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Try This For Your Best Year Yet


Move Beyond Resolutions For Your Best Year Ever

Did you make any resolutions for the new year? Why? What are you hoping to accomplish? A better you? A better life? Please answer these questions.

Everyone would like for this so-called new year to be popping with success. People are craving a new and improved life. Most are hoping that this is the year that all their dreams come true. But, reader, you know that as high as these hopes are at the beginning of the year, things usually don’t work out that way. For a lot of folk, the new year ends up a dead ringer for the old year.

In this post, I’m offering you a suggestion that, if followed, will yield greater benefits than all of your resolutions – even if stuck to.

Here is the suggestion.

Take your prayerful attention off of your problems – completely. Stop trying to use Truth (God) to fix the seeming broken places of your life. When you pray, (contemplate, or whatever name you call it,) stop trying to heal your body, repair your relationship, get something, or get rid of something. This includes even the hope that something good will result from your praying.

Instead, let your prayers be for the joy of knowing and experiencing God.

I don’t usually use the word “metaphysical” in these posts, but for the moment the word serves my purpose. Because it is above (meta) all so-called physical phenomena, the suggestion above is the most metaphysical practice there is. It is the only true spiritual practice.

Putting It Into Practice

You may be asking, “How do I put this into practice?” The simple answer is to examine your motive. Whenever you “pray,” ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” If it is to fix, heal, or get, know that your prayer is off track. Then, ask yourself this question: “Am I willing to do this just for the joy of knowing, experiencing and contemplating the nature of God?” If your answer is an unqualified “Yes,” then proceed with your praying.

If, however, your answer is “No,” ask yourself one more question: “Am I willing to do this just for the joy of knowing, experiencing and contemplating the nature of God?” Willing is the magic word. If you answer “Yes” to this question, proceed with your praying.

Dealing With That Pesky Little Voice

As you read this are you thinking, “Allen, I get it, but when I sit down to pray that way, this little voice says ‘You’re lying. You really want to get healed. You really want to change this situation. You are not really interested in God.’”

Continue with your praying. Don’t fight this “voice.” It really is nothing. Let it “speak” and proceed with your praying. Soon, two things will happen. First, that “voice” will no longer even whisper to you. Second, you will find joy, even ecstasy, in praying just for the joy of knowing, experiencing and considering the nature of God. Now, you are on track and “cooking with gas.”

Reader, enjoy the Infinite Goodness of God’s Presence as your very life and being. In the next post, I will explain why this works.

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Be Still and Know


What words of greater comfort, sweeter compassion or tenderer love and understanding could ever be whispered forth into expression? “Be still and Know.”

Beloved, let this day be to you a new day, a moment in your experience in which, if you are believing in fear and doubt, loss and separation, suddenly there opens to you a marvelous transparency of vision, when you hear the Voice of your own Soul; when you see the wonder of Life divine.

What woe cold not be hushed, what pain could not be appeased, what lack could not be satisfied by the loving acceptance of these inspiring words – “Be still and know.” Into the daily life of us all comes the need that mental storms, or turmoil, should be silenced; that the waves of fear, or the darkness of despondency be rebuked; that the mighty vision of Insight should be our refuge or our release.

Therefore the joy of certain Victory is yours. Sense is delivered from its nightmare of bondage, and its deliverer is the Truth. If before you rolls the Red Sea, if around you thunders the tempest and the uproar of dashing waves, even then be still and know that You are “The Way,” – You are the uncovered, dry land over which You shall walk to victory, to triumph and glory. Though the waters may look turbulent, angry and threatening, yet beyond, before your vision lies the Promised Land. The Power which separates these waters into a bank on either hand, so that we walk unharmed on solid, dry foundation, is that same Presence in you which bids “Be still and know.”
(by Lillian DeWaters)

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Haven’t Experienced Revelation? Here’s Help


Sitting In The Silence, But No Revelations

“Allen, I’ve sat in silence for years, but nothing happens. No revelations, no illumination – nothing. I’ve read your books and have practically memorized Joel Goldsmith’s, but I can’t figure out what in the h**l I’m doing wrong.”

Reader, is this where you seem to be? I’ve been there. It’s frustrating. It’s disheartening. After a long while of “nothing’s happening,” you just go through the motion of silent praying, but you don’t expect anything to come of it. It’s maddening!

