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Don’t Worry – Wonderful Things Are Happening

Don't Worry Wonderful Things Are Happening

Can You Turn Worry Off Like A Faucet?

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my mother about worry. The thing she worried about kept her up all night. “Just stop worrying about it,” I told her, but she couldn’t. At least that’s what she said. She worried herself right into the doctor’s office.

“Mom, you can choose not to worry,” I said. She replied that you can’t turn worry on and off like a faucet: “Allen, you can’t stop worrying by saying you’re not going to worry.”

I thought about it. I asked myself, “Can you really stop worrying about it (whatever it is) just by making a choice not to worry? Is it easier said than done?”

What Has Worry Solved

Reader, have you ever known worry to solve a problem? Did worry about that upcoming medical procedure heal your body such that the procedure was unnecessary? Did worry about the falling stock market alter its course? Did worry about your child’s drinking problem make him put the bottle down? I have worried, but I can’t think of any good it did. WORRY SOLVES NOTHING. That’s your first incentive to STOP WORRYING.

Getting To The Root Of Worry

Now, let’s zoom in on this thing called worry. If you are going to be done with worry, you have to take the axe to its root. Close to the root of worry is fear. All worry is based on fear that something bad is happening, or is going to happen, in the foreseeable future.

Something bad is going to happen. Read that sentence again. Yep, after the second reading you realized that the root of worry is DUALISM – that something is going on (or can go on) other than the Presence and Power of God.

Face it. In the entire worry scenario, God is nowhere to be found. Totally absent. First, the person worrying imagines she is something other than the One Presence and Power that, last week, she said was All. Piling kitty poo on top of dog poo, the worrier Admits that the “it” that might happen is Not the Presence and Power of God. Where is God? Nowhere.

Reader, can you see that worry is inevitable if God is omniabsent? But there’s hope. There is Truth.

Your Reason To Stop Worrying — Wonderful Things Are Happening

Thinking about Mom, and her seeming tendency to worry, brought an old sermon to mind: “Wonderful Things Are Happening.” It’s a sermon I delivered based on a story told by the famed Christian Science lecturer Dorothy Reike.

Here’s the short. A woman beset by problems made this decision. “Regardless of what seems to come up in my life, instead of worrying, I am going to rejoice that wonderful things are taking place.”

It sounds Pollyannaish, I know. But follow her line of reasoning. “Because God is All, and All that can express Itself, the results have to be wonderful.” Reader, you have already agreed with me that worry (based on God’s omniabsence) solves nothing. But look what rejoicing does. This woman was healed of cancer. Her failing business turned around to amazing success, and her son was protected from harm.

Yes, it is possible to stop worrying, but you need a solid reason to not worry. God’s Allness is that reason. God’s Allness is your foundation for not worrying about “it”. To stop worrying requires that your vision is placed on God and not “it”. There is no “it” in God, and no God in “it”.

Reader, why don’t you make a decision right now that you are not going to worry about “it”. Instead, because God is All, REJOICE THAT WONDERFUL THINGS ARE HAPPENING.

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Empowering Truths From Ms. Gephart


Because Gertrude Gephart’s writings are tinged with dualism, I seldom quote her. However, as you can see for yourself, her writings are undoubtedly inspirational. Below are some excerpts from her book “The Way Of Life.” I have emphasized noteworthy statements.

If we look upon appearances and accept them, we are bearing false witness. The human self, as we see it, is not real at all. Jesus was continually admonishing his disciples to deny themselves. When enlightenment came to Gautama Buddha, he said, “The self (that is the human concept) does not exist. Truth (the Great Self) is all.”

If we can see that as a limited human identity, we do not exist, we can see that we and all are Truth, and this is bearing true witness.

We do not need to blame ourselves for our mishaps either. How shall we think, then? That the mishaps and misfortunes are not real nor actual, but right where they seem to be, right there is the presence of absolute good.

Mr. Rawson would tell us to describe the kingdom of heaven to ourselves, and to know that it is where our fears seem to be. Your misfortunes have no history at all. At any moment they can be healed instantly and perfectly, now matter what the seeming cause or history.

We only have to know the Truth. We do not have to get behind it to make it operate; it does not have to be stimulated or insisted upon. There is an expression in the Sanscrit – “by mere knowledge”, all demonstration is by mere knowledge.

If you added a column of figures incorrectly, you could change the result by mere knowledge. So we correct our experience by the knowledge that the Self is all.

We deal only with the Lord and not with people. One who has not had some experience in the power of understanding to correct one’s life would never dream what this one piece of information will do for him.

If one were buying a garment from a salesman in a great department store, he would seem to be dealing with the salesman. But if the garment were unsatisfactory, or if the salesman had misrepresented it, he would go higher than the salesman. He would remember that he was dealing with the owner of the store.

We must remember that we are dealing always, and only, with the Lord. When we remember this, we lose our fear of people, of competition, of unemployment.

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No More Problems – Ever!


Can You Imagine This?

Can you imagine living the rest of your life without any problems? Okay, so you can imagine it, but do you believe it is possible for you to never have another problem for the rest of your life? This is not a rhetorical question. Please answer it. And, reader, know that I am not talking about merely being able to better cope with problems, but actually having no problems at all.

Too Comfortable With Problems

It seems that we’ve snuggled up too comfortably with the idea of having problems such that the thought of having no problems causes a brain freeze. You probably even know some people who need problems to work on as a reason to crawl out of bed in the morning.

Let’s not forget about that other group of people – the ones who think, “If I am really faithful to my spiritual practice, one day I’ll reach the point where I will never have problems to deal with.” Minus the time element (and other dualisms), there is some Truth to this idea.

Get This Right And The Rest Is Simple

Reader, answer these two questions: Who has problems? Does God have problems? The answer is obvious. Human beings, not God Being, have problems.

Humans, not God, have health problems. Humans, not God, have relationship problems. Humans have financial problems. (I’ve got to stop here, because I’m having a “problem” completing this list.)

Try this. If you seem to be in the cold, clamping grip of some problem, rather than praying with a focus on your suffering, ask your God Self, “Does God know anything about this problem?” Wait for an answer. Repeat if necessary! If you do this, you will never waste your prayer time seeking God to do something about a thing God knows nothing of. Let’s move on.

De-Humanize Yourself

If it is the human that seems to have these problems, then the solution to a life riddled with problems is to de-humanize yourself. This is a matter of revelation and realization where you realize that your Self (body included) includes no human element whatsoever. The process is simple.

Ask this one question of your God Self: “Who Am I?” Ask and listen. Repeat daily until the answer is revealed. There is one catch. You must be willing to suspend every human, mortal idea of yourself. Ideas such as:

  • race
  • gender
  • nationality
  • age (birthdays)
  • genetics
  • height, weight
  • etc.

Note, I said that you must be willing to surrender these ideas. With this one simple willingness, revelations concerning the Truth of your Identity are certain.

The paradox (as I’m sure you have already realized) is that you have never been human. Even in the thick of your seeming problems, you have never had a human experience. You have never had a problem. Only in the illusion has humanhood appeared to be. God Is All. All Is God.

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