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5 Tips To God-Realization


Does the experience of God-Realization seem more elusive than a Big Foot sighting? Are you frustrated because nothing happens when you listen for the “still small voice?” Have you ever thought to yourself: Why can’t I know Truth like Eddy, Aiken, Watts, or Goldsmith? You can. Below are five tips that are sure to open the door of God-Realization.


The password for God-Realization is a pure heart. Your motive must be pure. Why are you seeking God-Realization? What do you hope will happen once God-Realization is experienced? If the answer to these questions is anything other than the joy of knowing God directly, your motive is not pure. The experience should be (and will prove to be) enough.


God is All. God is your Being. There is nothing – not even the false belief of separation – between you and God. There is just God as You. When you consider this fact, it’s easy to see that there is nothing separating you from God-Realization. God-Realization is simply Self-Realization.

The reason Realization seems so elusive is because the so-called seeker is starting from a place of separation. When you sit or lie down to hear, suspend the belief that you and God-Realization are separate. Be willing to accept the idea that the Truth I AM seeking is the Truth I AM.

Realization is not coming to you like a check in the mail. The God-Realization that you seem to be seeking is your very Being. Here’s the Truth: YOU ARE IN A PERPETUAL STATE OF GOD-REALIZATION.


If you can come up with any reason why you cannot realize God’s Presence, that reason will seem to obstruct your realization. That’s as simple as it gets. Although the obstruction is not real, it will seem very real to you. Below are three self-imposed obstruction to God-Realization:

  • guilt
  • self-condemnation
  • unworthiness

You and I have already agreed that there is nothing separating you from the experience of Realization, but do you understand that word nothing? It means no thing. No thing! Not even false ideas or feelings can separate you from God-Realization.

  • What you did in the past cannot separate you.
  • Feelings of unworthiness cannot separate you.

Be willing to give up your self-imposed barriers. When you pray, acknowledge this fact: THERE IS NOT ONE THING THAT SEPARATES ME FROM THE EXPERIENCE OF GOD-REALIZATION.


Forgiveness facilitates God-Realization. No, anger is not an actual barrier to God-Realization, but it triggers feelings of unworthiness that are hard to shake.

What someone (seemingly) did to you has only the power you give it. All the while, God’s Infinite Goodness is all that is going on in your life – as your life. Knowing this, just forgive. Is it hard for you to forgive? Then, be willing to forgive. A simple willingness will work wonders.


I would not be surprised to hear that after taking these tips to heart, you had your first experience of God-Realization. Or, that experiences of God-Realization are more frequent. However, if that is not the case, don’t give up.

Christ Jesus said it best in these words from The Gospel of Thomas: “Let him who seeks not cease from his search until he finds. When he finds, he will be bewildered. He will wonder and reign over all.”

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The Great Escape — From Mortal Mind To God Mind


As you read this post, accept the FACT that the Mind that is reading it, the Mind that wrote it, and the Mind that is God are (is) the same Mind.

Every now and again someone calls and asks a question (or two) that is so arresting, the world seems to freeze for a few seconds. Such was the case when a woman called and asked these two questions:

  1. “How do you get out of the monkey-mind (mortal mind) into God Mind?”
  2. “Is it ever really possible to stop thinking?”

Reader, I’m sure you will agree with me that it’s best to devote an entire post to each question. So let’s dive right into the first question: “How do you get out of the monkey-mind (mortal mind) into God Mind?”

It would be easier for an elephant to tightrope over the Grand Canyon on a sewing thread than for anyone to get out of the mortal mind into God Mind. If you’ve tried this great escape, you know it ain’t easy.

To get out of the mortal mind, it first has to exist. Believing that the mortal mind exists when it doesn’t is the reason many have unsuccessfully struggled to make this great escape. God is All, and God is the only Mind (Awareness) that exists. Right now, reader, search yourself and be sure you haven’t merely dressed up the Christian devil in new clothes and called it mortal mind. GOD IS ALL!

You can’t get into God Mind. You can only realize this Mind to be your Mind and your Self. Below are a few suggestions to facilitate realization:

  • Forget all that metaphysical drivel about thoughts having power, and with that drop all that co-creation business. Only God is Power, and that Power sustains and maintains a Finished Kingdom right where you are.
  • Accept and acknowledge that there is much more to Life (and to you) than the so-called intellect is or can be aware of.
  • Make it your intention to know what this more is.
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Don’t Try To Still Your Mind

Silent, listening prayer is the golden gateway to Revelation. Yet too many people intent on passing through this gateway are straining and struggling with all their might and main to do the impossible. They are trying to still their minds. If this is you, STOP! Mind (your Mind) is meant to be active. It is Omni-action itself. Mind is all the activity of the universe. It will always be active. Let it be!

Reader, do not confuse Mind with the brain and its busy-bee thoughts. Brain is nothing but a severely limited and distorted sense of Mind. Mistaking the Mind to be brain is like mistaking the moon to be a gumdrop.