Don’t Be Discouraged. There Is Only One Mind.

Because I have been there, I’m offering the following suggestion to newbies in order to bypass this phase, and to the disheartened, to finally find fulfillment.

But first, reader, take a look at the premise that undergirds the suggestion.

God is All. There is only One Mind, and that Mind is the full Revelation of Truth. This is “your” Mind right now.

The mind that has never experienced Revelation – the unillumined mind is no mind at all. It is non-existent.

In short, at this very moment, you are a fully Illumined Identity. You, reader, are Revelation Itself.

Now that you have read, understood and accepted the premise, let’s move on to the suggestion

Try This For Thirty Days

Before you start your silent prayer, acknowledge that you are already fully Illumined. Acknowledge right now that you are the full Revelation of Truth. STOP reaching out for Truth. Instead, settle into “your” fully illumined Mind.

Try this for 30 days, but remember, no reaching out. Settle in.

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The Joys Of Contemplation


Someone recently asked me, “Allen, how do you contemplate?” Ultimately, reader, you will have to find your own way, but below are the three ways I contemplate.


My favorite way is to sit in silence for a few moments. Slowly, I repeat the words “I Am.” After two or three repetitions, Consciousness usually stops on the word “I” revealing that “I” is boundless, universal, and impersonal.

Effortlessly and without planning, I find myself contemplating a spiritual Truth. At this point, rather than a sense of doing something, my experience is one of being the contemplation.

This way is easy, relaxed, and totally effortless.


Since 1998, I’ve kept a “Spiritual Journal.” I have five of them, and scribbled on their pages are many of the revelations I “heard” in silent prayer.

Sometimes, I pick up one of the journals and flip to a page. Then, I contemplate the revelations on that page. The joy of this approach is that I am contemplating Truths that have already been revealed.

Contemplating Truths that have already been revealed always opens the door to fuller knowledge and experience of that Truth. It is wonderful.


Another way I contemplate involves the Bible or some other spiritual literature. Reader, has this happened to you? While reading a book of Truth, does a word or sentence pop out as if it is demanding more of your attention?

When this happens, I don’t keep reading. I stop and contemplate that word or sentence. Sometimes I ask Consciousness, “What is it I am to perceive here?” I may have to do this more than once, but when the answer is revealed, I feel like I’m going to explode with joy.

Reader, here is what I don’t do. I never contemplate with the idea that this contemplation is going to fix something. Furthermore, I realize that Truth is always true whether I am contemplating it or not.

Many people have questions about the why’s of contemplation and prayer. Those questions are answered in The Prayer Project.  Just a click away.

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What To Do About That Diagnosis

God is All

“Allen, the other day I went to the doctor’s office to get my test results. It wasn’t good. Should I just ignore the doctor’s diagnosis and focus on God’s Allness?” This question raises its head too many times to ignore; so let’s dive into the answer.

First Handle The Fear

The first order of business is to face the fear and snuff it out. Here is what worked for me. Faced with what looked like a severe health crisis, I slumped on the bed trembling (never a good sign). Fear gripped so tightly that worst case scenarios flashed across my mind. I had to do something … and quick. My next thought was, “Allen, is God All?” I answered “Yes.”

Starting from God’s Allness, I prayed asking this one question, “What mind is experiencing this fear?” The answer was not immediate. Again, I asked and listened. That night the answer revealed itself: “There is no mind aware of anything to fear.” Immediately the fear left. The situation did not change, but it was no longer in charge.

In my lectures, I often say that so-called disease is like a stray cat. Instead of milk, it feeds on fear. If there’s no fear around, it slinks away. With the fear gone, the (seeming) problem goes.

Discovering The Diagnosis Isn’t Real

Now that you have handled the fear, it’s time to handle the diagnosis. This has to be by way of Revelation. Reader, I know you’ve heard stories of people facing life-threatening diseases who picked up a book and were healed after reading a few paragraphs. I heard a story of someone who laid my book God Is All on an ailing body part and was healed. These stories don’t impress me. Revelation is the best way, and below are suggestions to prime the pump of Revelation.

In silent prayer ask:

(1) Is this diagnosis of __________ true or not?
(2) Right here where _________ seems to be, what is here?

