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There Are No Hopeless Conditions

Lately, I’ve heard too many stories about people ready to make their transition. In most cases, a crippling or fatal disease is involved. In other cases it’s the (seeming) decline of an aging body. For those who are tempted to throw in the towel, I hope you find inspiration from this excerpt of The Finished Kingdom by Lillian DeWaters.

A friend from North Carolina writes, that after years of both mental and bodily suffering from troubles for which there seemed to be no relief, “death, that great nightmare of the phantom world,” came to claim him. At that moment he was suddenly lifted into the plane above and recognized the nothingness of death. Directly over the head of his bed rested a great halo of a billiant, soft light, brighter than any electric light that he had ever beheld.

He declares there was spiritual or supernal force in the room that was irresistible, drawing him up and on, and making clear to him that, in reality, he had never been sick; that he lived, moved and had his being in God’s kingdom right here and now; that this is Life’s glorious city of New Jerusalem. The room seemed filled with the “water of Life” flowing in every direction and filling his consciousness with divine joy and inspiration. Then, the vision ceased; he opened his eyes, knew that he was healed, and arose from what had seemed his death-bed – whole. He declared that for days afterward, he felt as though he were walking on air, he seemed so light and free and glorious.

Many days of seemingly hopeless contemplations of Truth preceded this wonderful experience. Yet, as the story proves, those contemplations were not in vain.

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Stop The War

Things started looking crazy a few weeks ago after Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. It still looks crazy, but more than that, it appears to be real. Does it look real to you? Would you like to put an end to this frightful picture? There is one thing you can do. You can stand steadfastly on God’s Allness as the only reality. Below are just a few helpful tips to support you.


This, as you suspected, has to be your starting point. How can you assert God is the only Power when you have given power to someone to disturb the calm peace of your soul? If you are harboring any ill feelings toward anyone, stop the war in your own mind by forgiving them.


The One appears as many, but don’t be deceived. The One never fights Itself. The One is not Self-destructive. There is just One, and what is true of the One is all that is True.

Don’t Take Sides

With whom are you siding? The One Presence has no sides. Sides imply duality. There is just God’s Infinite, Indivisible Presence. Better than taking a side, take a stand for Oneness (Love) being ALL – all the time.

Knowing Not Doing

Don’t feel helpless because there seems to be nothing you can do in this situation. Knowing (Truth) trumps doing. Know that God is the only Presence, Power and Manifestation as all the universe.

If you pray “for” anything, pray for a clear Realization that God is All that is present and manifest.

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