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Regarding Katrina And Other Disasters (Top-Ten Books)


In the Top-Ten List, I cited the book Creation, I meant the book titled Regarding The World Of Appearances. The book is a quick read of twenty-five pages. As far as I know, this book is no longer in publication. Perhaps Denice Jutras of Mystics Of The World will make it available soon.

The fuel that propelled Ms. Woodward’s pen forward to complete this short book was the Hurricane Katrina that appeared to decimate the city of New Orleans a few years ago. Below are excerpts from this book:

[Regarding the hurricane] “But,” you may say, “I saw the pictures on TV. I saw all those poor people who are so lost and devastated and it breaks my heart.” Come up hither! You must take the high way or you will be just as lost and devastated as the ones you imagine to be going through what it appears they are going through, but then–you can only be lost and devastated in your own mind. No one’s life has been taken. Yes! This goes way beyond what “eye has seen and ear has heard.” This goes into the heavens of which you speak! You say you wish to live in heaven — to know heaven and earth, did you not expect that Heaven would be different from anything you have ever “thought?” “My ways are above your ways, my thoughts above your thoughts.” Surely, you didn’t expect to have heaven on earth and everything remain the same as you have always “thought.” No, this goes way beyond everything you have been taught, for all your “teaching” has been according to man, and man is nothing. All in the world called “man” is vanity!

No matter what you profess to believe, if it is not manifesting in supplying your every need, it is worthless. If it is not manifesting in your realization of health beyond health as the world knows about it, it is worthless. If it is not making the way straight and visible before you in everything, every direction, every way, it is worthless. If you are not realizing Perfect body, world, Mind, it is worthless. If you are not realizing Perfect Peace, joyful relationships, calmness and beauty in all things, your “belief” is worthless. If you are not experiencing things that you couldn’t do in a lifetime of “trying,” it is worthless.

You are not to worry about “any people out there,” although that may sound very hard and difficult to you, because it is within that you find The Christ, the Truth, and when you know the Truth you will be made free of the world of illusion. “Let the dead bury the dead,” sounds pretty hard too, don’t you think? Yet Jesus said it! Why? Because he saw past the world of appearance, the world of belief. Only one who is dead can believe that there are dead to bury. If you wish to be free of “this world” then you must come up into your Christ Mind. “You have the mind of Christ.” Now! …This is not a mental activity, and you will not find your Self through mental effort or striving through more and more accumulated knowledge according to man. No, this comes by Revelation only!

Playing Footsies With Nonsense (Top Ten List-Aiken)

Below is an excerpt from the “Top-Ten List.” Alfred Aiken can knee-slapping funny. Most of his humor comes out in the letters he writes to folk seeking his help. In the back of most of Aiken’s books are letters he wrote. The following excerpts are sample letters from Bachelor God.

Dear _________,

Your letter just reached me. Maybell, you are either trying to heal God, or something beside God. To try to heal God is folly, for God IS Truth, Omnipresent, All. To try to heal something beside God is a denial of Omnipresent-Truth-that-is-All-Alone, hence you have no Truth to work with. Only an assumed mind that is arrogant, conceited, inane would presume such nonsense.

I never say, “error, disease, trouble is nothing.” I always being with the Fact that ALL is ALL. Truth precludes another sense, state, mind or condition. I do not start out by robbing God, Omnipresence, Pure Perfection, of Its Allness, for such would be dis-honest and leave me with no Truth.

Dear _____________,

I beg you , stop playing “footsies” with nonsense. It is not a disease, not a diagnosis, nor a prognosis you contend with; it is not the doctor’s opinion, not a body, not smallpox, not a disorder, but merely that you accept the suggestion that TRUTH IS FALSE–that Truth is NOT THE SOLE, THE ONLY MIND.

To assume that your husband “isn’t ready” for Truth, or that he has a mind with which to have an opinion either good or bad, is to accept all that goes with duality, impurity! There is ONLY ONE MIND…

Dear ______________,

So long as you “tolerate” a Jones-mind, you’ll have all that goes with this absurdity. So long as you insist or “claim” you have “another mind,” you’ll have “another” pain, lack, or whatever (“poverty” and “arthritis” are both of the same so-called, mind duality!)–you’ll be playing prodigal, and all of your “crying out to a Lord God” will avail you nothing!

To start with Truth ONLY, is to BE free. You don’t need to, and can’t “heal” Mind, Truth, Omnipresent Awareness–and there is no other. Why try to heal or help that which is NOT TRUTH.

[Alfred Aiken’s books can be purchased at and ]

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Doris Henty (Top Ten Selection)

Finally, I am reposting the excerpts from the “Top Ten List.” The selection below is from “Addresses and Other Lectures by Doris Henty.

