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A Clarence Steves Post

A few weeks ago, I had a joyful conversation with one of our readers from Sweden (or was it Switzerland). Although it was our first conversation, it was like talking to an old friend. The conversation jumped all over the place, but we landed on a mutual love and admiration for Clarence Steves. Mr. Steves was a well-respected Christian Science Practitioner and Teacher and the author of one book, Selected Addresses of Clarence Steves. It’s available at Below are excerpts from that book.

Never Come Into The Problem

In any problem, immediately see the impossibility of it from the standpoint of the allness and oneness of the divine Principle, Love. If possible, never come into the problem, but see the truth so vividly that the aggressive mental suggestion as the problem is dissolved.

All You Have To Do Is Let Go

A lecturer recently told of a group of hunters, hunting for live monkeys. They found that monkeys like wild rice. They obtained some coconuts, cut small holes in them and filled them with rice. In the morning, they found a group of forlorn looking monkeys, each with a tightly closed hand full of rice inside the coconut, unable to get them out.

They had only to let go of the handful of rice, and would have had instantaneous liberation, or what our movement calls healing. Are we hanging on to the handful of rice in our own little coconut? Does material existence mean more to us than spiritual existence? How are we identifying ourselves?

Your Senses Are God’s Senses

Make the declaration, “My senses cannot be perverted and see persons, places and things, for my senses are God’s senses and see only as God sees.”

Don’t Talk Christ, Live Christ!

Live the ascension. It’s so simple. It simply means the acknowledgement that Mind, God, is present, expressing itself; it simply means that there’s one Life present, identifying itself. That’s all there is to the ascension. You don’t have to die to get there. Paul said, “I die daily.” So if we would live this Christ, we would never have discordant things that seem to happen in our lives. Live it, but don’t talk it.

Don’t Forget To Shut The Door

Prayer is shutting the door on the possibility of the problem. Become so conscious of the oneness, the allness of divine Love that the problem, the patient, the practitioner, all disappear, and leave only the Love of God experiencing its own loveliness.

What Kind Of Body Will Knowing Give You?

“Take no thought for your life,” because Jesus permitted the Christ to be so real, so tangible, that he had no temptation to believe in a personal body with a finite, temporal sense of life. Has he not said, “I am come that ye might have life, and have it more abundantly”? Not simply a hundred years; but life eternal — life that has nothing to do with birth, forever untouched by death. If eating is supposed to give forth body, then stop and see what kind of body we must have from our knowing? Knowing constructs the only body there is. Body is not a human fabrication. Body is not material. There is no material body to be sick or to grow old. There is a belief that body is material, that it needs to be healed. If you believe that matter is substance, and holds within itself the ability to give life or take it, then you are in a hopeless situation. It becomes a tyrant, a dictator; it says it is thirsty, give me a drink; hungry, give me some food. It says give me glasses so I can see better; give me a car to haul me around; give me money so I can do what I want. Have you such a tyrant hanging around, calling itself you?

If It’s Real, It’s Love

Divine Mind is All-in-all, and we must make every experience, every situation, every happening declare for God, divine Love. When we look it straight in the face, we can say to any happening, “If you are real, if you are true, then you have the magnificence of Love; if you have any action, then it is Love-action; if you have any life, then it is Love-Life.” In other words, make every experience declare God, Love — divine Principle!


Someone once wrote, “Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that catch your heart.” Did any of the above citations catch your heart? Consider prayerfully “pursuing” them. Pick the line or phrase that caught your heart and spend time with it. Contemplate the many ideas contained in it. Sit in silence and let new insights flood your Consciousness. They will.

A More Expansive View Of Christ

The Christ Identity

The last two posts have been about the Christ. Today’s post is a sibling of those posts. It, too, is about the Christ. However, this post is a more expansive view of the Christ – a view you may have already taken.

Remember, God being the totality and the reality of man is the Christ. God being the all of You is your Christ Identity – your only Identity.

