Don’t Try To Still Your Mind

Silent, listening prayer is the golden gateway to Revelation. Yet too many people intent on passing through this gateway are straining and struggling with all their might and main to do the impossible. They are trying to still their minds. If this is you, STOP! Mind (your Mind) is meant to be active. It is Omni-action itself. Mind is all the activity of the universe. It will always be active. Let it be!

Reader, do not confuse Mind with the brain and its busy-bee thoughts. Brain is nothing but a severely limited and distorted sense of Mind. Mistaking the Mind to be brain is like mistaking the moon to be a gumdrop.

Mind (God) is always busy in the act of Self-Perception. Its action is awareness. Mind’s action is the awareness of being All. Its action is awareness of being One Presence and One Power. Mind’s action is awareness of being Love and Perfection. Its action is awareness of being All in action. Reader, this is the Mind that you ARE (not have) right this moment.

“But,” you say, “Allen, it’s those to-do, forgot-to-do, and other pesky little thoughts that I want to get rid of when I’m praying. What do I do about them?”

Here are some suggestions:

  • First, make a decision to stop fighting those pesky thoughts. Let Mind be active in Self (God) Awareness.
  • Then, when those unwanted busy-bee thoughts buzz about, simply remind yourself that this hyperactive mind is only a distorted experience of the I AM actively knowing and being Itself.
  • As often as necessary tell yourself, “This is not Mind. It is not Me.” Soon, you will find that you are settling into an exhilarating experience of omni-active Silence and Revelation.
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