A More Expansive View Of Christ

The Christ Identity

The last two posts have been about the Christ. Today’s post is a sibling of those posts. It, too, is about the Christ. However, this post is a more expansive view of the Christ – a view you may have already taken.

Remember, God being the totality and the reality of man is the Christ. God being the all of You is your Christ Identity – your only Identity.

Christ Jesus knew this to be true of His Identity. He astonished those around him when he proclaimed, “All that the Father has is mine.” I imagine Philip’s head spinning in disbelief when Christ said to him, “He who sees me sees the Father that hath sent me.”

A Broader View Of Christ

Take a few days to contemplate the Christ. You’ll discover a treasure chest of unimaginable Revelations. You will see Christ in an extraordinary way. The definition of Christ, mentioned earlier, will no longer satisfy. You’ll see that Christ has been erroneously confined and constrained to the identity called man. At that moment you will rewrite the definition of Christ in this insightful way: God being the reality and totality of Identity – all Identity – is the Christ.

Yes, it’s true. Every Identity has a Christ reality. I call it the gold standard of Identity. God is the reality and totality of dogs, cats, bees, birds, trees, plants and fish. They all have a Christ reality, and when that Christ reality is recognized, a Plant is no longer a plant and a Dog is no longer just a dog.

Let’s focus attention on the dog. A dog, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is “a highly variable domestic animal closely related to the common wolf.” Many people think they have a dog when, in fact, they have a Dog.

A Dog, as defined by God’s Allness, is a living Form constituted of Infinite Intelligence, Eternal Life, Light, Love and Spiritual Substance. In the Allness of God, this is the only Dog that exists.

If you are a pet owner or a plant lover, have you ever considered that your pet or houseplant is the Living Christ? “Blasphemy,” you say. But is it? Since God is the only Presence, God must be the Presence (totality and reality) of your Boxer or snake plant. This is the Christ – the gold standard of Identity.

A New Approach To Plants And Animals

Instead of leash-walking your pup of limited canine intelligence, try walking a living form of Infinite Intelligence. Praise the God-nature of your dog. Be consistent. I’ve heard of miraculous things happening when you do. Who knows. The dog may wash his paws in the morning and prepare a breakfast of blueberry pancakes drizzled with Vermont maple syrup – syrup he ordered on Amazon.com. The possibilities are boundless.

Turn your attention to plants. You know them to be the result of seed, sun and water. But a Plant is an Eternal Form of Eternal Life. It neither comes into being nor goes out of being.

One day I purchased a healthy-looking ZZ plant. This is supposed to be a low-maintenance plant. But in a matter of days, most of the leaves lay lifeless on the living room floor. My first thought was to dump it in the trash. But I couldn’t. Instead, I exchanged my plant for a Plant. Every day I praised that plant as the Eternal Life and Infinite Intelligence of God. I watered it, but only when I was compelled to. After a few weeks, the color of the three or four leaves changed to a healthy green. More leaves appeared. Today, it looks like the plant I brought home from the garden center.

A New Way Of Seeing

After reading this post, you probably will never again see any life form as it appears to be. I believe that you will say to yourself, “There is a Christ reality here. All that God is, is all that this form is. This form is the Living Christ.”

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