Your Christ (God) Reality

christ Identity your Reality

This is the season of Christ, so I thought you would enjoy reading and taking to heart these words of Doris Henty from Addresses and Lectures

Free Yourself From Seeming Bondage

The Christ-Life is nothing less than God’s Life. It is God’s full manifestation of Himself. Your tangible Christ-withinness was never in a mortal personality. To regard yourself as a person is to think of yourself as limited, restricted and fearful. In the recognition of your Christ-selfhood, you are free from the bondage of living as a person.

How Right You Are!

The realm of Christ is the realm of radiant being. It is not the realm of person, either knowing the truth or not knowing the truth. You are not a person seeking to do right. You are spiritual rightness – the rightness itself.

Here’s Where Your Power Is

Never think of yourself as a person defending the right, but as divine Mind’s full manifestation of all that is right. This Christ-rightness is of itself the power which appears to us as an impregnable force.

No Mortality In Christ

To live the Christ way is to acknowledge your true identification as the Christ-consciousness itself. This consciousness includes no mortal sense of yourself, no mortal sense of anything , or of any one, and is thus the “strongest deliverer” from all the discord originating in the mortal, mistaken approach to existence.

Now – Not Later

The Christ way is to see all from the standpoint of God – never from the human standpoint … The Christ way is the way of divine immediacy, free from the mortal way of process, of hoping and waiting. It is the glorious now, with no thought or fear of a rainy day ahead.

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