Regarding Katrina And Other Disasters (Top-Ten Books)


In the Top-Ten List, I cited the book Creation, I meant the book titled Regarding The World Of Appearances. The book is a quick read of twenty-five pages. As far as I know, this book is no longer in publication. Perhaps Denice Jutras of Mystics Of The World will make it available soon.

The fuel that propelled Ms. Woodward’s pen forward to complete this short book was the Hurricane Katrina that appeared to decimate the city of New Orleans a few years ago. Below are excerpts from this book:

[Regarding the hurricane] “But,” you may say, “I saw the pictures on TV. I saw all those poor people who are so lost and devastated and it breaks my heart.” Come up hither! You must take the high way or you will be just as lost and devastated as the ones you imagine to be going through what it appears they are going through, but then–you can only be lost and devastated in your own mind. No one’s life has been taken. Yes! This goes way beyond what “eye has seen and ear has heard.” This goes into the heavens of which you speak! You say you wish to live in heaven — to know heaven and earth, did you not expect that Heaven would be different from anything you have ever “thought?” “My ways are above your ways, my thoughts above your thoughts.” Surely, you didn’t expect to have heaven on earth and everything remain the same as you have always “thought.” No, this goes way beyond everything you have been taught, for all your “teaching” has been according to man, and man is nothing. All in the world called “man” is vanity!

No matter what you profess to believe, if it is not manifesting in supplying your every need, it is worthless. If it is not manifesting in your realization of health beyond health as the world knows about it, it is worthless. If it is not making the way straight and visible before you in everything, every direction, every way, it is worthless. If you are not realizing Perfect body, world, Mind, it is worthless. If you are not realizing Perfect Peace, joyful relationships, calmness and beauty in all things, your “belief” is worthless. If you are not experiencing things that you couldn’t do in a lifetime of “trying,” it is worthless.

You are not to worry about “any people out there,” although that may sound very hard and difficult to you, because it is within that you find The Christ, the Truth, and when you know the Truth you will be made free of the world of illusion. “Let the dead bury the dead,” sounds pretty hard too, don’t you think? Yet Jesus said it! Why? Because he saw past the world of appearance, the world of belief. Only one who is dead can believe that there are dead to bury. If you wish to be free of “this world” then you must come up into your Christ Mind. “You have the mind of Christ.” Now! …This is not a mental activity, and you will not find your Self through mental effort or striving through more and more accumulated knowledge according to man. No, this comes by Revelation only!

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