Christ Jesus knew this to be true of His Identity. He astonished those around him when he proclaimed, “All that the Father has is mine.” I imagine Philip’s head spinning in disbelief when Christ said to him, “He who sees me sees the Father that hath sent me.”

A Broader View Of Christ

Take a few days to contemplate the Christ. You’ll discover a treasure chest of unimaginable Revelations. You will see Christ in an extraordinary way. The definition of Christ, mentioned earlier, will no longer satisfy. You’ll see that Christ has been erroneously confined and constrained to the identity called man. At that moment you will rewrite the definition of Christ in this insightful way: God being the reality and totality of Identity – all Identity – is the Christ.

Yes, it’s true. Every Identity has a Christ reality. I call it the gold standard of Identity. God is the reality and totality of dogs, cats, bees, birds, trees, plants and fish. They all have a Christ reality, and when that Christ reality is recognized, a Plant is no longer a plant and a Dog is no longer just a dog.

Let’s focus attention on the dog. A dog, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is “a highly variable domestic animal closely related to the common wolf.” Many people think they have a dog when, in fact, they have a Dog.

A Dog, as defined by God’s Allness, is a living Form constituted of Infinite Intelligence, Eternal Life, Light, Love and Spiritual Substance. In the Allness of God, this is the only Dog that exists.

If you are a pet owner or a plant lover, have you ever considered that your pet or houseplant is the Living Christ? “Blasphemy,” you say. But is it? Since God is the only Presence, God must be the Presence (totality and reality) of your Boxer or snake plant. This is the Christ – the gold standard of Identity.

A New Approach To Plants And Animals

Instead of leash-walking your pup of limited canine intelligence, try walking a living form of Infinite Intelligence. Praise the God-nature of your dog. Be consistent. I’ve heard of miraculous things happening when you do. Who knows. The dog may wash his paws in the morning and prepare a breakfast of blueberry pancakes drizzled with Vermont maple syrup – syrup he ordered on The possibilities are boundless.

Turn your attention to plants. You know them to be the result of seed, sun and water. But a Plant is an Eternal Form of Eternal Life. It neither comes into being nor goes out of being.

One day I purchased a healthy-looking ZZ plant. This is supposed to be a low-maintenance plant. But in a matter of days, most of the leaves lay lifeless on the living room floor. My first thought was to dump it in the trash. But I couldn’t. Instead, I exchanged my plant for a Plant. Every day I praised that plant as the Eternal Life and Infinite Intelligence of God. I watered it, but only when I was compelled to. After a few weeks, the color of the three or four leaves changed to a healthy green. More leaves appeared. Today, it looks like the plant I brought home from the garden center.

A New Way Of Seeing

After reading this post, you probably will never again see any life form as it appears to be. I believe that you will say to yourself, “There is a Christ reality here. All that God is, is all that this form is. This form is the Living Christ.”

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Living It Is Better Than Reading It

Let’s Live The Post

Most likely you’ve already read the last blog post, How To Read A Truth Book. Did you merely read it, or did you read it well? Are you living it? After re-reading that post, I invite you to choose a start date and live it for 30 days.

Let’s make beholding the Christ (or God Identity) a lifestyle. We say that we believe (even know) God is the only Presence. God, therefore, must be the only Presence of every Identity in this wonderful “heaven” we call Earth. Let us, then, look at what appears to be human identities and perceive only God Identities.

Know What You Mean When You Say It

Before you start on this project, let’s clarify what you’re doing. It’s not enough to just say, “I behold the Christ as you.” You must know what you mean when you say it. The list below gives you a hint:

  • You are exactly what God is as you.
  • You are the Presence of Eternal Life.
  • You are Immortal.
  • You are Living Perfection.
  • You are Illumination in living action.
  • You are Light, Love and All-Knowing Intelligence.

That’s enough to get you started. During your 30-Day Exercise, other ideas will percolate and pop into Consciousness. When that happens, you will not miss a Christ-beholding opportunity.

