This May Be Better Than God


When She Asked The Question My Tongue Froze

Nearing the end of the conversation, I hoped that something connected – that the right words were spoken to communicate the Truth of God’s Allness. (Believe me, words are really not the ideal tool for this.) I also hoped that something I said inspired and motivated her. Just before I thought we were done, I heard a lilt in her voice. It’s that familiar sound that says “Allen, I get it. God really is All.”

Then she asked a simple question that sealed my lips and glued my tongue to the top of my mouth. Mentally, I stuttered. My thoughts wouldn’t come together to make a sensible sentence. It was a difficult question to answer. No doubt, I was making it harder than it actually was. The question she asked was, “Allen, what is another name for God?” Simple question, isn’t it?

Finally, I Had To Confess

I could’ve listed the so-called attributes of God and said, “Love, Power, Light, Spirit, Perfection, etc.”, but my mind was stuck on the word GOD. Finally, after what seemed like hours, I said, “Doris, I have to confess that I rarely use the word God. Unless I am writing, or talking to someone, I seldom use the word. In my alone time (which is a lot of time) I use I AM.” Dead silence.

“Doris, often the word God implies a presence and power separate from, and other than, my presence, and I know no such presence exists. However, when I say I AM, I know that I mean All. I know I mean one infinite, inseparable presence and that I Am that I AM.” Doris understood immediately.

Is Allen Trying To Turn Dung To Diamonds?

Reader, understand that when I say I AM, I am not trying to turn dung into diamonds. I am not reaching down into the muddy swamp of dualism to lift up a human sense of identity. When I say I AM, it is clear for me to see the nothingness of a so-called born, human identity. And from that view it’s easier to see the nothingness of a sick, limited, weak, and impoverished identity.

Have you noticed that when people talk about God (even in so-called enlightened circles), it is as if they are talking about a presence and power separate and apart from themselves – some other Being? Nothing in their conversation indicates that this God they are talking about is their very being. Do you think it would be possible for them to talk, or even think separation if they substituted I AM (with understanding) for the word God? Of course not. Such a simple substitution would force the speaker to confront exactly how All their God is. It would force them to reconsider their identity in many wonderful ways.

It’s Like Japanese Chocolates (Royce Nama)

Reader, sometimes I find myself slowly saying the words I AM. I savor them like a fine piece of imported Japanese chocolate. They are the most uplifting words I’ve ever said. Many times I’ve been lifted out of the fog of dualism just by saying the words I AM – and knowing what I am saying.

Before you e-mail me with a rebuttal, I know that words only have the meaning you give to them. I know that someone can say the word God and it means just what I AM means to me. If the word “God” works for you, hold onto it, but try this.

When you have a quiet moment, slowly say the words I AM. Savor each syllable. Then, be still and listen to “your” Consciousness. Try it for a few days, and see if the words I AM are more meaningful for you.

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