Mind (God) is always busy in the act of Self-Perception. Its action is awareness. Mind’s action is the awareness of being All. Its action is awareness of being One Presence and One Power. Mind’s action is awareness of being Love and Perfection. Its action is awareness of being All in action. Reader, this is the Mind that you ARE (not have) right this moment.

“But,” you say, “Allen, it’s those to-do, forgot-to-do, and other pesky little thoughts that I want to get rid of when I’m praying. What do I do about them?”

Here are some suggestions:

  • First, make a decision to stop fighting those pesky thoughts. Let Mind be active in Self (God) Awareness.
  • Then, when those unwanted busy-bee thoughts buzz about, simply remind yourself that this hyperactive mind is only a distorted experience of the I AM actively knowing and being Itself.
  • As often as necessary tell yourself, “This is not Mind. It is not Me.” Soon, you will find that you are settling into an exhilarating experience of omni-active Silence and Revelation.
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If You Start Right You End Right

God Is All


Do you remember that time when you were blind-sided by a beast of a problem, how you went into the silence anxiously reaching up and out for some healing Truth? This was supposed to be a time of peaceful receptivity to experience the knowingness of your Mind, but instead it was a strained struggle to get some Truth from an outer cosmic storehouse of Infinite Enlightenment.


It should be no surprise that the Truth you were hoping for was never realized. How could it be? The premise was flawed from the very start.

This inner reaching out to “get” Truth presupposes two minds – one that knows Truth and one that anxiously yearns to know Truth. This desperate reaching out assumes your mind is the mind that doesn’t know Truth right now, but, with enough reaching and anxious waiting, will possibly know Truth at some later time.


There is only ONE MIND. YOU ARE THIS MIND RIGHT NOW. You don’t have this Mind. YOU ARE IT. You are already completely and fully illumined right this very moment. You are the Presence and Power of Illumined Consciousness.


So, what’s all this silent prayer about, and why bother? Have you ever relaxed on the beach of a tropical island and basked in the golden rays of sunlight? The sun was no more present on that beach than it was while you were shopping in the open-air market. Yet, you chose to take an hour or so to relax, bask and enjoy the sunlight.

Your ILLUMINED CONSCIOUSNESS is just as illumined while you are going about your daily business of working, parenting, spousing, and playing as it is when you are sitting still in silent prayer. Silent prayer is just a choice to enjoy the experience of your Infinite Awareness being Infinitely Aware.


  • Instead of reaching out for Truth, relax into the Truth you seem to need to know.
  • Accept and acknowledge that you ARE living, loving Truth in action.
  • Know that you are just as enlightened when you are busy as when you are silently praying.

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Escaping The Dream of Human Existence

Margaret said, “I know that God is all – the only presence and the only power. But how do we get out of the dream of this trouble-filled human existence?”

With just a tinge of arrogance, Truth students who think they have “arrived” say that the human experience is “nothing but a dream.” They spit the words out like chewing gum that’s lost its flavor. The trials, troubles and even the ecstasies are, to them, nothing but a bad dream…so they say. Ask these students questions, and let them keep talking. Soon, it is obvious. These well-intentioned Truth students cannot find an escape hatch to get out of this dream. Anyone in a burning building can scream, “The building is on fire,” but what is needed is a way out.

There Is Only God

Margaret said she knows that God is all. That knowing should be her escape hatch and the answer to her question. When you know the nature of God, and you know that God is all there is, you know that there is no dream to enter, and no dream to escape.

Reader, I know that daily life often seems like a hellish maze. I know the body seems fleshy and cumbersome. I know that situations often seem cruel and crushing. However, you (yes YOU) do reach a point where you can look at all of this and know that only God, and what God is, is here.

Revelation Is The Way

You will not reach this point by strenuous mental effort. You cannot reach it by shooting rounds of affirmations and denials at human troubles in a material world. No, it must be the way of Revelation.

The Questions

In most articles I write, I always direct you to the temple of God Consciousness – your only Consciousness. Go there and ask your Self questions such as these:

• Is this material world that I seem to be living in real, or not?
• In my daily living, what is the evidence that God is All?
• Do I have a mind that is aware of a material or human existence?

Listen for the answers. Expect to “hear” the answers. No matter how long it seems to take, wait for the answer. It is well worth your investment.

A woman asked me, “Allen, how do I know if I have really experienced Revelation?” I told her about my “Revelation litmus test.” Here it is: If you are wondering whether or not it was Revelation, it wasn’t. The experience of Revelation leaves no doubt, or uncertainty.

A Life Better Than You Could Ever Imagine

Reader, I want you to take a few minutes to imagine yourself living a life where only perfection is experienced. Imagine yourself with a body that is perfect in every way. See yourself perfectly, constantly, and abundantly supplied with every good thing. See all of your affairs perfectly adjusted to the good of all concerned. Let your imagination soar.

Whatever your vision looks like, it pales in comparison to reality – your reality. Whether gradually by degrees, or in the blink of an eye, get about the business of discerning that God, and what God is, is your right here, right now experience.