Below I answer a few questions you may have before starting this project.

Do I include myself?

Yes. Every morning you see your reflection in the mirror. Don’t pass up this Christ-beholding opportunity. It’s a great way to start your day.

Am I to try doing this for everyone I see during the day?

No. That would induce unnecessary stress. It’s better to randomly select people throughout the day. Pick the driver in the car next to you, or someone in a crowd crossing the street. Throughout the day, you could choose a different co-worker. You get the point.

Because of health complications, I am housebound. Can I still do this exercise?

Of course you can. Do you watch television? You can choose any actor on the screen. Do you talk to friends and family on the phone, or on facetime? That’s another perfect opportunity – even as you are talking.

Once, you get started, you’ll discover plenty of opportunities to behold the Christ.

What if I’m resistant to beholding the Christ of a family member?

To get the most out of this 30-day exercise, I’d start with that particular family member. With this family member, all you need is a simple willingness to let go of the resistance.

Take this family member into your contemplation and start by saying, “I am willing to let go of my resistance to beholding God as the reality of your being.” Then, be still. Listen. Let the revealing Word come forth in Consciousness. It will.

There will not be another post until September. However, I would like to hear about your experience with this exercise.

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Some People Are Doing It

Allen, why hasn’t anyone since Jesus demonstrated their Christ nature as he did?

This Is How It Appears

Let’s first rephrase the question to include what’s missing: Judging by appearances, why hasn’t anyone since Jesus demonstrated their Christ nature as he did? I had to do this because any answer to this question has to be based on the appearance that people aren’t demonstrating the fullness of their Christ nature. Let’s dive into the answer.

Just Enough God To Make It Through The Week

Following a church service, a married couple had a rare discussion concerning spiritual matters. The wife poured out her heart’s desire to know and experience God as the reality of her Identity. Dead silence followed. The husband then replied, “I’m not interested in God to that degree.”

That is the chief reason why people are not demonstrating the fullness of their Christ Identity. They are “not interested in God to that degree.” It seems enough that their diseases are healed, their wallets are filled and their human goals are attained. It seems enough that they have more good days than bad, more smiles than tears.

The Consecrated LIfe

As a boy, Jesus announced, “I must be about my Father’s business.” His heart was fixed on knowing God. Knowing God was the focus of his life. Today millions worship, pray, and talk about God, but how many have made it their life’s focus to know God – to be God taught? Not many. Where the husband said, “I’m not interested in God to that degree,” Christ Jesus’ life implied, all I am interested in is knowing God.

Great Expectations

Christian Science practitioner, author and lecturer, Dorothy Rieke, was often asked why so many Christian Scientists are passing on. Her quick reply was, “Too many are planning on passing on.” In short, no one expects to live forever.

Similarly, most are not showing forth the fullness of their Christ nature, as did Jesus, because no one expects to. It seems to be enough to know that we have a Christ nature, and to talk about it. It seems to be enough to muse about the possibilities of healing sick family members, turning tap water into fine wine, and multiplying seafood suppers to feed unexpected guests, but few expect to do it.

There you have it! – the two main reasons people are not demonstrating the fullness of their Christ nature like Christ Jesus.

  • No one is interested
  • No one expects to

Be Counted In This Group

I can’t let it rest here. There is something you must know. People today are instantly healing the sick. These same people are doing additional things indicating an even fuller demonstration of their Christ nature. Just like Christ Jesus, they have been called upon to raise the clinically dead.

Like Christ Jesus, they are defying the seeming limitations of so-called material laws. Proving the omnipresence of the I AM, they have verified accounts of bi-localization. And they have instantly traveled thousands of miles to other states or countries. These people are able to see through and move through solid objects – just like Christ Jesus. None of this is for ego-driven public display.

Hiding — Maybe In Plain Sight

Where are these people? They may be in your very midst. Or most likely, they’ve made a gradual retreat from society. Here’s why.

