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Rethinking Immortality


This excerpt is by Joel Goldsmith. A collection of his writings on the Body is carried by Denice Jutras (Mystics Of The World). It is an excellent publication.

Have You Thought About Immortality As A Present Reality?

We are all interested in the subject of immortality, but not merely an immortality that is attained after death. Immortality means here, in the body. We will not lose our body, but we will lose our false sense of body and come into the realization of the true nature of body. By losing the false sense of body, we will not lose our body, the body which we have now.

I am not speaking in the abstract, but I am saying that in this very body we must experience immortality. Just as in this body, by losing the sense of disease and coming into a higher realization of perfect body, there is no loss of body, just the loss of a false sense of body. In the same way, to experience immortality here and now occasions no loss of body, but only the loss of a false sense of body.

In our meditation, let us realize this: Immortality here and now; the immortality of this body and this universe, and all that we must lose is the false sense the world entertains of the body and of the universe.

You Are Not A Mere Reflection, Image or Idea

In our old teaching we were effect – an idea, reflection, expression, image, or likeness. In this approach you will find that you are consciousness, the very consciousness that is the cause of body, business, and home.

We formerly believed that a discordant body, business, or home was do to a power outside of ourselves, acting upon us. As long as we accept the belief that there is a power outside of us, just that long will we be seeking to get in touch with a good power. If the belief is accepted that a law of time is acting upon our bodies and mentalities, our experience will be on that level.

The Power Operating In Your Experience

There is no power operating in our experience separate from our own consciousness, but as long as we believe there is and are trying to get in touch with it, we will never contact it. The only treatment worth calling a treatment is the realization that, “I am life eternal. I am the way, the truth, and the life. I and my Father are One, and that Oneness constitutes immortality, harmony, grace, joy, and abundance of my body and Soul.

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Lesson On Eternal Life From A Child

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes – A Request For Eternal Life

In a not-too-recent “Dear Amy” column, a five-year old asked her grandmother if she was going to get real old. The grandmother told the young girl, “We all get old … that’s why we have birthdays.” The little girl broke down crying saying to her grandmother, “I don’t want you to die. Please promise me you will have no more birthdays.”

This little girl wanted her granny to live forever. I believe we all have that wish for our loved ones (and ourselves). This little girl probably had no idea of the spiritual significance of her request. She probably didn’t realize that birthdays are handcuffed to deathdays.

Away With Birthdays And Deathdays

Get rid of birthdays and away go the deathdays. Get rid of birthdays and deathdays, and what are you left with? ETERNAL LIFE – real LIFE. You’re left with God. This is the secret to living forever – not as aging flesh, but as ageless Spirit.

Reader, you inherently know that God is Life, and you know that this Life is your Life right this very moment. Inherently, you know that this Life is birthless and deathless.

The Resurrection – A Lesson On Eternal Life

Easter, the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, is on the horizon. Christ Jesus’ resurrection was possible for one reason only: His realization of the birthless, therefore deathless, nature of the Life that comprised His Body. Read His words, “Before Abraham was, I AM.”

Reader, answer these two questions:

  • Do you think that your Body is made of a different Substance than the Body of Christ Jesus?
  • Is there more than one Substance?

Here are the back-of-the-book answers to these questions:

  • Your Body is constituted of the exact same Substance as the Body of Christ.
  • There is only one Substance: “For of him, to him, and through him are all things …”

Because Christ knew the eternal nature of His Body, He did not resist the cross. Life has no beginning and no ending. When the full realization of the eternal nature of your Body is realized, you will know that its Life cannot be crossed out by any seeming threat.

The Practical Application

If it appears that your Body, or the Body of a loved one, is in the terrifying grips of some life-threatening disease, don’t believe it. If it appears as though your Body is sliding toward the grave or the urn, put the brakes on NOW.

First, accept that Life – all Life (even that of your Body) – is birthless, deathless, timeless and ageless. This is easier when you remind yourself that Life and God are one and the same.

Next, soak your Body in a warm contemplation of its Eternal nature. Bring every aspect of your Body into this contemplation: hair, teeth, bones, organs, etc. After all, those are just material names for spiritual forms.

Take this soak every day for a week or two. Believe me, there’s nothing like a good soak in Eternal Life.

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A Special Reader Writes (Insight From Our Editor On Food and Diet)

handwritten letter

Occasionally, Absolutely Yours will feature an “Our Readers Write” post. A reader will share a story of healing or some noteworthy insight. I don’t play favorites, but this post comes from a special reader, Brenda Becker. Brenda is the copy-editor for Absolutely Yours. I can’t blog without her. Her suggestion reveals tremendous insight about food, diet, health, and Substance.


The topic of the new year is often about diet/nutrition – that kind of responsibility. And the pressure on people in this country is to try for balance or focus on portions of protein, fats, carbs, etc., usually for health/added health or beauty/added beauty.

So many of us intend to “be good”, “be good at”, or “be fully intelligent” regarding our meals 3 times a day. Thus, it is a hot-topic for many during these first 30 days of January.

