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Getting The Most Out Of A Truth Statement (Top-Ten)


From Paul Gorman’s The Miracle Self: (starting with page 196)

Step 1. Take a single statement of truth, or no more than three or four, related to your favorite or most pertinent need or desire. For instance, if your need has to do with a health issue select one, two, three or four statements that talk of the One life, the One power, the One form, One presence.


When you’ve selected your one to four statements, use them like this: Take the one which today holds the most meaning or wonder for you.  Live with that one Truth statement all day, every hour, every minute. Rehearse and rehearse it in your mind all day and evening. Never for a moment let it go from your awareness. Keep it glowing in the background of your mind as you go about your work or family duties…

But here’s the secret: after every repetition of the statement in your mind, stop and allow it to percolate in your being; to gently sink in of its own accord and flow through the depths of your being by stopping your thinking for a few minutes.


Additional to the constant rehearsing-then-moment-of-silence…have at least three or four periods throughout the day of ten to twenty minutes in the Silence, in meditation, where you stop all thoughts and stop all words and just gently relax, surrender…

Tomorrow, you can work with a different one of your statements, or stick with the same one for days or weeks. It is often best to work with just one statement for weeks upon weeks because it takes just one, sufficiently realised as being the Truth of being, to open the floodgates of the infinite in your life; just one.

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Know What You Need To Know, When You Need To Know It

Questions Sign Allen White God Is All

Below is an excerpt from Joel Goldsmith’s Infinite Way. This same idea has been written by Marie Watts and Lillian DeWaters.

Have A Problem? Here’s What To Do

Whenever we are faced with a problem, regardless of its nature, seek the solution within your own consciousness. Instead of running around here and there, instead of seeking an answer from this or that person, instead of looking for the solution outside of yourself, turn within.

Your Perfect Answer Is Assured

In the quiet and calm of your own mind, let the answer to your problem unfold itself. If, the first or second or third time you turn in peace to the kingdom within, you fail to perceive the completed picture, try again. You will not be too late, nor will the solution appear too late. As you learn to depend on this means for the working out of your problems and experiences, you will become more and more adept in quickly discerning your mind’s revelation of harmony.

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Top Ten Must-Read Books

Picture of Books Allen White

Below is a list of the books I think should be in your spiritual library.  All of the books excepting the starred ones are available from “Mystics Of The World.”  Titles are in alphabetical order.

  1. Addresses and Other Writings on Christian Science*  by Doris Defour Henty
  2. Bachelor God by Alfred Aiken
  3. Creation  by Jane Woodward
  4. God Is All by Allen White
  5. Miracle Self by Paul Gorman
  6. Sounds Of The Trumpet by Allen White
  7. The Art of Spiritual Healing by Joel Goldsmith
  8. Three Essential Steps by Marie Watts
  9. Who Am I? by Lillian DeWaters
  10. You Are The Splendor by Marie Watts

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