These people have seen, heard, and experienced many things that, to most people, are unbelievable – even fantastical. Rather than endure ridicule, they keep silent and retreat.

The one thing all these people have in common is that the realization of God is all that is important to them – JUST LIKE CHRIST JESUS.

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Are You The Only One?

Allen, I don’t feel like I have any spiritual support. I’m the only one in the household who believes this stuff. It’s difficult. What do you suggest?

Finding People Who Believe As You Do

I’ve heard this question, expressed in different words, a zillion times. Since I started Absolutely Yours, people have written or called telling me how they are the only ones in their family or social circle who are into the Absolute (God is all there is). Whether they write or call, you can sense a desperate cry to find people “who believe as I do.”

The Allness Of God Is All –You’re Not The Only One

Getting back to the writer. She writes, “I’m the only one who believes this stuff.” [Let’s both ignore the word “stuff.”] Her own admission is the root of the problem. She claims she believes that God is All. Beliefs, as I’ve always said, are like weather vanes. They constantly change according to the winds of emotion or external influence. Reader, you have to know that God is All – not merely believe it. When you know it, you know that All means all. It doesn’t just include everyone in your social circle. The Allness of God is everyone in your social circle.

The One that is All is the one and only Mind that exists. Yes, it’s true: The Truth knowing Mind is the only Mind. There is no other. There is no mind that doesn’t know God to be All there is.

Is There One Mind Or Minds Many?

When I was touring with my Infinite Way sponsored lectures, many hosts asked me to have closed classes like,Joel Goldsmith used to have. These classes were for the more advanced students. I refused. The whole idea smelled of dualism. Doesn’t it reek of minds many instead of the One Mind? It’s the belief in many minds that appears to out-picture as “I’m the only one in my social circle….”

People Who Know As You Know Are All Around You

I remember a popular Truth teacher saying that you can people your world with the living Christ simply by recognizing that Christ is their reality. Have you tried that? Here’s a way to get started.

For the next seven days, try this. Going about your business as usual, every now and again pick out a person and acknowledge, “You are the Living Christ. You are the Living Understanding of God’s Allness. You know God is All, for you are the Allness knowing Itself.”

Never mind what they seem to be or what they seem to believe. That’s none of your business. Your business is the constant acknowledgment of God’s Allness. It only matters what you know to be true.

As you continue to do this, it will seem like the people around you are changing. They will appear more loving, and their conversations more pleasant. They are not changing. You are seeing their true nature more clearly. It’s wonderful.

Select That One Person

What I’m suggesting next will require a bit more commitment, but what you get in return is priceless.

Select someone in your immediate social circle who does not accept God as the only Presence and Power – at least that’s the way it seems. It may be your spouse or loved one living under the same roof. Or, perhaps you have a close friend who seems to have no interest in God or spiritual matters.

Choose someone who fits one of these profiles. You are going to use them to deepen your awareness of the Truth that Divine Mind (God) is the only Mind. They don’t have to know what you are doing. This is a matter of you knowing the Truth.

Your next step is to pray. You are not praying for them; you are praying to perceive them as they are. There are many ways to approach this, but whatever way you choose, God’s Allness is at the helm. Let’s proceed.

The first approach is easy. Whenever you see your “chosen” person, do what was suggested earlier. Acknowledge: You are the Living Christ. You are the Living Understanding of God’s Allness. You know God is All, for you are the Allness knowing Itself.

At first, it will seem as though you are just saying words – words that don’t appear to be true. Never mind. You know that God is All, and therefore these words must be true.

At some point, a light of understanding will flash in “your” Consciousness. You will know that the words are true. This knowing will change how you perceive this one. But that’s not all. They will seem to change as well. Don’t be surprised when they start holding conversations about God. Don’t be surprised when they blurt out some recent spiritual discovery. And don’t be surprised when your relationship with this person changes for the better.

