Pregnancy And The Real Identity


Trying To Get Pregnant

Gina, a new member of our church family, ambled to the pulpit, grabbed the microphone and spoke in soft tones as she fought back the tears. She shared the story of her long struggle to get pregnant. Tests and treatments. More tests, and more treatments … but no baby. After coming to our church for a few weeks, Gina took to heart the teachings of our ministry and got busy with God-focused prayer.

As the microphone shook in her hands, Gina lost the battle. Tears streamed down her smiling face. Then she shared the good news: “I’m four weeks pregnant.”

Of course I was happy for Gina, but I thought to myself, “Why didn’t she tell me she was trying to get pregnant. Perhaps I could have helped.”

Will You Pray For Me?

Years ago, while working as an assistant minister of a church in Baltimore, I also worked part-time in the office of an invitro-fertilization clinic. Invitro-fertilization was often the last resort for women trying to get pregnant when fertility drugs, surgery, and artificial insemination failed. Every day women sauntered into the office with high hopes for a pregnancy miracle. Most left with dashed hopes. I knew there was a better way, but I didn’t yet know the way.

One evening, after a day of working in the “A Baby-By-Any-Means-Necessary Clinic,” I consulted with a woman in my congregation. She told me that she was trying to get pregnant, but couldn’t. Doctors said that all the test results were perfect and there was no physiological reason why she and her husband could not have a baby. Finally, she said, “Rev. Allen, will you pray for me?”

Revelations Of The True Identity

I took the prayer request seriously, and weeks later she ran up and bear-hugged me: “Allen, what did you do? I’m pregnant.”

Of course the Truth is I did nothing. However, in prayer these truths were revealed:

• The identity she was trying to conceive already existed.
• Every identity is an eternal, birthless, deathless, and timeless identity.
• Conception and pregnancy only seem to be necessary because of a belief in time.

From that point on, every time I was called by a woman who was trying to get pregnant, the prayer was always successful.

The Hoped-For Is Already Here

Reader, are you trying to conceive? Stop trying! Instead just know that the identity you desire to bring into the world is already here as an Eternal Identity. Your desire to conceive is merely the signal that the hoped-for is already here.

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