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How To Profit From Change



“Everything must change.
Nothing stays the same.
That’s the way of time.
Everything must change.”

These are the lyrics of a popular song (link here) by Benard Ighner. It appears to be based on a familiar passage in the Holy Bible (Ecclesiastes 3:1-7). It’s all about change. Reader, how do you cope with change?

Things Always Seem To Be Changing

It seems that we are always dealing with change.

  • a change of heart
  • a change of mind
  • a change of plans
  • change of circumstances

And what about those unexpected changes?

  • A once happy marriage/relationship turns sour.
  • A loved one suddenly dies.
  • A new home in a new state or country.
  • A change of employment.

I could go on about the many changes you may face, but this post is not about change. It’s about how to cope with and profit from seeming change.

A woman boards the train. She finds a comfortable seat by the window. She’s waiting for her husband to come with the mocha lattes. “What’s taking him so long,” she wonders. She looks through the window to her left. Another train is slowly pulling out of the station. She panics. Thinking it’s her train that’s moving, she looks out of her window hoping to see her husband hurrying down the platform. Then she realizes that her train is not moving at all.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

This scenario is the fundamental key to coping with seeming change in your life. THOUGH MANY SCENES AND THINGS MAY APPEAR TO CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE, KEEP YOUR EYES AND HEART FIXED ON THAT WHICH NEVER CHANGES.

“For I am the Lord, and I change not.” Things and scenarios may seem to change in your life, but if you keep your focus on the changeless Presence of God, you will squeeze every drop of goodness out of any change.

It’s All A Matter Of Consciousness

Some changes seem troubling. It’s like a black curtain has circled your life. Life seems dark, gloomy, despairing. Even then I ask you, if Infinite Goodness is equally present and everywhere present, isn’t it right there where the seeming gloom and darkness appears to be? How could you flee from God’s Presence of Infinite Goodness? You can’t.

It’s a good thing for you to contemplate the Infinite Goodness of God as a fixed, changeless fact in your life.

Coping successfully with change is a matter of CONSCIOUSNESS. It’s all about your attitude and what you are perceiving.

When you find yourself fearing change, don’t look out the window at that which seems to be moving in your life. Turn your gaze to the platform: the never-changing presence of Infinite Goodness. Things and scenarios may seem to change in your life, but GOD’S GOODNESS IS A FIXED FACT IN YOUR LIFE.

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Change Or Changeless

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President Obama swept into the White House on a promise of change.
People in the United States were pining and panting for a change.
Did they get the change they wanted?
Who knows.

Desiring A Change

It does not matter what country you live in, people seem to want change. Some want to change their partners, and some want to change their jobs. Others want to change where they live, or how they live. Then, there are those who want to change their health or finances. If you don’t believe that everyone seems to be seeking change, ask anyone this question: “If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?” You won’t have to wait sixty seconds before someone starts stammering and stuttering to articulate an answer.

Reader, if you can look at your life right now and see any areas crying out for a change, do not try to fix them. That can be a long, laborious, and fruitless task fraught with frustration. There is a better way!

The Solution

The best way to accomplish what you want – total life satisfaction – is by focusing on the Changeless One rather than constantly gazing at the apparently broken areas of your life. Yes, contemplating God (and what God IS) as the only Presence and the only Power will do more for you than manhandling and manipulating the appearances in your life. Try it and see for yourself.

Reader, you say that there is only one Presence and only one Power, so what mind is hoping to change things? Is it the Mind that is God? Is it the mind of man? Are there two minds? Does God, the Changeless One, know of anything that needs changing? These are the questions I ask myself when I slip into the chasm of change.

How Are You Identifying Yourself?

Desiring a change of any kind is to identify yourself with a mind that does not exist. It is to identify yourself as an identity (human) that is not real. Talk about reducing yourself to nothing! It gets no better than this. Consider this! The conditions that the unreal identity experiences (those needing change) are as unreal as the identity wanting to change them. [You may have to read that again.]

Having The Single Vision

Earlier in this article, I suggested that contemplating God’s Allness is the best way for total life satisfaction. It is, but here’s the caveat. You must be single-visioned. Contemplating God one moment and looking for a change the next moment is being double-visioned. Christ Jesus said, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Contemplate God’s Allness until you experience the realization, that despite the appearances, God (and what God IS) is the only reality. This is the way of Power. Now, try it for yourself.

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