The Silent Way

This next way is my favorite. Take your “chosen” person into a silent prayer session. You are going to acknowledge what appears to be true, but you won’t stop there. The purpose of this approach is to discover whether the appearance is genuinely true. Let’s say that your chosen person is named Tom. You’ll proceed like this – using your own words.

It appears that Tom has a mind of his own and that he believes that disease, age, lack, limitation and prejudice are really present. Does Tom have a mind of his own that believes there is a presence and power other than God?”

Don’t reason out the answer. Nothing worthwhile will come of it. The answer must be revealed. Wait silently for Consciousness to reveal what is true. It will. You may have to do this a few times, but when the answer is revealed the dynamics of your social life will change.

Give this a try. Put your heart into it. After a few weeks or maybe months, get back to me and let me know how it went for you.

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This Is Christ-mas

Brightly lit tree in the family room
Inflatable Santa on the front lawn
Hallmark Christmas specials on the television

Christmas is almost here. How many Christmases have you celebrated? Here’s a better question: How much lasting value have you gotten out of this yearly budget-buster? Don’t misunderstand me. Turkey parts drizzled with mushroom gravy sided with sweet potato casserole and honey-glazed brussels sprouts are wonderful. So are the caroling and revelry.

The Long Lasting Benefits of A Christmas Celebration

After the chewing, sipping and singing are over, are you healthier? Are you more prosperous? Are your problems over? I ask these questions because I believe a true Christmas celebration can have long-lasting practical consequences that leave you healthier and happier in the year that follows.

Because this season focuses on the Christ, take advantage of it. Focus your attention on the Christ. We, in this Truth teaching, talk about Christ. We sing about Christ. But have you ever asked your Self, “What is the Christ?”

This Is Christ

God is All. All is God. God being each Identity is the Christ Identity. God being your Identity is your Christ Identity. Lift your “I” out of the deceptive grave of mortality, and you stand as the Living Christ of God.

Your next-door neighbor – the one you wave to as you hurry to the car – she’s the Living Christ of God. That seemingly unmanageable teen sitting at your dinner table … Lift him out of the deceptive grave of mortality, and there before you is the Living Christ.

Perhaps it’s hard to believe, but the meanest of the mean is the Living Christ of God. And once you divorce yourself from your human judgment of them, your Consciousness is flooded with the Light of Truth. “There before me is Christ – God identified.”

The Living Christ Of God

The Living Christ of God. It’s a fuzzy phrase lacking any practical value. Let’s un-fuzz it. In your heart, you know that God is:

  • Perfection
  • Spirit (not subject to material laws)
  • Infinite (unlimited by so-called time and space)
  • Eternal (never born and never dying)
  • All Power (all that has the Power to Be)

The Living Christ of God is all the above being each Identity in the universe. But, let’s keep it going.

A Decision To Make This Christmas That Will Make It Your Best Christmas

Despite the social restrictions that are in place these days, it’s still possible that you will share a Christmas dinner with others (not too many, but perhaps one other). What if you made a decision today that from this day forward and throughout the holiday season, no matter who stands before you (friend or foe), you will acknowledge,

“I am not deceived by your appearance. I know God is All, therefore I know you to be the Presence of Infinite, Eternal Perfection. I know you to be free and unrestrained by material laws of time and space. I know you to be the one and only Power evidenced as Love, Light, and Eternal Life. This is what I know to be true of you.”

No, you don’t memorize it. That’s unnecessary. Let’s look at what’s going on here. You’ve simply taken the list of God attributes from the bulleted list above and acknowledged them to be the reality of the Identities that you encounter. By doing this, you (1) acknowledge God’s Allness, and (2) take Christ-mas to a new level. Reading this post is one thing. Living this post is Christmas.

Merry Christ-mas!


The Gospel Of Thomas Class Is Coming


Soon I will be offering a new class called The Gospel of Thomas – A Gospel of Practical Spirituality. I’m determining how to best present the class. The class will be either a teleconference class or delivered to you as weekly audio files.

