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I Hurt So Bad I Can’t Get Still — Don’t Believe It

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If I took inventory of the most frequently asked questions, this one tops the list:

“Allen, what about the times when it hurts so bad
that you can’t quiet your mind to hear the still small voice?”

I will answer this question with two real-life scenarios.


Roland lunges to catch the football and lands on his ankle (the one he broke last year). He lies motionless on the field until help arrives – approximately 3 minutes. By this time, his ankle is the size of a grapefruit. “Just get me home. I’ll be alright.”

At home, Roland tries to pray, but every time he closes his eyes, the pain flashes them open to see if the ankle is any bigger. Never mind. Roland knows that in a few minutes his parents will rush him to the Emergency Room where he will be medicated and tranquilized.

Now Roland can comfortably settle down to listen for the voice of Revelation.


Sonia rushes out of the house to catch her cat, slips on the welcome mat and lands on her right knee. She lies there for a moment. Sonia tries to pray, but the pain won’t let her.

Turning solely to prayer has always worked for Sonia, so she reasons to herself, “This is tough, but I’ve got to settle down. For me, there’s no other option but to realize God’s presence. Let me see if I can get still for just ten seconds. That should be easy.”

It’s not…so Sonia reasons again, “Let me try just five seconds of listening.” That works. After a few of these five-second prayers, Sonia senses that all is well. But the pain lingers. In prayer, Sonia asks, “What more do I need to know?” Later she hears the words, “I am all; I cannot fall. I am Spirit; I cannot be broken. I am all.” Before the sun goes down, Sonia is walking and working as if nothing ever happened.


If the only way to get to the other side of the river is to go through the water, you go through the water!

Roland could’ve made the same decision and experienced the same results that Sonia did, but in Roland’s mind, he had an option to get a little help from the “medicine man”.

Sonia, however, could quiet down and experience a quick healing because it was her only acceptable way.

BOTTOM LINE: No matter how bad it seems, you are the power to be still and know.

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