Insights From The Seeing The Kingdom Of Heaven Challenge

Barbara, one of our “Challengers,” sent me an email sharing her new insight.
With her permission, I am publishing it as written.

Dear Allen,

In a conversation with my daughter who lives in DC last night (who was concerned about all of the work it appears she has to do and to whom I responded with “He perfometh that which is given me to do; He perfecteth that which concerneth me”) something came back to me that an Infinite Way teacher once shared:  Perfect means Complete.

Then, writing in my journal this morning, it came that seeing Perfection is seeing Completeness — nothing lacking or limited, nothing to be changed — and that is the Truth of Being.  Yes!  GOD IS ALL.

 Joyfully continuing in this Challenge with you and grateful for your work and spiritual help . . .

 In loving Oneness,


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