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All Of A Sudden It Was Over

I Had To Get Out Of This Dark Place

You won’t believe this. Last Sunday afternoon I nosedived into a dark and gloomy state of depression. For an hour, I rolled and wallowed around in this dark “mental” funk. I wanted to talk to someone, so I picked up the phone and called a good friend. After rushing through the social courtesies, I warned “Today is your lucky day. I don’t usually do this, but I’ve got to vent.” She endured my venting for a blink-of-the-eye moment. (I didn’t expect much more.) Then, she took a courageous stab or two at lifting my spirits. She didn’t.

And It Didn’t Take Long

I hung up and hurriedly crawled back to that dark place. Reader, I don’t frequent this place. My visits are few and years between. While sitting in my favorite chair, staring at the wall, that line from the blog I posted on August 19 – Don’t Try To Still Your Mind whispered to me: “This is not Mind. It is not me.” I realized that the mind thinking these thoughts and feeling this way is not Mind (God). Therefore it is no part of me. It was like someone snatched a black towel from over my eyes. All was Light and laughter, and I never went back to that dark place.

Reader – dark, depressing, negative thoughts are not Mind. They are not you. “You are the Light of the world.”

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This Is The Only Sure Way!

Repetitive For A Reason

Have you noticed a pattern in these blog posts? In many, if not most, I suggest that you ask questions of your Self (God) and wait for the answers to be revealed. And, I always caution that you resist the itch to make up your own answers.

There is a reason for this suggestion: There’s a world of difference between Truth revealed and Truth merely heard, read or said. Truth revealed is like winning the big prize in a lottery drawing when you’re down to your last dollar. Truth merely read is as helpful as falling into a lion’s den wearing a meat jacket.

One Truth Revealed Worth The Wait In Gold

In a poem by the famous poet Nikki Giovanni, she writes, “One ounce of truth benefits like ripples in a pond.” It’s true. One Truth revealed is better than reading and studying libraries of Truth books. One Truth revealed touches every area of your life.

Your Only Spiritual Authority

With every suggestion to question and listen, I am intentionally turning your attention to the only valid authority – God Consciousness. Your Consciousness.

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One Day The Voice Spoke Clearly

I prayed and prayed unceasingly
To The Unknown God in the sky;
But only the silence answered me
And gave no heed to my cry.

I pleaded with such earnestness,
And never wondered why
No message came to comfort me
Or tell me ‘Who Am I?’

Then one day the Voice spoke clearly,
“I AM God, not man, It said
Eagerly my heart responded,
All thought left me, reason fled,
I Am God, not man, I said.
(by Lillian DeWaters)

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God Is All E-Course Is Ready

Just a few words about the E-Course. If you have ever taken an e-mail course, you know that the biggest problem is that you may get some lessons and you may not.

To avoid this unnecessary complication, I’ve been advised to make the E-Course a simple, plain-text course.

Go To the Sign-Up Page

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How To Pray Effectively — A No Fail Approach


There are many books, ministers and lecturers that profess to have the key to effectual prayer, yet none has come forth with a “method” that has been universally satisfactory. None will. Prayer as a state of constant awareness of the Allness of God eternally present is every man’s natural state of awareness, clouded though it may with the mistaken sense of ignorance. Prayer, as a tool to come into this awareness, cannot be taught as a universal method. Each person must come into the Revelation of the Isness in his own way. The reason for this is far beyond the scope and purpose of this writing. However, it is necessary for each one to discover his own way.

The quickest route to this discovery is simply by asking Christ (your Self), “Lord (of my being) teach me to pray.” As always, what is more important here is not the asking but the sitting still and listening for the answer… Guard against the tendency to intellectualize or reason out the answers to your questions.

(from God Is All, by Allen White, p. 94)

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