No More Problems – Ever!


Can You Imagine This?

Can you imagine living the rest of your life without any problems? Okay, so you can imagine it, but do you believe it is possible for you to never have another problem for the rest of your life? This is not a rhetorical question. Please answer it. And, reader, know that I am not talking about merely being able to better cope with problems, but actually having no problems at all.

Too Comfortable With Problems

It seems that we’ve snuggled up too comfortably with the idea of having problems such that the thought of having no problems causes a brain freeze. You probably even know some people who need problems to work on as a reason to crawl out of bed in the morning.

Let’s not forget about that other group of people – the ones who think, “If I am really faithful to my spiritual practice, one day I’ll reach the point where I will never have problems to deal with.” Minus the time element (and other dualisms), there is some Truth to this idea.

Get This Right And The Rest Is Simple

Reader, answer these two questions: Who has problems? Does God have problems? The answer is obvious. Human beings, not God Being, have problems.

Humans, not God, have health problems. Humans, not God, have relationship problems. Humans have financial problems. (I’ve got to stop here, because I’m having a “problem” completing this list.)

Try this. If you seem to be in the cold, clamping grip of some problem, rather than praying with a focus on your suffering, ask your God Self, “Does God know anything about this problem?” Wait for an answer. Repeat if necessary! If you do this, you will never waste your prayer time seeking God to do something about a thing God knows nothing of. Let’s move on.

De-Humanize Yourself

If it is the human that seems to have these problems, then the solution to a life riddled with problems is to de-humanize yourself. This is a matter of revelation and realization where you realize that your Self (body included) includes no human element whatsoever. The process is simple.

Ask this one question of your God Self: “Who Am I?” Ask and listen. Repeat daily until the answer is revealed. There is one catch. You must be willing to suspend every human, mortal idea of yourself. Ideas such as:

  • race
  • gender
  • nationality
  • age (birthdays)
  • genetics
  • height, weight
  • etc.

Note, I said that you must be willing to surrender these ideas. With this one simple willingness, revelations concerning the Truth of your Identity are certain.

The paradox (as I’m sure you have already realized) is that you have never been human. Even in the thick of your seeming problems, you have never had a human experience. You have never had a problem. Only in the illusion has humanhood appeared to be. God Is All. All Is God.

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