I was contemplating that the body and the vitamin pill contain exactly the same substance. So, I was asking myself, why do we need to replenish the former with the latter? Is there a lack or diminishment over a certain number of days that needs to be replenished or shifted from one to the other within the One? Does the All need replenishment? And if so, how would adding the One to the One get the job done?

There is so much pressure to fuel or re-fuel the body, and laced with that is the social responsibility to “replenish” or “work-on” our friendships at the same time by accepting invitations over brunch or at the coffee shop, planning holiday meals to delight, or the social opposite of “comfort” food in isolation.

We are always concerned with this replenishing factor as if the water off the coast of San Francisco need supply, somehow, the water off the coast of Seattle. Yet, the one substance doesn’t deplete or diminish, nor does it burn up or fade its vitality.

Might you do a blog on this “replenishment” factor? It might be interesting to read your take on how unnecessary it truly is, or, maybe, how necessary it truly is? ??????????

Just an idea for discussion at this time of the year.

Thanks in advance for considering.

Brenda B.

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Make A Vow…Take A Bath

allen white God Is All

I am biased. I think that “Absolutely Yours” is a great blog. Do you realize that these blog posts are meant to be lived and not merely read? How To Take A Spiritual Bath (previous post) is good reading, but it’s better as a living practice. Live it and see for yourself!

Read, or re-read the previous post, and then make a vow to take a spiritual bath for seven consecutive days. To get the best “cleansing” effect, DO NOT USE THE “BATH” TO FIX OR HEAL YOUR BODY. BATHE FOR PLEASURE OF HONORING GOD AS YOUR BODY.

After you’ve bathed for seven consecutive days, share your story with me and our blog family. You know you can always contact me at


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How To Take A Spiritual Bath

spirtual body

The Daily Ritual Is Not Enough

At some point in your day, you step into a hot tub of water with soap and sponge and wash away all the dried perspiration, dead skin cells, and other debris from your Body. Feeling refreshed, you step out of the tub, dry off, deodorize the body and get on with your day.

This daily ritual merely scrubs the surface of the Body. That’s not enough! Soap and sponges don’t reach the real “dirt” that fouls the Body: The dirt of dualism – those false ideas that we entertain about the body. Ideas like:

  • The Body is a biological organism
  • The Body is mortal and must die
  • The Body is changed by time
  • The Body is susceptible to disease

Is God All?

Reader, you say that God is all and that God is the only presence. You say that God is Spirit, Light, Perfection, and that God is birthless, deathless, timeless, ageless Life. All of this is true. Did you then reverse this position and say that the Body (yours) was born on a particular date? Did you contradict yourself by saying that your Body is governed by biological laws that cannot be ignored without your Body suffering terrible consequences?

Reader, you know that none of this filth is true about the God you say is all. And this leaves you at the crossroads: Either God is all and includes the Body, or God is not all.

If you choose wisely and truthfully that God is all, then all of the things you have said about your Body as a biological organism, conditioned by time, are LIES.

Deep Cleaning Your Body

Reader, I know your Body seems very “fleshy.” It appears like it is under the harsh dictatorship of mortality. Nevertheless, only what is true of God is true of your Body, and a deep cleansing of your Body will reveal a wonderfully healthy and vitally alive Body.

Just as you find it necessary, even mandatory, to wash away the day’s accumulation of debris from your Body, it is more important to wash away the dualistic ideas you may be entertaining about your Body.

Everyday, take a few minutes – just a few – to contemplate the spiritual nature of your Body. Start with what you know the nature of God to be. Then, simply include your Body as being the very same nature.

Let those ideas of materiality, mortality, age, disease, and time go down the drain.At some point during your contemplation you will know it is time for words to cease. Be silent, and listen for Consciousness (God) to “speak.” You will know when it’s time to get up. You’re clean. Go and enjoy the rest of your day.

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Playing Footsies With Nonsense (Top Ten List-Aiken)

Below is an excerpt from the “Top-Ten List.” Alfred Aiken can knee-slapping funny. Most of his humor comes out in the letters he writes to folk seeking his help. In the back of most of Aiken’s books are letters he wrote. The following excerpts are sample letters from Bachelor God.

Dear _________,

Your letter just reached me. Maybell, you are either trying to heal God, or something beside God. To try to heal God is folly, for God IS Truth, Omnipresent, All. To try to heal something beside God is a denial of Omnipresent-Truth-that-is-All-Alone, hence you have no Truth to work with. Only an assumed mind that is arrogant, conceited, inane would presume such nonsense.

I never say, “error, disease, trouble is nothing.” I always being with the Fact that ALL is ALL. Truth precludes another sense, state, mind or condition. I do not start out by robbing God, Omnipresence, Pure Perfection, of Its Allness, for such would be dis-honest and leave me with no Truth.

Dear _____________,

I beg you , stop playing “footsies” with nonsense. It is not a disease, not a diagnosis, nor a prognosis you contend with; it is not the doctor’s opinion, not a body, not smallpox, not a disorder, but merely that you accept the suggestion that TRUTH IS FALSE–that Truth is NOT THE SOLE, THE ONLY MIND.