That’s my way, but Marie Watts suggests another line of questioning that restored her sight and “cured” her cancer.

(1) God, do you know anything about _____________?
(2) Then, do I know anything about ______________?
(3) Does any mind know anything about ___________?

Do not reason out your answers. There is no power in a reasoned answer. Wait, and let the Voice of Revelation speak. This is the Voice of your God Consciousness. When It speaks, “the earth melts”. Simply put, all seeming material conditions are revealed and EXPERIENCED as nothing – no thing at all.

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The Great Escape — From Mortal Mind To God Mind


As you read this post, accept the FACT that the Mind that is reading it, the Mind that wrote it, and the Mind that is God are (is) the same Mind.

Every now and again someone calls and asks a question (or two) that is so arresting, the world seems to freeze for a few seconds. Such was the case when a woman called and asked these two questions:

  1. “How do you get out of the monkey-mind (mortal mind) into God Mind?”
  2. “Is it ever really possible to stop thinking?”

Reader, I’m sure you will agree with me that it’s best to devote an entire post to each question. So let’s dive right into the first question: “How do you get out of the monkey-mind (mortal mind) into God Mind?”

It would be easier for an elephant to tightrope over the Grand Canyon on a sewing thread than for anyone to get out of the mortal mind into God Mind. If you’ve tried this great escape, you know it ain’t easy.

To get out of the mortal mind, it first has to exist. Believing that the mortal mind exists when it doesn’t is the reason many have unsuccessfully struggled to make this great escape. God is All, and God is the only Mind (Awareness) that exists. Right now, reader, search yourself and be sure you haven’t merely dressed up the Christian devil in new clothes and called it mortal mind. GOD IS ALL!

You can’t get into God Mind. You can only realize this Mind to be your Mind and your Self. Below are a few suggestions to facilitate realization:

  • Forget all that metaphysical drivel about thoughts having power, and with that drop all that co-creation business. Only God is Power, and that Power sustains and maintains a Finished Kingdom right where you are.
  • Accept and acknowledge that there is much more to Life (and to you) than the so-called intellect is or can be aware of.
  • Make it your intention to know what this more is.
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Don’t Try To Still Your Mind

Silent, listening prayer is the golden gateway to Revelation. Yet too many people intent on passing through this gateway are straining and struggling with all their might and main to do the impossible. They are trying to still their minds. If this is you, STOP! Mind (your Mind) is meant to be active. It is Omni-action itself. Mind is all the activity of the universe. It will always be active. Let it be!

Reader, do not confuse Mind with the brain and its busy-bee thoughts. Brain is nothing but a severely limited and distorted sense of Mind. Mistaking the Mind to be brain is like mistaking the moon to be a gumdrop.

Mind (God) is always busy in the act of Self-Perception. Its action is awareness. Mind’s action is the awareness of being All. Its action is awareness of being One Presence and One Power. Mind’s action is awareness of being Love and Perfection. Its action is awareness of being All in action. Reader, this is the Mind that you ARE (not have) right this moment.

“But,” you say, “Allen, it’s those to-do, forgot-to-do, and other pesky little thoughts that I want to get rid of when I’m praying. What do I do about them?”

Here are some suggestions:

  • First, make a decision to stop fighting those pesky thoughts. Let Mind be active in Self (God) Awareness.
  • Then, when those unwanted busy-bee thoughts buzz about, simply remind yourself that this hyperactive mind is only a distorted experience of the I AM actively knowing and being Itself.
  • As often as necessary tell yourself, “This is not Mind. It is not Me.” Soon, you will find that you are settling into an exhilarating experience of omni-active Silence and Revelation.
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Change Or Changeless

This post has already been sent out to God Is All E-Course Subscribers. Starting with the next post, the only difference between readers of this blog and course subscribers is that subscribers will receive practical tips on putting the post into practice.

President Obama swept into the White House on a promise of change.
People in the United States were pining and panting for a change.
Did they get the change they wanted?
Who knows.

Desiring A Change

It does not matter what country you live in, people seem to want change. Some want to change their partners, and some want to change their jobs. Others want to change where they live, or how they live. Then, there are those who want to change their health or finances. If you don’t believe that everyone seems to be seeking change, ask anyone this question: “If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?” You won’t have to wait sixty seconds before someone starts stammering and stuttering to articulate an answer.

