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Be Inspired, But Don’t Follow


A Game To Grow Out Of

Stevie hopped on his left foot two times, then jumped up and landed on both feet, after which, he raised his arms over his head and clapped three times. All of us followed behind him, mimicking his every move. This was years ago, and we were playing the game for children called “Follow the Leader.”

I’m all grown up now, and I’ve put such childish games behind me. But I’ve discovered that many adults are still playing “Follow the Leader.” They’ve put a new spin on it, and the more appropriate title is “Follow the Spiritual Leader.” In one way, it’s like the original game. You’re always a few paces behind the leader.

Joel Goldsmith, Alfred Aiken, and Mary Baker Eddy are just a few leaders that many adults are following. Because Marie Watts and Lillian DeWaters knew the inherent dangers of the game, they didn’t have many followers. On the other hand, many still pledge undying allegiance to Joel and Alfred.

She Screamed When I Picked Up The Phone

I’ll share a story with you. One evening I picked up the ringing phone. As soon as I did, a voice screamed through the receiver, “What are you? Are you Christian Science? Are you Infinite Way? What are you?” I answered, “Miss, I come with one message only – God is All.” She muttered something and hung up the phone.

Here’s the translation of her call: Is your message consistent with the leader I’m following? If so, I can follow you too. Before my lecture tours screeched to a halt, a woman pulled me aside in Arizona and said, “Allen, you’re really good, but you are not going to make it very far with this.” I asked, “Why not?” She said, “Allen, people are looking for someone to follow, but you keep saying you don’t want followers. They are going to go to someone who does.”

As she said this, my world seemed to darken as if a black sack were thrown over my head. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Doesn’t Infinite Way, Christian Science, Alfred Aiken, Unity and other similar teachings say that there is one infinite, indivisible presence? In this ONENESS, where can there be a leader? Where can there be a follower? I’m looking everywhere,and I can’t find either.

A Follower Is A Practitioner Of Dualism

To be a follower, or a leader, one has to first admit more than one presence. Follow the Spiritual Leader necessitates dualism.

Reader, don’t be a follower! Don’t be a leader. When you say I am a follower of ________, here’s the translation. “I believe that God is divided up into separate minds, bodies, and identities. I believe in duality. Not only do I believe there are many minds, but I believe some are more enlightened than others. I believe the mind of the one I am following is far more enlightened than mine.”

From this position followers remain followers. Leaders remain deluded. People such as Joel Goldsmith and Marie Watts never “came into their own,” until they stopped being followers of Mary Baker Eddy.

“Allen,” someone asked, “are you saying that I should not read the books of my favorite authors?” Never! You can read and not follow, can’t you? You can be inspired by “another” without following, can’t you? I know you can. You’re constituted that way.

Read The Great Works And Be Inspired

Reading spiritual works that scale the heights of God-realization is natural. Since God is all, what better books to read than those that celebrate God’s Allness. You, knowing that God is all, would more likely pick up a spiritual book than “Shades of Gray.” Given the true nature of your Being, this is no surprise.

Alfred Aiken, Marie Watts, Mary Baker Eddy, Lillian DeWaters, Vivian May Williams, etc. have all written magnificent books. Read the books. Enjoy the books. Be inspired by the books. Let them lead you to the still waters of silent prayer. But, don’t be a follower.

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So This Is Why I Wasn’t Healed

God Is All allen white

This excerpt is by Alfred Aiken from The Unchallenged Self

I Declared Truth Until I Was Blue In The Face — Where’s My Healing?

Recently, one steeped in metaphysics asked for a clearer explanation of God. As the ALLNESS of God was pointed out, the seeker said, ”Oh yes, I know, but that is too absolute for me. Talk so I can understand you. The doctors at my place of business tell me I have tuberculosis and I am unable to work. I can’t pay my bills. I’ve declared Truth till I’m blue in the face but it doesn’t seem to do a bit of good. Why doesn’t God heal me? I’ve asked Him in all sincerity. I know He’s all powerful – that He’s Love Itself, so why doesn’t He heal me?”