Perhaps you attended one of my touring lectures on The Gospel of Thomas. Or, you purchased the 6-hour audio set. I promise there will be new information in the upcoming class. Since those earlier classes, greater insights have been revealed.

Concerning the fee, I’ll continue with my pricing method that seems to unsettle so many people. The class is not free, however there will be no set fee. You have the option of determining the value of the course and paying accordingly. Whenever possible I offer most of my seminars this way. I think it works best for all concerned.

If you are interested in this class, it would be good to purchase a copy of the book. I have several editions, but my favorite is published by Concord Press and edited by Raghavan Iyer. I prefer this edition because it’s not heavily annotated.

You will be hearing more from me concerning The Gospel of Thomas – A Gospel of Practical Spirituality – soon.

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Grief — How To End It


I Never Believed She Killed Her Husband

“She must’ve killed her husband,” whispered a band of women huddled in the corner of the sanctuary. “How else can you explain how happy she is after the police just found his body in the woods?”

When I heard about the rumors of Venus killing her husband, I laughed. In a typical church, I could understand what they would expect of Venus – obvious signs of grief. But this was a metaphysical church. This was a church that teaches death is not real. This was a church that has as a motto, “Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul.” That’s why I laughed.

Did the women spreading this rumor ever stop to consider that maybe the teachings of the church were more than mere words for Venus? Did they consider that perhaps Venus was living the teachings, rather than merely mouthing them? Could it be that Venus clearly realized that since God is All, there is nothing to grieve? Contrast this with the following story and decide which best exemplifies God Mind?

Grief Is Not Natural

I once worked with a man who would break out into uncontrollable sobbing every day. A river of tears would run down his face. Between short gasps for breath, he’d sputter something about his mother. I pieced together that his mother must have recently passed.

One day following another outburst I asked him, “Cal, when did your mother pass?” Wiping the tears from his eyes, he said, “Ten years ago.” I thought to myself, “There’s a problem here.” But as it is said, “Everyone grieves differently.” But, is grief necessary? Is it based on the Truth, or a lie about the Truth?

Not too long ago, a friend asked me, “Allen, what would you do if your mother died?” [Be honest, don’t you find this a strange question?] Yes, I was taken aback by the question, but then I replied, “I’d call a Practitioner right away.” “A Practitioner,” she said, “Isn’t it a little late for that?” “No, it’s the ideal thing to do,” I said. “The reason I’d call a Practitioner is to head-off a possible encounter with grief.”

Someone has to say this bluntly: Grief is not natural.

Let me expand on this. Grief is not natural to the Christ or God-Mind. God-Mind knows that Life is all there is. God-Mind knows the inseparability of Life and Identity. God-Mind’s natural state is Joy, and from this state it never drifts. The most important thing to know is that God-Mind is the only Mind.

Is There A Mind Other Than God-Mind?

Do you argue that grief is natural? I agree with you. Grief is natural to the so-called human mind, but answer this question. Where in the Allness of God is the human mind? Nowhere! The human mind is the finite, distorted experience of God-Mind. Analyze that sentence carefully and you must come to one conclusion: The human mind is NOTHING.

Here’s the question you must ask and answer for yourself. “Your” mind. Is it the human mind or God-Mind? You can’t have it both ways. Which is it? If you answered, “Allen, of course my Mind is God-Mind,” then grief is not normal for you. Rather, unbridled Joy is your natural state.

Break Free Of Grief Today

Does it seem that you’re caught in the cold clutch of grief? Would you like to break free? It would help if you at least believed, despite all appearances, that God-Mind is your only Mind. From here it is simple.

Throughout the day, when it seems that you are overcome by a wave of grief, say to yourself, “Right this moment, I am willing to experience Joy.” Later, during your time of silent God-focused prayer, open with those same words. Don’t try to be happy. Don’t reach up and out for joy. This is a process of revelation. Let the Mind of Joy be revealed and experienced as your Mind.

