Spiritual Celebration Of Earth Day

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The Spiritual Way Is The Best Way

April 22, 2016 is Earth Day. For forty-six years Earth Day has focused our attention on the awareness and appreciation of this giant ball we call Earth. The purpose of Earth Day is to take better care of our planet – to stop raping this planet of its natural resources.

Since its inception, people have jumped in hoe and spade, planting trees, cleaning parks, eating cleaner, and filling recycle bins.

But, reader, you and I know that what folk think they can accomplish humanly can best be accomplished spiritually – by spiritual perception. It’s a matter of Consciousness. Rather than human busyness, life is always and only a matter of Consciousness.

Did You Realize This About Planet Earth?

In the Unity hymnbook, there is a song called “The Universe Sings.” I’m sure the melody has won the Dorky Award, but the message reveals an overlooked Truth. Here are the lyrics.

The Universe sings I Am, I Am.
The Universe rings I Am, I Am.
The Universe brings, through each atom and cell
A song of its own,
It’s singing I Am.

Every star in the sky is singing I Am.
Every bird winging by is singing I Am.
Every woman and man, everything in God’s plan
Has a song of its own,
I Am, I Am.

This song says it all: The Universe is conscious of being I AM. The Universe is conscious of being Life, Love, Light, Perfection, Spirit, etc. In short – this is a completely illumined Universe. And if the Universe is completely Illumined, Earth is completely Illumined.

Will You Join Me In A Real Earth Day Celebration?

Reader, when you joyously recognize and acknowledge the FACT that every nook and cranny of this planet Earth is Illumination Itself, you have celebrated Earth Day in the most powerful way. On April 22 – just to join in the global revelry – I’m going to sit down in my living room chair and contemplate the spiritual nature of this great and grand ball we call Earth.

Even now, as I am writing this, just thinking that Earth is just what God is brings a smile to my face. Here are my thoughts:

  • This planet Earth is Eternal Life through and through.
  • This planet Earth is Infinite, Unconditional Love.
  • This planet Earth is pure Unadulterated Perfection.
  • This planet Earth is pure Spirit without a single material element.

I am inviting you to join me in contemplating what the Earth (God’s Presence) is knowing of Itself. Reader, just for a few days, will you commit to this type of contemplation? Think of it this way: Without joining a group, lifting a shovel, or filling a bin, you can do something effective and never leave your home. You may be asking yourself, “Is this practical? What good will it do?”

Your Knowing Is Your Showing

If the suggestion in this article weren’t practical, this blog post would be a waste of your reading, and my writing time. Reader, your KNOWING of Earth’s true nature is practical, and it will appear to do much without actually doing a thing.

Your KNOWING will accomplish your heart’s sincerest desire: the SHOWING forth of Earth’s ever-present Perfection. Because of your KNOWING, you will hear reports of:

  • cleaner air and less pollution of lakes, rivers and oceans
  • animals being removed from the “Endangered Species” list
  • sightings of animals once thought to be extinct
  • abundant natural resources
  • cooperation of nations for the “greater good”

All this you will hear, but don’t be deceived. Nothing has changed. What appears as a change for the better is Earth’s ever-present perfection showing forth as your awareness and your experience. As in all things, the showing is directly related to your KNOWING.

Happy Earth Day!

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