I tried to point out the ONENESS of God, but with each statement of Truth, my visitor countered with a metaphysical quotation, assuring me this was the very same Truth he had been declaring for months on end. To break through this glib parroting, he was then asked for an original definition of what Truth is – not words or pretty, quotable sentences, but what is the Truth Itself; not the truth about Truth, but Truth’s very essence – what the I of this I-PRESENT is. This question caught his attention and he was still – he listened to the sole Self for a change, rather than to the chatter of no-Self, not-Self, not-One, not-I!

Fight Evil Appearances And They Will Appear To Get Worse

Until now, all his efforts had been expended against evil, against a condition. However, as always in the field of theology, the more evil or sin is fought, the larger it becomes – the further from the Allness of God the theologian travels. Evil is not to be wiped out, dealt with, handled, cast aside or overcome.


Because God is ALL, and this leaves nothing beside. Sickness, like aught else evil, is not something to be met, destroyed or healed, because PRESENT PERFECTION leaves no evil – leaves none sick, ailing or in distress. Surely no one would go about trying to heal God!

God’s Allness Is All That’s Going On

My visitor was asked is he had ever felt GOD was in need of prayer – had he ever “worked” for GOD, tried to set GOD free of disease, deadly germs, infection? The answer was an immediate NO! Did time ever affect GOD? NO! Is God all, right NOW? Yes! Is there more than ALL? There was a pause, then a slow acknowledgment that there is ONLY GOD. Who then is ill? NO ONE, FOR GOD IS ALL!

Suddenly, he saw this. “This is Truth!” he declared. It was clear to him that until this moment he had merely been attempting to know about Truth – about himself, about disease, but he had now know TRUTH ITSELF. Truth revealed Truth to be TRUE RIGHT NOW, WHOLE, AWARE OF BEING THE I THAT I AM – THIS I RIGHT HERE.

Some three days late, because of employment insurance regulations, the young man had to report to the doctors for another X-ray. When the X-ray was taken it showed but a slight congestion which the doctors said was possibly fatigue. When they compared the new pictures with the old ones, they were at a complete loss to explain how the old set showed such an advanced stage of the disease and the new ones did not. To be doubly sure, however, they later called for another set which showed no trace of discord, and within a matter of days the yound man was back at work.

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Makes You Think About What You’re Doing – Doesn’t It?

This is my “Quote Month.” It’s been awhile since I’ve quoted Alfred Aiken, so I will devote this entry to some of my favorite Aiken quotes.

“A question has been raised as to business–advertising and salesmanship. No greater evidence of the value of advertising can be found than in the thriving “business” of evil. Anyone “believing” in evil, operates as its salesman. His commission and salary are generally high. The instant one goes to work for error, he begins to collect commissions which double and double again. There is never a “fall” in the market, a recession–it is always a “bull” market.” [Note the double entendre]

“When I am “working,” in Truth, and I say “dry,” I mean dry. I don’t mean wet! When I say “Omnipresence,” I don’t mean omniabsence. When I say “All Is,” I don’t mean that All isn’t! When I say “Totatlity-Is,” it’s because It is. I didn’t make it so!”

“If your eyes seem to trouble you, and you “begin” with “troubled eyes,” trying to heal them, you’ll never succeed. But, if you “start” with Infinite Intelligence as All, the Alone One-I-Presence, it may suddenly appear as though your eyes see better than they ever did before. This holds good in every other way. Never deal with, or in problems, but”begin” with All as all, the only, and there will be no place, no identity for a “problem.”

(just reapeating)”Words will get you nowhere! Take any statement of Truth that you make, or read, and discover what it means, discover if you admit that the Truth you declare as being here and now is actual Truth! If what you declare is Truth, then it must follow that whatever is contradictory, opposite, unlike the Truth of your statement, must here and now be false, a lie, invalid, hence powerless, a fiction, nonsense! How then can it harm or be troublesome, and to whom, or to what?”


Male, Female or God?

For the month of July I am taking a break. Instead of writing new articles, I am posting some more of my favorite passages from other Absolute authors. This week’s post is from Alfred Aiken’s The Unchallenged Self.

Have you ever stopped to consider how many difficulties arise in one’s average experience merely because of gender? Gender, as related to sex, duality, began in time alone. You had naught to do with being male or female, man or woman, nor has God! How then did gender come about?

