Art Of Spiritual Healing (Top-Ten List)

Joel Goldsmith’s The Art of Spiritual Healing is the go-to book on spiritual healing. It is a classic. Below are excerpts from this dynamic text.


Complete total spiritual healing is the non-recognition of the reality of the condition; it is a state of your consciousness or mine, or the practitioner’s consciousness, in which God is so real and the works of God–the word of God, the universe of God, and the man of God–are so real that it is fantastic to believe that such a thing as disease of any kind could exist in God’s universe.


The most powerful word in the vocabulary of prayer is the verb “is;” Harmony is; God is; joy is; peace is; abundance is; Omnipresence is. In the presence of Omnipresence, is there anything to be healed, changed, reformed, overcome, or destroyed? You look at every appearance, but you do not permit yourself to become disturbed by any one of them. Your eyes may bear witness to somebody’s illness, poverty, or sinfulness, but Spirit tells you, “No, this is God made manifest. This is the very incarnation of God; therefore harmony is true, regardless of what my eyes see or my ears hear.”


(my favorite)

When you see what looks like deformity, insanity, or an accident, go within; realize that this which you are witnessing is an illusion; feel the divine peace of God’s presence. Every specific claim that presents itself to you has to be met in your consciousness–not only when people ask you for help, but whenever you observe a need. If you walk along the street and see an intoxicated person, that is a claim impinging on your consciousness, and it is in your consciousness that it must be met. If you see a crippled person or if you see a beggar, do not ignore him, do not pass him by…Do not let him lie there–physically, you may pass him by, but spiritually lift him right up to the truth of being.

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