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The Body Month (a God Is All repost)

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If you have attended my lectures, you have heard about the Body Month. And you know that I encourage everyone to have at least one Body Month each year.

Because of (what appears to be) disease, swelling, sickness, aches, aging, deterioration, and downright fleshiness, the Body seems to be a spiritual logjam for most folk. The purpose of Body Month is to rightly perceive the Body through Conscious Revelation. For many, the results of Body Month will appear to be bodily healing, pain release, increase of vitality, and even a de-aging of the Body. But, reader, this is not the purpose of Body Month. The ultimate conclusion of Body Month is to consciously experience and actually see the Body as the Living Light that it is.

Here is a letter that I received from an annual Body Month practitioner:

Dear Allen,

What has been most helpful with the “body month” exercises is that I know I am not confined to nor restricted by the body, nor intimidated by it. Instead I am rejoicing in what Body really is. As there is no Identity but that of the Infinite, is it not correct to say that body is God, Perfection, visible? Or, God, Perfection, identified visibly? This is what feels good and right to me and has given me a sense of freedom from being concerned about body.And, I have need to be clear about this: where is “another” mind to suggest that something is wrong about body? No where!

Last summer I fell hard over rough, rocky terrain injuring the left leg, ankle and foot…the foot and ankle swelling and turning black. I vigorously resisted the temptation for x-rays, etc. I just know that I would not go that route, recalling that in one of your presentations you mentioned that an x-ray cannot show the perfection of Being (this is not an exact quote). I kept my focus on that which is absolutely true while hopping around using a mop handle for balance. It was not long before the foot and ankle were normal and I was wearing shoes and boots again.

For many years there was a quarter-size lump on one hip. I can honestly say it never troubled me and although it was there it gave me no concern…never looked at it, never thought about it. However, a few months ago, I realized it was gone; just when, I have no idea…just gone. At the same time, I saw that a small growth near the nose had disappeared.

This June, repeatedly came the phrase “…all the fullness of the Godhead bodily”–the fullness, the Allness of God, Perfection, bodily! This really resonated most of the month. If I am really convinced that God is All, that Allness embraces all of me: morally, spiritually, physically, giving me a sense of the sweetness and gentleness of the Absolute.


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Audio Recordings of Popular Infinite Way Teacher Herb Fitch

ears Allen White God Is All
One of our Absolutely Yours family members sent me a link to the audio recordings of Herb Fitch.

Herb Fitch was a popular and much loved Infinite Way teacher. You can listen to his recordings here.

Hearing The Kingdom Of Heaven

hearing the kingdom of heaven allen white

The Senses Function As One

Just as you can see the Kingdom of Heaven, you can hear the Kingdom of Heaven. The function of the “so-called” senses is really God’s activity of perceiving Itself – perceiving the Kingdom of I Am. Let’s move on to hearing the Kingdom.

The Fiction of Beautiful Friction

Most sound, as we know it, is produced by two objects moving against one another – friction. Read that again. Did an alarm go off? That word “two” should’ve sounded an inner alarm.

There is only One Presence. Sound, as we know it, requires more than one. Even the stirring sounds of a Beethoven violin sonata require the friction of bow against string. Nevertheless, if it’s two it can’t be true. Yet, there is true sound. There is the sound of oneness.

Music Of The Spheres

Anyone who has ever heard the “Music of the Spheres” will try desperately to describe its sound. Words fail. The unique quality of this sound is that it is without friction – something the ear is not accustomed to hearing.

One evening as I was taking my nightly walk, I heard what sounded like a string quartet. Its sensual sound was slow moving and darn near erotic. I stopped and leaned against a tree to discern where the music was coming from. The sound seemed to come from everywhere, yet nowhere in particular. As I listened carefully, I noticed that although the sound resembled the stringed instruments, there was no friction of bow against string. The sound continued for hours. This was the “Music of the Spheres.” This was true sound – the sound of oneness.

Aural Illusions

Just as the eye seems to see the moon resting on the mountain, so can the ear be fooled into hearing what isn’t real. Have you ever heard a “Shepard’s scale”? Google it. It is merely eight notes repeated, and yet it sounds like a scale that ascends higher and higher without end. This is an aural illusion.

Aural Illusions In Daily Living

Now that we know the ear can seem to be fooled, let’s see how these aural illusions play out in our daily living. Look at this list:

  • arguments
  • gossip
  • sirens
  • crashes
  • most news reports
  • cries for help

These are not real sounds. They are based on twoness. You may be asking, “Well, what do I do about them? Are you saying I should ignore my mother’s cry for help?” Of course not! First stabilize yourself and realize that this is not the sound of God being the only Presence and Power. This is not true sound. Then, render whatever help seems to be necessary. Reader, know that right there where there seems to be the sound of two, there is actually the sound of One (Love).

Hearing The Kingdom Of Heaven Right Now

God is all there is – one Presence and one Power. Just one. From this position, you know that God is all there is to hear.

Reader, you know, or perhaps sense, that God is Love. Take this a step further and confidently claim that Love is all you hear. What else is there to hear?

Claim right now (why wait) that you are always hearing the sound of Love, and that you are hearing only the sound of Love. Remind yourself throughout the day:

“I am hearing the sound of Love, for Love is all there is to hear.”

Staying with this Truth, I’ve seen negative conversations come to a screeching halt and instantly shift to something more pleasing to the ear. One offensively noisy environment suddenly shifted to hushed tones and remained that way for years!

Hearing In Your Daily Experience

You will be surprised at the power of these gentle reminders throughout the day. Be warned: these reminders are not merely mental affirmations used to change your environment. No! You are stating these words because, regardless of what seems to be, they are already true.

The Telephone Exercise

Before picking up the telephone to make or receive a call, remind yourself, “I am hearing Love and only Love for Love is all there is to hear.” This is a powerful conversation tamer. It tames the tongue of both speaker and hearer. It reveals God’s presence.

On The Job

Eight hours of your day is spent at the job site. That consists of one half your waking hours. Make it a pleasant eight. Throughout the day at meetings, the water cooler, the cubicle visit, etc. remind yourself of what you are really hearing.

Reader, I leave it to you to discover other areas where this gentle reminder might be helpful.

In Summary: The Music Of The Spheres

Ultimately, the Music Of the Spheres is the only genuine sound. Many have asked, “What must I do to hear this music?” The answer is simple: Acknowledge only One and One alone – God. Take it a step further and acknowledge that you are always hearing only God. Suddenly, when you least expect it, you will hear the most incredible sound you have ever heard. The sound of One.

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