Stop Denying The Perfect Evidence (Top-Ten Books)


“I must confess, of my two published books (God Is All, and Sounds Of The Trumpet), Sounds is my favorite. It is, by far, a more practical book. Below are some excerpts from Sound Of The Trumpet.

When you say GOD IS ALL, you must realize that you are saying GOD–CHANGELESS PERFECTION–IS THE ONLY EVIDENCE. Stop denying the evidence of God’s Allness by hoping and waiting for it. Does some other evidence exist? God being all, where would such false evidence come from? Going all the way you realize THERE IS NO PHYSICAL WORLD, AND THERE ARE NO PHYSICAL SENSES TO REPORT A PHYSICAL WORLD. GOD IS ALL. GOD IS THE ONLY PERCEIVER, AND IS THAT WHICH IS PERCEIVED…

You probably have heard of many cases where someone reports, while in prayer, that they had a grand and heavenly Revelation. Yet they often appear to be in a personal hell. This will not, and cannot, even seem to happen to you if you Identify yourself as the very Truth that is revealed. Identifying yourself as the Truth revealed is Being the Revelation.

Only when our parents and loved ones no longer even appear to be weak, decrepit, and aged has the “proper” care been given. To this end, there must be a knowing, not merely a wishing or hoping that GOD IS ALL.

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