This Has To Be The Most Beneficial Exercise (Try It For 30 Days)

Infinite Self

The Whirling Dervish Was Spot-On

If someone asked you to point to yourself, would you point a finger at your Body? Most people would. But while you are pointing, be aware that your Self is not confined to the outline of your Body. Your Self, reader, is infinite – Infinity Itself. Your Self is unlimited. Your Self is unconfined. Your very Being is boundless.

One Sunday morning, I heard a speaker reveling in the realization of her Infinite Self. She sashayed up and down the aisles, spinning like a whirling dervish. Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows of the church, were flowering trees and rose blossoms. With her outstretched arms, fingers pointing to them as she spun, she blared, “Look at me! I am beautiful.”

Yes, it was over-the-top. Dropped jaws covered the sanctuary floor, yet she was spot on. She realized that her Self was not confined to her Body form.

Reader, you are not confined to your Body form. True, you include your Body in your I AM, but never are you confined to this wonderful form. If you were confined to your Body, God (the Infinite All) would be confined to that form. This is impossible!

You and God are one. As God is the Infinite All, you are the Infinite All. Now, let’s make this practical.

The I Am Exercise

Walk through your home, your garden, the mall, the workplace, etc. When your eyes rest on anything or anyone, instead of calling that thing or person by its human name, call it by its real name (nature) – I AM.

You may see a tall, majestic building. Call it I AM. You may see a mighty oak tree. Call it I AM. You may see a daffodil or a dandelion. Again, call it I AM. Your eyes may rest on something as insignificant as a paperclip. Call it I AM. You will see many dollar bills. Call them I AM. This will do wonders in clearing up any seeming separation between your Self and your Supply.

When you call these things I AM, you are really saying, “I (my Self) AM THE I AM (of this person or thing appearing before me) and THIS I AM (person or thing) IS THE I AM THAT IS my Self.” Here you have one Infinite, Indivisible I AM Presence and Power.

Do this exercise every day for thirty days. Put your heart into it. Get into the I AM of it, and your experience will be showered with so-called blessings. And with each blessing, you will know that it is only I AM experiencing its ALLNESS.

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