Metaphysics assumes gender to be a quality of Mind, but Truth knows no gender. Medicine would have gender result from the arrangement of specific material cells. Philosophy accepts it as racial requirement. Theology claims it is God’s plan for human perpetuity.

But what does the Alone-Self say concerning gender. Nothing! God is whole, entire, the infinite invisible individual ONE OF ALL IMMENSITY.

Truth is neither male nor female. The dual appearance of gender, which is part and parcel of humanity’s method of reproducing its kind,is not a provision arranged by God. The INFINITE ONE who is ALL OF ALL, the ALONE ENTIRETY OF THE UNIVERSE, ALL-INCLUSIVE BEING, could not need or command a finite human to “multiply” and replenish the earth.” God is all of ALL—all there is, is God. God is all of Me, the I THAT I am, My ENTIRETY, SUBSTANCE, LIFE, MIND, IDENTITY, EXISTENCE. I AM not man, not mortal, not human, not a finite animal.

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Playing Footsies With Nonsense (Top Ten List-Aiken)

Below is an excerpt from the “Top-Ten List.” Alfred Aiken can knee-slapping funny. Most of his humor comes out in the letters he writes to folk seeking his help. In the back of most of Aiken’s books are letters he wrote. The following excerpts are sample letters from Bachelor God.

Dear _________,

Your letter just reached me. Maybell, you are either trying to heal God, or something beside God. To try to heal God is folly, for God IS Truth, Omnipresent, All. To try to heal something beside God is a denial of Omnipresent-Truth-that-is-All-Alone, hence you have no Truth to work with. Only an assumed mind that is arrogant, conceited, inane would presume such nonsense.

I never say, “error, disease, trouble is nothing.” I always being with the Fact that ALL is ALL. Truth precludes another sense, state, mind or condition. I do not start out by robbing God, Omnipresence, Pure Perfection, of Its Allness, for such would be dis-honest and leave me with no Truth.

Dear _____________,

I beg you , stop playing “footsies” with nonsense. It is not a disease, not a diagnosis, nor a prognosis you contend with; it is not the doctor’s opinion, not a body, not smallpox, not a disorder, but merely that you accept the suggestion that TRUTH IS FALSE–that Truth is NOT THE SOLE, THE ONLY MIND.

To assume that your husband “isn’t ready” for Truth, or that he has a mind with which to have an opinion either good or bad, is to accept all that goes with duality, impurity! There is ONLY ONE MIND…

Dear ______________,

So long as you “tolerate” a Jones-mind, you’ll have all that goes with this absurdity. So long as you insist or “claim” you have “another mind,” you’ll have “another” pain, lack, or whatever (“poverty” and “arthritis” are both of the same so-called, mind duality!)–you’ll be playing prodigal, and all of your “crying out to a Lord God” will avail you nothing!

To start with Truth ONLY, is to BE free. You don’t need to, and can’t “heal” Mind, Truth, Omnipresent Awareness–and there is no other. Why try to heal or help that which is NOT TRUTH.

[Alfred Aiken’s books can be purchased at http://www.hillierpress.com and http://www.mysticsoftheworld.com ]

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Truth Is Not A Cold Cream (excerpt by Alfred Aiken)

cold cream jar allen white

Every application of Truth is a denial of Truth. To “apply” Truth means to have a condition, state, circumstance or thing to apply It to. That means that you are starting out with a problem. The moment you attempt to apply Truth in order to correct, heal, change, alleviate or in some way subjugate a problem, you have forsaken Truth, denied It–you have rejected Spirit; you have started with a problem that is not true. To begin by denying Reality at the outset is to be prodigal, and whatever, purportedly, is done as a prodigal is a denial, a complete ignoring and evasion of Truth.

One cannot “apply” Reality. One does not get Truth out of a jar. It does not come as a cold cream. It does not come, as some seem to think, canned and with directions as to how much to spray on your troubles. It is not something that you can brush on, or a liquid that you can bathe in.

Truth is who and what you are. It is Reality Itself; It is Omnipresence Itself; It is Truth, Itself, being…There is no other life, there is no other Existence, there is no other Being.

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