Why does this work? It works for the same reason spiritual healing “works.” Spiritual healing, as you know, does not try to change a sick body into a well body. Spiritual healing is KNOWING that right where there appears to be a sick body is the whole and perfect Presence of God embodied. And right where there appears to be a grieving mind is God-Mind – Joy-Mind.

When you state your willingness to experience Joy, you state your willingness to experience the natural state of the ever-present God-Mind – your only Mind.

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How To Have Better Conversations

Business people talking together at water cooler

Do Your Conversations Stray From God’s Allness?

Conversations often stray far away from God being the only Presence and Power. You start the day knowing that God is the only Presence, but before you know it you’re talking about idiots, stupidity, disease, death, lack and a host of other un-Godly ideas. You do reach a point where these types of conversations turn your stomach.

When you find yourself in an uncomfortable conversation, you’ve probably tried changing the subject. That works for a second, and then the conversation makes a U-turn back to more dualistic drivel. If it’s a telephone conversation, you probably tried this one: “I’ve got to go. Someone’s trying to get me on the other line.”

Keeping And Getting Your Conversations On Track

Reader, this post helps when your every effort to steer the conversation into Godlier ports fails. Below are a few practical and helpful suggestions:

  • If it is a telephone call: Before you call the number or pick up the receiver, remind yourself that there is only ONE mouth and only ONE ear – God, the Infinite I AM. The speaking mouth and the hearing ear are ONE and the same Presence and Power.
  • If you are speaking in person: Look at her(him) and know that before you is the moving, living, breathing Presence of the Infinite I AM Consciousness that knows God is All.
  • As the conversation continues: You may have to frequently remind yourself of the One Mouth and One Ear. Know that all parties involved in the conversation are the One speaking Mouth and One Hearing Ear.

I know that speaking and hearing seem like human activities, but there is a spiritual principle behind them. For the next 7 days, work with these ideas. Don’t look for results. Just dive in and enjoy.

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The True View Of Christmas


Christmas Is Your Consciousness

Christmas is the Christ Consciousness in action. Christmas is the constant radiation – activity – of the ever present radiant Christ Consciousness. You are conscious. You are conscious right here and right now. Furthermore, you are constantly conscious; and this constant Consciousness you are is never interrupted.

There really is no consciousness for you to have, or to be, other than the Christ Consciousness. This being true, the everlasting, ever living Christ Consciousness is the Consciousness you are right now. Wherever you are, the Christ Consciousness is.

The appearance, or revelation of the Christ Consciousness, is the genuine significance of Christmas. The Christ Consciousness that you are is forever revealing Itself, as you very Identity. This being true, Christmas is a constant experience as your constant conscious existence. In other words: The ever new, ever joyous Self-revealing Christ Consciousness is forever alive as the Consciousness that you are. Thus, Christmas is NOW. Christmas is forever here, and forever NOW.

You and Christ Jesus Are Inseparably One

Of course, this realization in no way lessens or diminishes our love for the glorious One they called Jesus the Christ. On the contrary, our love for this blessed One is greater than ever before, because now we understand the genuine meaning of the Christ that he so beautifully brought to our attention. And we recognize our inseparable Oneness as this very same Christ Consciousness. We know that never can we be separated from the Consciousness that was – and is – the Christ. Therefore, never can we be separated from the loving unselfed One who was called by the name of Jesus, the Christ.

Rejoice And Celebrate Love, Joy And Peace

One of the most beautiful aspects of Christmas is the unselfed Love that is so evident at this period of the year. Let us rejoice in the manifestation of this great Love. Love, Joy, and Peace are inseparably One. And this One is the Christ Consciousness that you are. So, greet this Christmas season with unselfed Love, with Infinite Peace; and with boundless Joy.

Greet this Christmas season in the full and complete knowledge that the eternal Christmas exists within and as your own Christ Consciousness. Rejoice in the knowledge that the birthless deathless Christ is ever present, the Christmas is forever NOW.

(This excerpt is by Marie Watts from her 1964  newsletter.)