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How To Pray Effectively — A No Fail Approach


There are many books, ministers and lecturers that profess to have the key to effectual prayer, yet none has come forth with a “method” that has been universally satisfactory. None will. Prayer as a state of constant awareness of the Allness of God eternally present is every man’s natural state of awareness, clouded though it may with the mistaken sense of ignorance. Prayer, as a tool to come into this awareness, cannot be taught as a universal method. Each person must come into the Revelation of the Isness in his own way. The reason for this is far beyond the scope and purpose of this writing. However, it is necessary for each one to discover his own way.

The quickest route to this discovery is simply by asking Christ (your Self), “Lord (of my being) teach me to pray.” As always, what is more important here is not the asking but the sitting still and listening for the answer… Guard against the tendency to intellectualize or reason out the answers to your questions.

(from God Is All, by Allen White, p. 94)

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Getting The Most Out Of A Truth Statement (Top-Ten)


From Paul Gorman’s The Miracle Self: (starting with page 196)

Step 1. Take a single statement of truth, or no more than three or four, related to your favorite or most pertinent need or desire. For instance, if your need has to do with a health issue select one, two, three or four statements that talk of the One life, the One power, the One form, One presence.


When you’ve selected your one to four statements, use them like this: Take the one which today holds the most meaning or wonder for you.  Live with that one Truth statement all day, every hour, every minute. Rehearse and rehearse it in your mind all day and evening. Never for a moment let it go from your awareness. Keep it glowing in the background of your mind as you go about your work or family duties…

But here’s the secret: after every repetition of the statement in your mind, stop and allow it to percolate in your being; to gently sink in of its own accord and flow through the depths of your being by stopping your thinking for a few minutes.


Additional to the constant rehearsing-then-moment-of-silence…have at least three or four periods throughout the day of ten to twenty minutes in the Silence, in meditation, where you stop all thoughts and stop all words and just gently relax, surrender…

Tomorrow, you can work with a different one of your statements, or stick with the same one for days or weeks. It is often best to work with just one statement for weeks upon weeks because it takes just one, sufficiently realised as being the Truth of being, to open the floodgates of the infinite in your life; just one.

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The Questions That Must Be Answered (Top-Ten Books)


I am going to preface the excerpts by first acknowledging that the opinions of reviewers and readers alike differ from what my thinking is. God Is All was a successful book that went through several print runs. Reviewers and readers oohed and aahed over the Lord’s Prayer chapter. That was not my favorite.


It would be wise  now to make a list of those questions on which you seek light.  You might title it, “Things I Always Wanted To Know But Didn’t Know Who To Ask.”  Some of your questions might be:

  • Who is God?
  • What is God?
  • Is God (really) all there is?
  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose of existence?
  • What is God’s purpose?
  • etc.

Again, it may seem as though God is revealing Himself to someone separate from His very own omnipresent being.  This is not the case at all.  Someone has described it as God revealing Himself to Himself.  If there be any revelation, this must be true… At the very point or revelation, the Mind of God, the only Mind, makes Itself known.  The sense of personal mind with its limitations is dissolved and not even known or experienced.


What is glorious about Divine Revelation is the manifestation that accompanies what is revealed.  There is always some corroboration in one’s experience of that which is revealed.  Why is this? …The consciousness that is aware is the substance of that which  it is aware.

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I Hurt So Bad I Can’t Get Still — Don’t Believe It

asking a question

If I took inventory of the most frequently asked questions, this one tops the list:

“Allen, what about the times when it hurts so bad
that you can’t quiet your mind to hear the still small voice?”

I will answer this question with two real-life scenarios.


Roland lunges to catch the football and lands on his ankle (the one he broke last year). He lies motionless on the field until help arrives – approximately 3 minutes. By this time, his ankle is the size of a grapefruit. “Just get me home. I’ll be alright.”

At home, Roland tries to pray, but every time he closes his eyes, the pain flashes them open to see if the ankle is any bigger. Never mind. Roland knows that in a few minutes his parents will rush him to the Emergency Room where he will be medicated and tranquilized.

Now Roland can comfortably settle down to listen for the voice of Revelation.


Sonia rushes out of the house to catch her cat, slips on the welcome mat and lands on her right knee. She lies there for a moment. Sonia tries to pray, but the pain won’t let her.

Turning solely to prayer has always worked for Sonia, so she reasons to herself, “This is tough, but I’ve got to settle down. For me, there’s no other option but to realize God’s presence. Let me see if I can get still for just ten seconds. That should be easy.”

It’s not…so Sonia reasons again, “Let me try just five seconds of listening.” That works. After a few of these five-second prayers, Sonia senses that all is well. But the pain lingers. In prayer, Sonia asks, “What more do I need to know?” Later she hears the words, “I am all; I cannot fall. I am Spirit; I cannot be broken. I am all.” Before the sun goes down, Sonia is walking and working as if nothing ever happened.


If the only way to get to the other side of the river is to go through the water, you go through the water!

Roland could’ve made the same decision and experienced the same results that Sonia did, but in Roland’s mind, he had an option to get a little help from the “medicine man”.

Sonia, however, could quiet down and experience a quick healing because it was her only acceptable way.

BOTTOM LINE: No matter how bad it seems, you are the power to be still and know.

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