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It’s Fixed (I Don’t Know What Happened)

A reader alerted me to the fact that the Donation link wasn’t working and hasn’t worked in awhile.

After days of back and forth with WordPress, it’s working again — but, for now, only on the link of the most recent post.

The Immediate Supply For Your Seeming Need


This excerpt is by Marie Watts from The Ultimate

When once the infinite Omnipresence of Wealth is revealed, there can be no lack, limitation, or poverty. It is from this awareness of what constitutes wealth that the immediate supply for any seeming need is realized.

Wealth is Consciousness YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS FORMED. It makes no difference what aspect of wealth is the necessity of the moment, whether it is for health, home, money or whatever, your Omnipresent Consciousness can, and does form Itself into that which meets the need .

You can see from this that there is no such thing as a need. How can you need anything that is forever contained within your completeness? There is no separation between the essential and the supply; and there is no separation between the essential and the manifestation of the supply formed into whatever is essential.

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You Are Powerful, But What Does That Mean?


What Is The Power Of God?

God cannot behold (see) evil; therefore, it would be impossible for God to even attempt to fight it. With God all things are possible, Jesus declared; but this has nothing to do with battling the myriad appearances of evil.

Power as seen in the eyes of the Divine is simply the ability to do. It is the ability to do all things smoothly, efficiently, successfully, economically, creatively and perfectly. When the omnipotence that is God is rightly perceived, it is cognized as the supreme ability to do all things. It is just as easy for God to maintain the planets in their orbits as it is to bloom as the flowers in spring. The omnipotence of God knows no levels of difficulty.

You Are The Power To Do All Things Successfully

As a focal point of the Presence of God, you have no “personal” power over or against anyone or anything. God is not aware of anyone of anything other than His single Presence. Realizing yourself to be a focal point of power is the recognition of your ability to do all things smoothly, efficiently, successfully, economically, creatively and easily. The power is still God’s. It does not belong to the focal point because the focal point is nothing in and of itself. [excerpt from God Is All]

The Glory Is God’s

The glory for all accomplishment belongs to Omnipotence Itself. ALL IS GOD AND GOD’S