To assume that your husband “isn’t ready” for Truth, or that he has a mind with which to have an opinion either good or bad, is to accept all that goes with duality, impurity! There is ONLY ONE MIND…

Dear ______________,

So long as you “tolerate” a Jones-mind, you’ll have all that goes with this absurdity. So long as you insist or “claim” you have “another mind,” you’ll have “another” pain, lack, or whatever (“poverty” and “arthritis” are both of the same so-called, mind duality!)–you’ll be playing prodigal, and all of your “crying out to a Lord God” will avail you nothing!

To start with Truth ONLY, is to BE free. You don’t need to, and can’t “heal” Mind, Truth, Omnipresent Awareness–and there is no other. Why try to heal or help that which is NOT TRUTH.

[Alfred Aiken’s books can be purchased at http://www.hillierpress.com and http://www.mysticsoftheworld.com ]

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Where Is My Healing?

man holding a compass

Rev. Allen many times you’ve said that revelation equals manifestation. One time you even called it the “Fulfillment Formula.” For years, I’ve been dealing with a particular chronic disease. I followed your advice. I prayed, but my prayer was not for a healing. My prayer was simply, “God reveal Thyself.” Isn’t this what you said? Well, sure enough , I experienced that special peace that you talk about…but I wasn’t healed. Today, months later, I’m still dealing with the same issue. Maybe there’s a flaw in the “Formula.” Where do I go from here?

It’s time to address this issue as I have run out of fingers, toes, and limbs counting the times I’ve heard someone suggest that the “Formula” doesn’t work, and that revelation doesn’t always equal manifestation. But this is a science and it always works.

When you make a mistake in the science of math, don’t you go back to check every calculation? Similarly, when things don’t seem to come out right in Spiritual Science, you have to go back and check your “work.” Below are a few “Formula” essentials.

The Revelation

When people tell me that they were not healed, my first question is, “Specifically what revelation were you expecting to see evidenced?” [long pause] “Um…Well, I didn’t really experience a revelation.” That’s the typical response. You see the formula does work: No revelation = no manifestation.

In my many experiences of being healed through prayer alone, I always “heard” a Truth that I could articulate. Because Truth cannot be fully expressed in words, sometimes I sputtered and stuttered trying to explain my revelation. The important thing is that something was revealed.

Relying solely on a feeling of deep peace and a sense that all is well does not always show forth as a so-called healing. True, in some instances it does happen but when it doesn’t, more revelation is required. That’s when I ask Consciousness, “What else is it that I need to perceive here?”

The Big Shift

When Myrtle Fillmore (co-founder of the Unity movement) realized “I am a child of God, I can’t be sick,” her reality shifted from a woman wasting away from tuberculosis to a woman forever whole and perfect. No, the healing was not immediate, but the shift in awareness and reality was.

Once Truth is revealed, there is a shift. The reality is no longer what it seemed to be. The revealed Truth is Reality. When this reality-shift occurs, there are no more concerns and no more questions about the appearance.

If you are still asking, “Where is my healing?” the appearance is still your seeming reality. If this is the case, it’s back to the “Chamber of Silence” asking, “What more do I need to perceive here?”


This is easy. If you’ve had the reality-shift, you will stick to revealed Truth like superglue! Truth-be-told, you aren’t so much sticking to Truth as if Truth is something separate from you. You realize that you are the Truth that has been revealed.

In all that’s been written, reader, do know that you can never be healed. Truth does not heal. Truth reveals that you have never been sick. What appears as a healing is the conscious experience of Truth evidenced.

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Spiritual Help After The Medical Exam

ocean  of consciousness allen white Absolutely Yours

No Guilt Allowed

You’ve read the “medical exam” post, and that ol’ devil guilt showed up. Perhaps you said to yourself, “Maybe I’m not as spiritual as I thought. After all, I turned to the doctor (medical viewpoint) instead of relying solely on Truth (spiritual viewpoint).” Or did you think some other insane idea like, “I wish I could have faith like Joan Jenkins and rely only on God for my health concerns.” Enough is enough. What good can come out of this train of thought? Does it lead to the awareness of God’s allness? No, so just STOP.

Health Is Who You Are

Reader, if you have already allowed your body to be probed, monitored, and x-rayed, take comfort in the fact that you did what you felt was the best thing to do at that time. Realize that your visit to the doctor’s office was prompted by a desire to experience an aspect of your spiritual identity: HEALTH.

You are guilty of nothing. Your Identity as God-Identified is still intact. Nothing has changed. If you are harboring feelings of guilt, forgive yourself. To forgive yourself is simply recognizing your Self as the pure and perfect One – regardless.

Moving Onward After The Exam

So you’ve had the exam, and the results left you in a funk. All day long, you’ve been beating up on yourself thinking about what you could’ve and should’ve done. Get off of that merry-go-nowhere and let’s move forward. In many blogs, sermons and classes, I’ve made this recommendation: Get a second opinion from the Maker. It’s the most powerful next step you can take.

Your prayer might look something like this: “It appears that I have been diagnosed with _________. My body feels (or looks) ______________. My only desire is to know what is true here. What is the absolute truth concerning this body?”

This, of course, is followed by silent listening for the answer. Daily, you keep asking and listening until Truth is revealed. You will have to be both persistent and consistent.

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