stand a chance of turning my life around.”

You Know The Truth

Reader. Only an identity imagining (and this has to be an imagination gone berserk) his life, mind, body and world to be something other than the One and Only could possibly think he needs to do anything for God to show up. You, reader, are not such an identity. You know what is true, and you know that you are the Truth that you know. How do I know this? Because God Is All.

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How Wonderful You Are (a spontaneous contemplation)

how wonderful you are swan pictue
Early this afternoon, I sat down to contemplate. Before I fully closed my eyes, the words just came forth. Yes, I know the language sounds a bit archaic, but something seems just plain wrong about editing a Revelation. Reader the Truth below is the Truth of your Being.

I Am Wealth, and I need do nothing in order to Be the Wealth that I Am.

I Am Health, and I need do nothing in order to Be the Health that I Am.

I Am Joy, and I need do nothing in order to Be the Joy that I Am.

I Am Illumination, and I need do nothing in order to Be The Illumination that I Am.I do not have to pray in order to Be the Wealth that I Am.

I do not have to sit in the silence in order to Be what I Am.

I pray and meditate just to bask in the radiant glory that I Am.

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