Did You Contemplate Your Perfection Today?

For the month of July I am taking a break. Instead of writing new articles, I am posting some more of my favorite passages from other Absolute authors. This week’s post is from Doris Henty’s Addresses and Other Writings..

The command “Be ye therefore perfect” is already fulfilled effortlessly. Perfection is inevitable. Restriction, friction, erroneous suggestion, earth-bound sense, mortal belief — the belief that there is a belief —are unknown to the kingdom of holiness within.

Discord never entered your Mind. Your peaceful well-being remains forever undisturbed. No suggestion of evil was ever heard, seen or felt in this consciousness of holiness which you are. Yours is the “boundless thought that walks enraptured,” free from impediment, obstruction or limitation, enjoying the natural perfection of its own being.

Let prayer be the joyous recognition and acknowledgment of that which already exists, the glories of Life: the joyous, restful experience of health and harmony already and permanently established as one’s own being. The Sabbath means that the whole of infinity is “the secret place of the most High.” Think of the peace and security of such being, your being, unassailed because there is nothing but Itself.

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