Playing Footsies With Nonsense (Top Ten List-Aiken)

Below is an excerpt from the “Top-Ten List.” Alfred Aiken can knee-slapping funny. Most of his humor comes out in the letters he writes to folk seeking his help. In the back of most of Aiken’s books are letters he wrote. The following excerpts are sample letters from Bachelor God.

Dear _________,

Your letter just reached me. Maybell, you are either trying to heal God, or something beside God. To try to heal God is folly, for God IS Truth, Omnipresent, All. To try to heal something beside God is a denial of Omnipresent-Truth-that-is-All-Alone, hence you have no Truth to work with. Only an assumed mind that is arrogant, conceited, inane would presume such nonsense.

I never say, “error, disease, trouble is nothing.” I always being with the Fact that ALL is ALL. Truth precludes another sense, state, mind or condition. I do not start out by robbing God, Omnipresence, Pure Perfection, of Its Allness, for such would be dis-honest and leave me with no Truth.

Dear _____________,

I beg you , stop playing “footsies” with nonsense. It is not a disease, not a diagnosis, nor a prognosis you contend with; it is not the doctor’s opinion, not a body, not smallpox, not a disorder, but merely that you accept the suggestion that TRUTH IS FALSE–that Truth is NOT THE SOLE, THE ONLY MIND.

To assume that your husband “isn’t ready” for Truth, or that he has a mind with which to have an opinion either good or bad, is to accept all that goes with duality, impurity! There is ONLY ONE MIND…

Dear ______________,

So long as you “tolerate” a Jones-mind, you’ll have all that goes with this absurdity. So long as you insist or “claim” you have “another mind,” you’ll have “another” pain, lack, or whatever (“poverty” and “arthritis” are both of the same so-called, mind duality!)–you’ll be playing prodigal, and all of your “crying out to a Lord God” will avail you nothing!

To start with Truth ONLY, is to BE free. You don’t need to, and can’t “heal” Mind, Truth, Omnipresent Awareness–and there is no other. Why try to heal or help that which is NOT TRUTH.

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