Reader, if you can look at your life right now and see any areas crying out for a change, do not try to fix them. That can be a long, laborious, and fruitless task fraught with frustration. There is a better way!

The Solution

The best way to accomplish what you want – total life satisfaction – is by focusing on the Changeless One rather than constantly gazing at the apparently broken areas of your life. Yes, contemplating God (and what God IS) as the only Presence and the only Power will do more for you than manhandling and manipulating the appearances in your life. Try it and see for yourself.

Reader, you say that there is only one Presence and only one Power, so what mind is hoping to change things? Is it the Mind that is God? Is it the mind of man? Are there two minds? Does God, the Changeless One, know of anything that needs changing? These are the questions I ask myself when I slip into the chasm of change.

How Are You Identifying Yourself?

Desiring a change of any kind is to identify yourself with a mind that does not exist. It is to identify yourself as an identity (human) that is not real. Talk about reducing yourself to nothing! It gets no better than this. Consider this! The conditions that the unreal identity experiences (those needing change) are as unreal as the identity wanting to change them. [You may have to read that again.]

Having The Single Vision

Earlier in this article, I suggested that contemplating God’s Allness is the best way for total life satisfaction. It is, but here’s the caveat. You must be single-visioned. Contemplating God one moment and looking for a change the next moment is being double-visioned. Christ Jesus said, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Contemplate God’s Allness until you experience the realization, that despite the appearances, God (and what God IS) is the only reality. This is the way of Power. Now, try it for yourself.

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I’m Doing My Best But Truth Is Not Working – Why?

Dear Reader,

Have you done the best you know how, spiritually, and things still aren’t working out? Have you been consistent in prayer, faithful in contemplation, and still a dark cloud seems to hang over your life?

Are you wondering why that disease clings despite your realization of its nothingness? Or, are you wondering why the door of opportunity slams in your face every time you step toward the threshold? Reader, are you puzzled as to why, despite all your sincerity, you cannot seem to break free of the limitations of this false sense of humanhood? Maybe other questions, similar to these, are begging for answers.

Since God Is All, you know in your heart that these things should not even seem to be. And in your heart, you know you’ve done the best you know how to do. Still, somehow, it doesn’t seem to be good enough. Reader, be lifted up. Let your heart rise as the morning sun. There is an answer.

In the Holy Bible, James writes, “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” Beloved, here in our Holy Bible is the answer to what to do, when you don’t know what to do. If you don’t understand why the disease seems to cling despite your best praying, ASK GOD. If you don’t understand why you can’t crawl out from under that rock of debt, despite your clear realization of ever present supply, ASK GOD. If you’re dazed and confused as to why, after all these years, you still seem as human as ever, ASK GOD.

Reader: Go directly to your God Consciousness, and ask any question you desire. As long as your heart’s sincerest desire is spiritual understanding, it does not matter what the question is. Ask, knowing that your God Consciousness will reveal the needed wisdom, and the evidence of that wisdom. Then Listen! The understanding, revelation, and evidence are experienced in the silent listening. “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God.”

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The Questions That Must Be Answered (Top-Ten Books)


I am going to preface the excerpts by first acknowledging that the opinions of reviewers and readers alike differ from what my thinking is. God Is All was a successful book that went through several print runs. Reviewers and readers oohed and aahed over the Lord’s Prayer chapter. That was not my favorite.


It would be wise  now to make a list of those questions on which you seek light.  You might title it, “Things I Always Wanted To Know But Didn’t Know Who To Ask.”  Some of your questions might be:

  • Who is God?
  • What is God?
  • Is God (really) all there is?
  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose of existence?
  • What is God’s purpose?
  • etc.

Again, it may seem as though God is revealing Himself to someone separate from His very own omnipresent being.  This is not the case at all.  Someone has described it as God revealing Himself to Himself.  If there be any revelation, this must be true… At the very point or revelation, the Mind of God, the only Mind, makes Itself known.  The sense of personal mind with its limitations is dissolved and not even known or experienced.


What is glorious about Divine Revelation is the manifestation that accompanies what is revealed.  There is always some corroboration in one’s experience of that which is revealed.  Why is this? …The consciousness that is aware is the substance of that which  it is aware.

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