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Know What You Need To Know, When You Need To Know It

Questions Sign Allen White God Is All

Below is an excerpt from Joel Goldsmith’s Infinite Way. This same idea has been written by Marie Watts and Lillian DeWaters.

Have A Problem? Here’s What To Do

Whenever we are faced with a problem, regardless of its nature, seek the solution within your own consciousness. Instead of running around here and there, instead of seeking an answer from this or that person, instead of looking for the solution outside of yourself, turn within.

Your Perfect Answer Is Assured

In the quiet and calm of your own mind, let the answer to your problem unfold itself. If, the first or second or third time you turn in peace to the kingdom within, you fail to perceive the completed picture, try again. You will not be too late, nor will the solution appear too late. As you learn to depend on this means for the working out of your problems and experiences, you will become more and more adept in quickly discerning your mind’s revelation of harmony.

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Insights From The Seeing The Kingdom Of Heaven Challenge

Barbara, one of our “Challengers,” sent me an email sharing her new insight.
With her permission, I am publishing it as written.

Dear Allen,

In a conversation with my daughter who lives in DC last night (who was concerned about all of the work it appears she has to do and to whom I responded with “He perfometh that which is given me to do; He perfecteth that which concerneth me”) something came back to me that an Infinite Way teacher once shared:  Perfect means Complete.

Then, writing in my journal this morning, it came that seeing Perfection is seeing Completeness — nothing lacking or limited, nothing to be changed — and that is the Truth of Being.  Yes!  GOD IS ALL.

 Joyfully continuing in this Challenge with you and grateful for your work and spiritual help . . .

 In loving Oneness,


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How Wonderful You Are (a spontaneous contemplation)

how wonderful you are swan pictue
Early this afternoon, I sat down to contemplate. Before I fully closed my eyes, the words just came forth. Yes, I know the language sounds a bit archaic, but something seems just plain wrong about editing a Revelation. Reader the Truth below is the Truth of your Being.

I Am Wealth, and I need do nothing in order to Be the Wealth that I Am.

I Am Health, and I need do nothing in order to Be the Health that I Am.

I Am Joy, and I need do nothing in order to Be the Joy that I Am.

I Am Illumination, and I need do nothing in order to Be The Illumination that I Am.I do not have to pray in order to Be the Wealth that I Am.

I do not have to sit in the silence in order to Be what I Am.

I pray and meditate just to bask in the radiant glory that I Am.

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Spiritual Help After The Medical Exam

ocean  of consciousness allen white Absolutely Yours

No Guilt Allowed

You’ve read the “medical exam” post, and that ol’ devil guilt showed up. Perhaps you said to yourself, “Maybe I’m not as spiritual as I thought. After all, I turned to the doctor (medical viewpoint) instead of relying solely on Truth (spiritual viewpoint).” Or did you think some other insane idea like, “I wish I could have faith like Joan Jenkins and rely only on God for my health concerns.” Enough is enough. What good can come out of this train of thought? Does it lead to the awareness of God’s allness? No, so just STOP.

Health Is Who You Are

Reader, if you have already allowed your body to be probed, monitored, and x-rayed, take comfort in the fact that you did what you felt was the best thing to do at that time. Realize that your visit to the doctor’s office was prompted by a desire to experience an aspect of your spiritual identity: HEALTH.

You are guilty of nothing. Your Identity as God-Identified is still intact. Nothing has changed. If you are harboring feelings of guilt, forgive yourself. To forgive yourself is simply recognizing your Self as the pure and perfect One – regardless.

Moving Onward After The Exam

So you’ve had the exam, and the results left you in a funk. All day long, you’ve been beating up on yourself thinking about what you could’ve and should’ve done. Get off of that merry-go-nowhere and let’s move forward. In many blogs, sermons and classes, I’ve made this recommendation: Get a second opinion from the Maker. It’s the most powerful next step you can take.

Your prayer might look something like this: “It appears that I have been diagnosed with _________. My body feels (or looks) ______________. My only desire is to know what is true here. What is the absolute truth concerning this body?”

This, of course, is followed by silent listening for the answer. Daily, you keep asking and listening until Truth is revealed. You will have to be both persistent and consistent.

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