My favorite chapter from this book is, The Sum-Total of Good Is Man’s Natural State. What I like about this chapter is that it emphasizes the fact that health, joy, abundance, success, etc. are not dependent upon any material process. Below are two excerpts from this chapter.

Our fifth aspect is the processless nature of harmonious evidence. Everything that means blessedness is independent of all external conditions. Jesus proved every aspect of abundance to be already in evidence. We are all familiar with his illustration of the tribute money to pay the taxes. When a boat was needed, there it was. An upper room was furnished, all prepared for the Passover…The five thousand were fed, and there was food already cooked on the coals. All of this was evidence without process, all in practical form.

Our fourth aspect is the everpresence of divine evidence. That Jesus tolerated nothing less than the everpresence of good is illustrated by the story of the fig tree: “And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he came, if haply he might find anything thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for the time of figs was not yet…And in the morning as they passed by, they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots.” (Mark 11:13,20) The “time of figs was not yet.” This indicated the absence of good–good being present only at certain times, known as seasons. But to Jesus, good was an all-the-year-round state; so he smote the tree, thereby rebuking the belief that harmonious evidence could be intermittent. For divine fruition there is neither coming nor going. All good is omnipresent.

[Doris Henty’s book is available at ]

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Our Readers Write

Last week Pam sent me an email telling me how much she enjoyed the post, “I Hurt So Bad I Can’t Get Still”. I asked her if there was any subject she would like me to blog about, and she responded. I enjoyed her response so much that I am sharing it with you.

Hi Allen,

I was thinking of things that might be worth writing about for your blog. You asked me if I had anything I might like be interested in reading about.

I was thinking that the kindest thing we can ever ‘do’ for someone else is to know Who They Are. Of course, this amounts to the kindest thing we can ever do for ourselves! Because of course, that’s the way Love works! We’re Them, Loving Ourselves!

I recently found a letter my Grandmother had written to me when I was a little child. I never knew her – she lived in England. We never even met. I didn’t remember ever having written to her as a child or receiving any letters from her. And yet here was this letter. She has long since died. I read the letter and felt a little tinge of sadness. Then I remembered Who She Is! And knowing That, Her Being Completely Complete, I knew too, that there can never be anything missing, from her, from me, from our relationship. It mattered not, that we had never met and hardly knew each other! My Grandmother Is It! We’re All It.

It occurs to me that That is All I ever need know. The world Is It. Already! Nothing to ‘fix’, nothing to ‘do’! And knowing That, I’m Free. Free to do whatever I choose to do. And in my Perfect Freedom, all I would choose to do is keep knowing Who I Am, Who All Are. And I’ll keep doing that as I go about my day, making my day a Perfect day!

Wow. It’s Amazing.

Sending Love!!!

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I Hurt So Bad I Can’t Get Still — Don’t Believe It

asking a question

If I took inventory of the most frequently asked questions, this one tops the list:

“Allen, what about the times when it hurts so bad
that you can’t quiet your mind to hear the still small voice?”

I will answer this question with two real-life scenarios.


Roland lunges to catch the football and lands on his ankle (the one he broke last year). He lies motionless on the field until help arrives – approximately 3 minutes. By this time, his ankle is the size of a grapefruit. “Just get me home. I’ll be alright.”

At home, Roland tries to pray, but every time he closes his eyes, the pain flashes them open to see if the ankle is any bigger. Never mind. Roland knows that in a few minutes his parents will rush him to the Emergency Room where he will be medicated and tranquilized.

Now Roland can comfortably settle down to listen for the voice of Revelation.


Sonia rushes out of the house to catch her cat, slips on the welcome mat and lands on her right knee. She lies there for a moment. Sonia tries to pray, but the pain won’t let her.

Turning solely to prayer has always worked for Sonia, so she reasons to herself, “This is tough, but I’ve got to settle down. For me, there’s no other option but to realize God’s presence. Let me see if I can get still for just ten seconds. That should be easy.”

It’s not…so Sonia reasons again, “Let me try just five seconds of listening.” That works. After a few of these five-second prayers, Sonia senses that all is well. But the pain lingers. In prayer, Sonia asks, “What more do I need to know?” Later she hears the words, “I am all; I cannot fall. I am Spirit; I cannot be broken. I am all.” Before the sun goes down, Sonia is walking and working as if nothing ever happened.


If the only way to get to the other side of the river is to go through the water, you go through the water!

Roland could’ve made the same decision and experienced the same results that Sonia did, but in Roland’s mind, he had an option to get a little help from the “medicine man”.

Sonia, however, could quiet down and experience a quick healing because it was her only acceptable way.

BOTTOM LINE: No matter how bad it seems, you are the power to be still and know.

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