Body Month (The How-Tos)

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The “Body Month” is a month you choose,  where your prayerful focus is on discovering, understanding, and contemplating the truth of your Body.

The Questions

During this “month,” you retreat to your God Consciousness and ask such questions as:

  • What is the Body?
  • Why do I have a Body?
  • Is the Body real, or is it an illusion?*
  • Was this Body born?
  • What is it about this Body that is most important for me to realize?

Above  are just suggested questions. Whether you use these questions or not, I strongly suggest that you consider the last question being one of the questions that you ask.

Listening For The Answer

Anyone can reason out the answer to these questions, but there is no power in a reasoned-out answer. You want a God-Revealed answer. After you’ve asked your question, the important thing is listening for the answer.


Self-Questioning and Listening are just two aspects of the “Body Month.” Contemplation is the other equally important aspect. Contemplation is calmly pondering the Body from a God Is All point-of-view. But more than that, contemplation is a calm, effortless consideration of the Body knowing that the God Is All point-of-view is the only Reality of the Body–your Body.

Now It’s Up To You

Fellow Absolutists, choose today which month will be your “Body Month.” Make your list of body-related questions. Once you actually begin your month, this is your short list of Daily Dos:

  1. Choose one or two questions. Take one question at a time and listen expectantly for the answer. Often, the answers are not instantaneous. Be patient. When you start getting antsy, get up and come back later. Above all, don’t reason out your answers.
  2. Contemplate your Body from a God Is All point-of-view.

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